Thyroid Blood Test

The thyroid gland is a small (about one ounce) butterfly shaped gland located in the lower, front part of the neck, near the trachea. The thyroid gland's primary function is to produce thyroid hormones, known as triiodothyronine and thyroxine, or T3 and T4, respectively. In addition to regulating our energy levels and body temperature, the thyroid gland is essential for absorbing iodine. In fact, thyroid cells are the only cells in the body capable to doing this. The thyroid gland needs iodine to regulate metabolism, so an unhealthy thyroid that doesn't process iodine intake efficiently can create major health concerns.

How do you know if you're a candidate for thyroid testing?

The two most common problems associated with the thyroid gland are hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid).

Hypothyroidism is most common among women over 50, but by no means excluded to that demographic. Some estimates show that as many as 10 million Americans may have some degree of thyroid hormone deficiency. Of this number, it is possible that millions are unaware of the condition entirely. Common symptoms of hypothyroidism can vary significantly from person to person, but are mostly related to:

  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain or difficulty losing weight
  • Dry, pale skin
  • Hair loss
  • Cold intolerance
  • Muscle cramps
  • Decreased libido
  • Depression

If any of these symptoms are severe or you experience a cluster of them, a thyroid blood test can help you detect thyroid problems and put you on the path to get them resolved. Hypothyroidism is easily treatable for many patients by taking a pill once a day. Treatments differ depending on the severity of the case.

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism can be so gradual that many patients don't realize what's happening until they've become severe. Like hypothyroidism, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. Patients predominantly exhibit increased appetite, weight loss and depression. Other symptoms include:

  • Palpitations
  • Nervousness
  • Insomnia
  • Breathlessness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Hair loss
  • Trembling hands
  • Increased bowel movements
  • Heat intolerance

Treatments of hyperthyroidism in large part depend on age. Doctors commonly issue pills called beta-blockers that can temporarily alleviate symptoms while a final course of action is determined. After beta-blockers are issued (if they're issued), the two most common treatments are:

  • Radioactive iodine treatment - This treatment can cure patients with one dose. It kills part of the thyroid gland without harming other parts of the body.
  • Antithyroid medicine - This can be taken in pill form for patients that exhibit milder symptoms. The pills don't destroy the thyroid gland and need to be taken at the same time every day. If this treatment doesn't work, radioactive iodine treatment is usually the next course of action.

Getting a thyroid test can help catch the disease before symptoms worsen, which increases the chances for complications. If you have a history of thyroid problems in your family or feel you may be demonstrating symptoms indicating thyroid problems, getting a thyroid test is quicker and easier than ever.

thyroid blood test

Natural Thyroid Medication

What's a common disease that over 5 million Americans suffer from and many may not even be aware they have it? Hypothyroidism and related forms of thyroid dysfunction! The thyroid gland looks like a little bow tie and is located at the base of the throat, below the Adam's apple in males. Thyroid dysfunction affects both males and females. This gland produces hormones which control the body's metabolism, your internal thermostat of sorts. Thyroid dysfunction is generally either an over or under production of the hormone. Under active thyroid hormone production is called hypothyroidism; whereas too much, or overactive thyroid hormone production is called hyperthyroidism. Some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism include chronic fatigue and weakness, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, hair loss or coarse, dry hair, dry and rough skin, intolerance to cold, abnormal menstrual cycles, decreased sex drive, memory loss, depression and irritability, constipation, muscle cramps. Not all symptoms are always present. Some doctors prefer to diagnose hypothyroidism with a blood test. They will test to check TSH levels (the thyroid stimulating hormone produced by the pituitary gland) and T4 levels (the main thyroid hormone). Other doctors prefer to take a more holistic approach and are able to diagnose based on symptoms. Morning body temperature readings (below 97.1 consistently) as well as discovery of regular waking up approximately four hours after going to bed, can aid in the diagnosