Periods Every 2 Weeks

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periods every 2 weeks

Treating Melasma During Pregnancy

Women are more easily to develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy. It is in their first trimester that hemorrhoids in pregnancy usually develops but there are some pregnant mothers that get them while in labor especially at the phase of pushing the baby out.

The good news about pregnancy and hemorrhoids is that the hemorrhoids pregnancy produces will disappear after giving birth. But this does not mean that the hemorrhoid pregnancy produces should not be treated, especially during one of the more uncomfortable phases in a woman's life and especially so for bleeding hemorrhoids pregnancy might produce.

What ever may be the decision you make in treating your hemorrhoids during pregnancy, the most important thing that you should keep in mind is to avoid any form of treatment or medication that may be harmful to yourself or your baby and the way to effectively treat hemorrhoids pregnancy produces is by practising natural hemorrhoids treatment and a proper hemorrhoids home care. This is not something difficult to do as you will soon see, involving mainly a slight change in your diet and a slight adjustment to how you go about your day to day activities. Nothing too drastic and nothing too difficult.

Hemorrhoids diet during pregnancy
Pregnant women who develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy should consume food that are easy to digest and moves quickly through the digestive system. Not practicing this basic rule will result in constipation which will further aggravate the hemorrhoids pregnancy produced and may even cause new hemorrhoids to form. They key to a successful hemorrhoids diet is fiber, which helps soften the stool and encourages good bowel movement. Below, I will provide a list of some of the food which will help to relieve hemorrhoids somewhat and help reduce bleeding hemorrhoids pregnancy may sometimes cause:

Dark green leafy vegetables: These are an excellent source of fiber plus vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy, such as vitamins A, C, and K, folate, iron and calcium.

Flax seeds: These are high in fiber and a great source for 3-omega oils and are high in fiber.

Lima and butter beans: These are high in iron, the basic ingredient in building blood cells.

Blackstrap molasses: An excellent source of calcium, iron, copper, manganese, potassium and magnesium in a low fat, low calorie form. Blackstrap molasses are known to be successful in treating external wounds and because molasses is high in iron, nutritionists often recommend it to pregnant and lactating women.

Sweet potatoes: These provide pregnant mothers with the proper nutrients they need to strengthen their blood vessels and boost immunity.

Onion, ginger and garlic: These contain nutrients that fight excessive fibrin in the body, which causes blood congestion and inflammation.

These are some of the food items that should be included in your diet when treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The food that you should avoid as much as possible are all items that cause constipation, which will in turn worsen hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The food that you should reduce on or avoid include any item that contains animal products, coffee, red meat, rice, alcohol, bad fats.

Hemorrhoids home care during pregnancy.
Medication should be avoided when treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy unless specifically prescribed by a licensed physician. The good news is that hemorrhoids pregnancy produces will go away after labor, so your efforts should be not on finding a cure but on reducing the discomfort you may be experiencing now. Here are some excellent hemorrhoids home care treatments that you could do.

Sitz baths: Just like its name implies, a Sitz Bath is where you sit in a tub of warm water hip high for 15 minutes two or three times daily.

Ice packs: The cold helps to immediately reduce the pain and swelling temporarily.

Pomegranade juice compresses: Good for external hemorrhoids this should be applied on the anus area, bringing quick relief of hemorrhoid symptoms.

Mixed berry juice: Drinking mixed berry juice each day works wonder for hemorrhoids during pregnancy and is a perfect solution for eliminating hemorrhoids in pregnant women.

treating melasma during pregnancy

Hormone Pregnancy

Home pregnancy tests measure the presence of a telltale hormone in your urine called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). HCG is a hormone found only in pregnant women. It is produced by cells in the uterus and is responsible for signaling the ovaries to produce estrogen and progesterone to help your fetus grow. Many home pregnancy tests claim to be 99 percent accurate on the day you miss your period. It most home pregnancy tests don't consistently spot pregnancy this early, the tests are considered reliable when used according to package instructions one week after a missed period. The hormone is released in a pregnant woman's urine.
There are two main types of pregnancy tests. Both are commonly used to detect pregnancy.

Home pregnancy tests are available at your local drugstore or pharmacy and at some large department stores. Blood pregnancy tests are performed by health care professionals in an office or a clinic. Home pregnancy tests are usually about 97% accurate, but this varies from brand to brand. The amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your body then increases rapidly over the next few weeks, doubling in amount about every two days. HCG can also be detected in your blood, around 10 days after you conceive, and your GP may advise you to have a blood test.Pregnancy blood tests are performed health clinic. They detect pregnancy by measuring hCG levels in your blood. The most sensitive test of pregnancy is best performed by a laboratory using a sample of your blood.

Blood tests performed at your clinic have a 99% accuracy rate and can detect pregnancy earlier than most urine tests. Blood tests can be performed 7 days after you ovulate and still provide accurate results. Some urine tests can be used on the first day that your period is due, however, it is unlikely that you will achieve that 97% accuracy rate if you test so early. The quantitative blood test detects pregnancy by measuring the exact amount of hCG in your bloodstream. It can also be used to detect how far along you are in your pregnancy. It does not measure your hCG levels, and only provides a yes or no answer as to whether or not you are pregnant. Home pregnancy tests only check hCG levels, not progesterone. They are completely different hormones.

hormone pregnancy

Facial Chloasma Pregnancy

Many women experience unwanted facial hair and wish to have it removed. It can be due to genetics, age, medication or many women just want it removed for cosmetic reasons, like eyebrow hair. Women experience growth of unwanted facial hair during certain times of their life, such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Regardless, there is a large population of women who want a safe, long lasting, and effective way to remove facial hair.

One way to remove facial hair is through shaving. Although the old wives tale that this will cause the hair it grow back thicker and faster is not true, many woman feel this is too masculine a way to remove facial hair. Plus, it only eliminates the problem for a short amount of time and may irritate sensitive skin.

One of the most common ways for women to remove facial hair is by plucking. They are probably already familiar with this due to plucking their eyebrows with a process. If they see a darker hair on their lip or chin, it is easy enough to pluck out. Plucking the hair removes it longer than shaving, but is still not the permanent solution for which many women are looking. Waxing is similar to plucking, but it can be more painful and is more likely to irritate sensitive skin. The same is true for creams that remove hair plus many of them have a bad smell. There is a skin cream called Vaniqa that decreases facial hair growth, but it is also only temporary and requires a prescription from a doctor.

You can purchase epilators with tweezers at most beauty stores, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that that is no statistically significant data to prove that tweezer epilators provide permanent hair removal. It may for some, and not for others. One factor may be the coarseness of your hair.

If you are looking for a method to remove facial hair permanently, try electrolysis. Electrolysis is the process by which facial hair is removed using electrical currents. A trained professional, often referred to as an electrologist or electrolysist, must perform this procedure. They take a metal probe and insert it into an individual hair follicle. The electrical current is then delivered to the follicle, destroying it. One the procedure is complete; the hair is removed with sterile forceps. Each hair follicle must be treated individually. The discomfort of this process varies among clients. Some have reported feeling a slight pinprick and some have reported a more painful feeling. As with many medical procedures, there is a chance of scarring, although it is minimal if you are using a well-trained electrologist. But, immediately after a hair follicle is treated, there may be a small, red lesion, much like an insect bite for a short time.

While electrolysis will permanently remove the hair, it may not be instantaneous. You may have to have several electrolysis treatments to the same hair follicle before the hair is completely removed. This is because your hair cells grow in cycles and electrolysis only works if the hair is in its growth phase. Many electrologists charge by the amount of time it takes to remove the hair. Ten minutes runs about and 30 minutes costs about .

Another form of permanent facial hair removal is laser treatments. This is a new technology, only being offered commercially since the mid 1990s. This may also be referred to as phototricholysis or photoepilation. Like electrolysis, this may require several treatments before the hair is removed permanently. The laser light also feels like a pinprick to most patients. However, the laser treatments will not work on blonde, red, or white hairs. It will however work on areas that electrolysis will not, such as the ears and nose. Laser hair treatments for the upper lip normally run about per session as does the chin treatments. If you have facial hair on your cheeks, those treatments are a little more expensive - around per treatment.

If you decide to do electrolysis or laser treatments for your unwanted facial hair, you should always talk to your doctor first about any pre-existing conditions you might have that would make you an unlikely candidate for these treatments.

There is no need to be ashamed of having your unwanted facial hair treated. Do some research on the Internet to find the best way for you to have the hair removed. There is no doubt it will make you feel better about yourself.

facial chloasma pregnancy

Black Cohosh Pictures


On this page you'll find products from the and websites. You can shop in both stores, depending which one you prefer.

Books about Black & White Photography from Amazon

Item Text...

Item Text...

Item Text...

Item Text...

Item Text...

Many books have been written about the subject of black and white photography. I must confess I haven't read any of them, though I've looked at many photos of the well known photographers. For me personally the image speaks more to me than the written word does.

Creative Black and White: Digital Photography Tips and Techniques Creative Black and White:...
Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual Third Revised Edition Black and White Photograp...
Black and White: From Snapshots to Great Shots Black and White: From Sna...
From Oz to Kansas: Almost Every Black and White Conversion Technique Known to Man From Oz to Kansas: Almost...
Black and White Digital Photography Photo Workshop Black and White Digital P...

Black&White and Monochrome Photography in short

A short visual explanation


Black and White and Monochrome Photography are not that far apart from each other. In fact Black and White is a monochrome image.

Black and White Photography:
Black and white doesn't mean 'only black and white' but it contains all shades of grey in between. Before they knew how to add color, all media of the past were in black and white, like movies, television, photography, News papers.

Monochrome means a single hue - including all shades of one color, including the black and white. In photography the color used for monochrome is often Sepia.

Books about Monochrome Photography from Amazon

Item Text...

Item Text...

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Item Text...

I do like the sepia monochrome photos, because they give a sense of the past, of old history. There are many shades of sepia from almost grey to the more yellowish ones.

Desert Impressions - A Monochrome Photography Study Desert Impressions - A Mo...
Way Beyond Monochrome Way Beyond Monochrome
The Creative Monochrome Image: How to Excel at Black & White Photography The Creative Monochrome I...
Way Beyond Monochrome 2e: Advanced Techniques for Traditional Black & White Photography including digital negatives and hybrid printing Way Beyond Monochrome 2e:...
Aspects of Expression: Exploring the Art & Craft of Monochrome Photography Aspects of Expression: Ex...

B&W Reflection in Water

One of the old creeks in my neighbourhood

black and white reflection in water

This photo was taken long ago at one of the many old creeks in my neighbourhood. The water was smooth as a mirror and you have to look carefully to see where the land ends and the water begins. It has come out almost like one of those Rorschach Test images

B&W Rainbow in my backyard

Even a rainbow can sparkle without color

black and white rainbow

Taken from my backyard when there was this beautiful double rainbow showing. It was in the beginning of my digital photography adventure and I still had to figure out my photo editing program Paint Shop Pro. If I had to do it again now, I would've done it differently, but I didn't know then what I do know now.

B&W Photo Bread

blackandwhite bread

One weekend we got a lot of company, so I bought some extra loafs of bread just to be sure we had enough for breakfast and lunch and when it was still sitting there on the counter in the box, I thought it would make a nice 'out of the box' photo for my photoclub assignment 'Boxed'.

Local Photography Club

photo exhibition

I'm a member of a local photography club Fotoclub Axel and we meet every Tuesday evening to show and discuss our photos. We think up assignments and then we all (10 members) do our thing and show them a few weeks later. It's so funny to see how everyone interpret the assignment in their own special way.

We go on photo shoots once a months, sometimes it's landscape photography, sometimes architectural photography, or we visit a special building, or harbour.

We have our annual photo exhibition, starting on Ascention Day till the next Sunday. We work with a different theme each year.

Below you'll find three photos I made for different assignments.

Assignment: Night Photography

Pilot boat in the Harbour of Terneuzen (The Netherlands)

pilot boat at night

Night Photography is not so easy, because you have to let in more light in your lens (no not this lens as we call our articles), but in the lens of your camera. You know, an image can only be taken if there is enough reflection of light in your camera, so when it's dark, the shutter has to stay open a bit longer than usual. Normally you'll need a tripod for night photography, because you have to keep your camera real steady as long as the shutter is open. Hardly possible when hand held. I just got lucky with this one.

Assignment: From Behind

The old couple just had a stroll at a petrol station

black and white photo from behind

On one of my trips (I travel a lot through my country in my van), I stopped at a petrol station for a break. It was late afternoon/almost evening, twilight so to speak and I happen to see this couple getting into the car again in front of me and somehow the whole scene hit my heart, so I took a photo. The color photo came out rather coarse grained, not exactly beautiful, so I decided to turn it into black and white and added some more contrast. I'm very pleased with the outcome.

Assignment: The Opposite

My choice: Electric Light opposite Candle Light

photo: the opposite

When my youngest daughter moved for the such-and-such time, I helped her decorate her home and found this lovely Art Deco lamp at the fleemarket. Little did I know, when photographing her house to show at my hubby, who had stayed at home, that I would use this photo in an assignment for our photo club, but it fitted the assignment perfectly.

B&W Photos including Water

The Light house in Hellevoetsluis

The Light house in Hellevoetsluis

The Light house in Hellevoetsluis
Fishing at the sea shore
Sunset at one of the big rivers
Trees at an old creek
Overload of rain on the land

Sometimes Color prevails above B&W or Monochrome

Sometimes it just loses its strong expression

example of bad monochrome photo

Be careful: not every photo is suitable to turn into a B&W or Monochrome image. Some photos will lose their strong expression. You can play a little by adding more contrast, but in most cases it's better to leave the color image alone.

In the picture above, which shows a skull of one of my diseased rams you see in the color photo how beautifully the skull has adapted itself to the background, while the B&W and Monochrome versions doesn't tell us much more than that it's a sheep skull with horns. There's little expression in them and therefor they're rather dull to look at.

B&W and Monochrome photography should arouse the imagination of the viewer.

Monochrome Sepia Old Floor Tiles

monochrome tiles

As we are still renovating our old farmhouse we often collect used or antique building or decorating materials and stash them away untill we need them. These tiles came from the former little cottage of a neighbour (he demolished the old house and build an (ugly) new one)).

Monochrome Deception

monochrome deception

This one looks like its turned into Sepia, but it isn't. It's a bit of a deception, because this is a full color photo of a detail of the fleece of one of my lambs who happened to have a special color, called red-eye.

B&W Portrait of my Mom and my late Auntie Greet

Their Dads were brothers, so that made them nieces

black and white portrait

I like this photo very much myself and I was glad I made it some 8 or 9 years ago, because not so long after, my auntie Greet passed away quite suddenly in 2005. My mom used to visit her for years during holidays. My Mom still lives and is now 101 years old.

I haven't made much portraits, it's not really my thing photographing posing people. I'd rather do street photography, but my heart is in landscape photography and silly things nobody notice.

Monochrome Experiment

I like to experiment with my photos

1. Plain wrinkled paper

1. Plain wrinkled paper

1. Plain wrinkled paper
2. Full color scribbled and wrinkled paper
3. Turned it into a black and white photo
4. Added some more contrast
5. Turned it into a yellowish monochrome

Poll Wrinkled paper

Wich one of my experiences with the wrinkled paper do you like best and tell me why.

Show the poll results

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  • iSandy Apr 07, 2013 @ 8:37 am
    Beautiful! I love black and white photography.
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  • wleon63 Mar 19, 2013 @ 12:51 pm
    Very very beautiful article indeed. Well done. I love black and white myself too, so I can definitely see were you are coming from with this lens. By the way, I like number three. Contrast plays a huge part in any type of black and white photograph, and number three has it.
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  • Wednesday_Elf Mar 15, 2013 @ 9:24 pm
    I chose Number 3 because I love the contrast in the way the scribbled and wrinkled paper looks in B&W. Outstanding.
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  • LTykarski093 Mar 14, 2013 @ 9:29 am
    I like number 1 it looks like a rock formation. I also like the contrast (lighter to a darker hue in some portions)
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  • motobidia Mar 11, 2013 @ 11:34 am
    The first one looks like a mountain ridge and the last one has a very pleasant soft hue.
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  • tembrooke Mar 10, 2013 @ 6:17 pm
    I like the first one best, although I'm really not sure I could explain why. Something about the scribbled lines turned me off.
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  • flycatcher Mar 11, 2013 @ 12:09 am
    Me too. Maybe the simplicity? It makes me think of mountains or icebergs, where the scribbled paper can only be paper.
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B&W Photo of a Wasps' Nest

black and white wasp nest

Few years ago small wasps had build their nest in the ground just outside the entrance of the sheep stable door. I noticed because I was cleaning out the stable, walking in and out and all of a sudden there were a bunch of wasp swarming around me, so I turned around and saw them coming out of a small hole in the ground. Well I'm a bit alergic to wasp stings, so you can imagine how fast I ran away.

I'm all for animals how big or small, but this nest was in a dangerous spot for me and the sheep, so it had to go. I learned from the internet how to smoke them out, so I did it at late evening. I didn't like to do it, but I had to.

Next day I took the cloth out and no wasp came out anymore. Curious as I was, I started to carefully dig the nest out and to my surprise it wasn't a small nest, but a rather big one and it looked like an underground parking with 4 or 5 levels. I got it out in whole and we still have it. It looked just beautiful. What amazingly clever they are in building. Many an architect could learn from it.

Books about Photographing Wildlife from Amazon

Photographing Wildlife is something else. There have been great photographers who've dedicated their lives to wildlife photography.

On This Earth: Photographs from East Africa On This Earth: Photograph...
A Shadow Falls A Shadow Falls
Hunting and Fishing in the New South: Black Labor and White Leisure after the Civil War (The Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science) Hunting and Fishing in th...
More than Human More than Human
The Centre Cannot Hold The Centre Cannot Hold

B&W Former Belgian Brewery Lamot in Mechelen

black and white brewery lamot

Our eldest daughter and her husband moved to Mechelen in Belgium for a while because our son in law had been attached there for a few years. Their apartment had a view on this beautiful old building of the former Brewery Lamot (website is in Dutch) and while they lived there, they build the 'new' Lamotte and they turned the old and new into a multi cultural center.

Architecture is per definition awesome in black and white or monochrome photography.

Books about Architectural Photography from Amazon

Buildings inside and out are great subjects for a photographer

Architectural PhotographyArchitectural

Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography Balthazar Korab: Architect of Photography

Lost Victorian BritainLost Victorian

Photographing architecture is fascinating and has all to do with composition and division. It works great in both color and monochrome photography.

Extraordinary Everyday Photography: Awaken Your Vision to Create Stunning Images Wherever You Are Extraordinary Everyday Ph...
Architectural Photography: Composition, Capture, and Digital Image Processing Architectural Photography...
Photographing Architecture: Lighting, Composition, Postproduction and Marketing Techniques Photographing Architectur...
A Constructed View: The Architectural Photography of Julius Shulman A Constructed View: The A...
Photographing Buildings Inside and Out Photographing Buildings I...

Monochrome: The Orange Canal in Drenthe (Oranje Kanaal)

A hand dug canal

The Orange Canal (Oranje Kanaal) in the Province of Drenthe in The Netherlands runs through the province from Hoogersmilde to Klazienaveen a 48km haul with a height difference from beginning to end of 7 meters, including 4 locks of which 3 are still working. It was constructed between 1853 and 1861. In the end it didn't reach the goal for which it was made (to unlock the peat area in the West of the province) and so in 1947 they closed it for official shipping trafic. Over the years this canal has become very important for the flora and fauna and unintentionally it has developped itself into a meaningful nature reserve.

Monochrome Photos of Trees

Monochrome: Bridge in Terneuzen (The Netherlands)

Not only monochrome, but a negative too

bridge terneuzen

In reality this bridge in Terneuzen (The Netherlands) is a white bridge and I took the photo while driving to it from my car (naughty naughty, but there wasn't any other traffic around). The photo didn't came out particularly interesting, so I started to play with it a little bit.

First I turned into a negative photo, where the white became black and the black became white. Then I turned it into a monochrome picture with a yellow-greenish shade. I put layer over layer. played a bit with lightening and added some more contrast too. I'm not at all unhappy with the outcome now.

B&W Photo of a Christmas Group

black and white christmas

Many years ago I got this antique Christmas Group as a present from a friend. All figures are there, except for Maria and the baby Christ. I'm not religeous, but that doesn't mean I can't like the visual things like Christmas lights and Christmas trees and Christmas groups and I just happen to like this old, worn out group. I've put them up every year since I got them. I've replaced the missing crib with an antique glass ring holder in which I put a small candle (the shepherds' path was lead by a shining star, wasn't it?) and place them on tin foil, so the light reflects.

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B&W Photo of Structures

I like to play with structures

black and white photo structure

My father, who was an artist, taught me to look at the little things, that so easily get overlooked by many. He taught me well, I see a photo in almost every single little detail. Give me any square meter and I can take a 100 pictures.

I took this photo when the front of our old farm house got a new concrete layer. I just love these structures and with the right light they come out quite well, especially in black and white photography.

B&W Photo of a Green Cabbage

black and white photo of a green cabbage

As I said above, my dad taught me how to look and at one time I was cooking a meal with green cabbage. When I had cut it in pieces, I saw the beautiful structure of the cabbage leaves and took a picture and turned it into a black and white where the structure would come out perfectly. The photo however was a bit overexposed, which you can see at the cabbage trunk at the right.

Purple Star Award

Click the picture to see my collection of Purple Star Articles

Purple Star Award

Very honored to receive the Purple Star Award on March 10, 2013.
Thanks to whomever recommended it.

Imminent Quest: Squidoo's Best

Squidoo's Best

Got a raffle ticket

black cohosh pictures

Dark Skin On Face

Someone who felt that her acne had made her face darker asked this question. What is the truth? Can acne make the face darker? If yes, what happens in the process? If no, why there is no possibility of face skin becoming darker with acne? Let us find out.

Face color-

How does skin get the color? What factors decide the color of the skin? The melanin pigment in skin makes skin look colored. In people with dark colored skin, the density of melanin is high. In people of fair skin the density is low. The skin can get darker only if more melanin is produced. This happens during tanning.

Melanin is formed by melanocytes that are scattered in the last layer of the epidermis. This layer is also called the basal layer. Melanocytes manufacture melanin and send it across to other parts of skin in a pack. This pack is called melanosome. The skin cells absorb these melanosomes and melanin is extracted. Melanin surrounds the DNA in the nucleus of the cell and protects the cell against sun.

Acne- It's Effect On Skin?

Acne makes skin look spotted. It is surely very bad looking. When acne resolves, it forms scar tissue. These are called acne scars. Most of the times the scar tissues have higher density of melanin. The scars look darker than the surrounding skin. If acne resolves without any scar, the color left may be darkish red that resolves slowly. Another change called Post Inflammatory Hyper pigmentation may take place. This hyper pigmentation is seen at the site of acne. This color takes time to fade away but it is not permanent like a scar.

Acne does not make face darker. It's the scar tissue that is formed after acne resolves that makes face look darker, but that will also happen only if the spots are many. Otherwise some scars are seen. No darkness is seen all over the skin with acne.

dark skin on face

Melasma Images

The Language

The locals mainly speak Cantonese. If you can only speak English, don't worry because...

Hongkong is a Tourst-Friendly Country

What's wonderful about Hong Kong is it's tourist-friendly (unlike its beautiful neighboring country Macau). Signs are always written in both English and Chinese.

causeway bay mtr

Get the most out of your trip by learning Cantonese.

Most locals can understand English. Even so, you can enrich your trip to Hongkong by learning Cantonese. You should know that some Hong Kongers (like the older ones and the undereducated ones) can only speak Cantonese.
Complete Cantonese: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself Language)

Complete Cantonese: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself Language)

by Hugh Baker, Pui-Kei Ho

If you have never learned Cantonese, you can get started with this book. It is written for beginners. This book teaches lifelike dialogues while it slowly explains about grammar. I think this approach (learning dialogues before grammar) is much more fun and rewarding because you can immediately apply what you've learned. This book uses the Yale Romanization, which spells out words in a more sensible way.

Buy Now

Panoramic View

Hongkong is famous for its panoramic view. The harbour is a must-photographed place and it's not hard to see why!

Along the Waterfront

hong kong panoramic view

When I think of Hongkong, I think of the colorful and cheerful images and the high-rise buildings along the waterfront. The panoramic view of Hongkong is much more beautiful to look at in the evening. I regret that I've never been to the harbour during the night. My family took a walk along the Avenue of Stars in the daylight and took some pictures of our favorite Hongkong stars! Or rather, the HANDPRINTS of our idols.

My favorite comedian Stephen Chow's handprints
Too bad the handprints can't be clearly seen in the picture. It was slightly raining that day.

avenue of stars stephen chow

and those of my favorite action star Jackie Chan!

avenue of stars jackie chan

How I wish I was touching my idols' hands LOL!

Chinese Odyssey

My Favorite Stephen Chow Movie

I love Stephen Chow ever since I was a kid. He is really hilarious! Without a doubt, he is Hongkong's number 1 comedian.
Chinese Odyssey 1 & 2

Chinese Odyssey 1 & 2

This duology is one of the earlier films of Stephen Chow and is probably my favorite. It's a slapstick comedy with traditional Chinese elements in the story. It is based on the Chinese classical novel Journey to the West.
In this movie, Chow is the reincarnation of a monkey who was imprisoned 500 years ago.
This box contains the two movies. It is dubbed in English. Honestly, I hate Chinese movies being dubbed to English. You may take a look at the items I've included below.

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Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box

Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandora's Box

If this is you're first time hearing Stephen Chow and if you're not sure whether or not you'll like this movie, you can try watching the first movie of this duology first.
This DVD has both Cantonese and Mandarin audio with English and Chinese subtitles.

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Chinese Odyssey Series [Blu-ray]

Chinese Odyssey Series [Blu-ray]

This box contains both movies in the duology. It is in Cantonese or Chinese with Chinese and Korean subtitles.

Buy Now

Christmas in Hongkong

Hongkong is one of the best places to visit during Christmas season. Every mall has a cool theme for every season that is worth to check out. I always see both locals and tourist take their pictures in front of the mall decorations.

Barbie-Themed Times Square

I have always been a Barbie lover. I played with my Barbie dolls all the time when I was a kid. I still keep them up to this day. Seeing the Barbie-themed Times Square made me wide-eyed with amazement. I took and took a lot of pictures until my battery went dead.

barbie time square hong kong

barbie time square hong kong

The bird's-eye view of the lobby.

barbie times square

Barbie up-close

barbie times square barbie times square barbie times square barbie times square

Barbie and Ken's pictures hanging on a pink wall.

barbie pictures times square

apm Mall

Have you seen the anime Paradise Kiss? These ladies look a lot like Yukari. These were taken during our trip to Hongkong in December, 2011.

apm doll decoration apm doll decoration apm doll decoration

Paradise Kiss DVD

The girl in the picture is Yukari, the protagonist in the anime/manga Paradise Kiss.
Paradise Kiss, Vol. 1

Paradise Kiss, Vol. 1

I haven't seen this anime, but if you're curious, here is the first volume of Paradise Kiss.

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Harbour City

I always look forward visiting Harbour City every December. The decorations are always very nice.

December, 2009
2009's Christmas theme is my favorite so far! The fairies are very cute! Each fairy was enclosed inside a crystal case. They made the place look magical.

harbour city fairy

December, 2011
I really love Toy Story movies. I was really happy to see Woody and friends at Harbour City!

toy story harbour city

Langham Place

These pictures were taken in December, 2012. We arrived to Langham Place early. We took pictures in the morning before mallers started flocking in. Most animals featured were Artic animals such as Polar bears, penguins, and seals. There were snowflakes around the area. I felt like I was in Winter Wonderland!

langham place christmas

The three little penguins.

langham place christmas

I've always been afraid of heights. This long escalator at Langham Place makes me shudder!

langham place escalator

Is that a snowflake on that window?

Look what I've found on Amazon - a snowflake window decoration! Reminds me of the Christmas decorations in Langham Place.:)
Impact Innovations Christmas Lighted Window Decoration, Snowflake

Impact Innovations Christmas Lighted Window Decoration, Snowflake

It think this snowflake decoration looks really great. It got good reviews on Amazon. It's not only pretty to look at, but it's also sturdy.

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1881 Heritage Hotel

We were on our way back from Harbour City when we came across this beautiful hotel. The old-fashioned architecture of the 1881 Heritage Hotel gives me a nostalgic feel. It looks majestic. And the Christmas decorations... they are top-of-the-range!

1881 heritage hotel

Our visit in December, 2011.
It felt like I was in fairy-tale land. <3
This one reminds me of Cogsworth (the clock in Beauty and the Beast)...

1881 heritage hotel hong kong

...and Mrs. Potts

1881 heritage hotel hong kong

Our visit in December, 2012.
The teddy bears are sooo adorable. Can I squeeze them?

teddy bear 1881 heritage hong kongteddy bear 1881 heritage hong kong
teddy bear 1881 heritage hong kongteddy bear 1881 heritage hong kong

Hong Kong Theme Parks

Because of Hongkong's vibrant atmosphere, it's always a favorite vacation spot of children. Ocean Park and Hongkong Disneyland HAVE to be included in your itinerary if you're travelling with kids or teens!

Hongkong Disneyland

My first visit to Hongkong Disneyland is in my early 20's (Was I too old?). It was also my first EVER visit to a Disney park. I was really ecstatic that time! I was probably too old, but my twin and I ran around the park like two little overzealous kids.

We were waiting for our turn to take pictures with Mickey and Minnie when someone outside the gazebo pulled Minnie. She was shocked and cried in Mickey's arm. That was funny. I wasn't quick enough to capture that sweet moment.

mickey mouse disneyland

The first time I saw Duffy the Disney Bear was way back in 2010 in my visit to Japan. I think he was starting to gain popularity around that time. I guess he was pretty unknown in other countries. I was surprised to see a lot of Duffy merchandise in Hongkong in 2011.

duffy the disney bear hong kong duffy the disney bear hong kong

Look who was coming with us! I went to the Hongkong airport's Disney store and got one for myself! Duffy, welcome to my home.

duffy the disney bear


If you want a Duffy the Disney Bear toy, here's a link to Amazon. Don't you think he's cute? My Duffy sleeps on my bed every single night.

12" Disney Birthday Duffy Bear - Limited Edition"

A 12-inch Duffy with a blue pointed hat and a cute yellow shirt.

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Hongkong Ocean Park

Aren't these goldfish adorable. I would love to give them a lil squeeze (yeah, that's my way of showing my affection to any living creature). But that would hurt them and there's no way of putting my hand inside the tank. So I just waved at them like crazy and wished that they could somehow feel my love through the glass.

goldfish ocean park

goldfish ocean park

goldfish ocean park

Get Closer to Nature

If you're tired of the usual stuff like malls and theme parks, take some time away from the bustling city.

Sai Kung

Sai Kung is not far away from the city. You can go there and have some fresh and delicious seafoods!

You get to pick your dishes right from the tank! Talk about freshness!

sai kung seafoods

A fisherman selling his catch to the restaurants.

sai kung fisherman

It was nice to feel the sea breeze while looking at the docked boats.

sai kung boats docked

I'm not sure what kind of fish you are. But if you're going to be eaten, I feel bad for you.:(

sai kung fish

Repulse Bay

Go to Repulse Bay where there's a shrine in the East. The statues inside are very colorful and nice to look at.

repulse bay

kwun yam shrine

kwun yam shrine

Nan Lian Garden

This park is a quiet sanctuary within the city. Since it's quite small, it doesn't take much time to see the whole place.

The golden pagoda glistening under the sun.

pagoda nan lian garden

The view from the footbridge.

nan lian garden

nan lian garden

Koi swimming happily in the pond.

nan lian garden

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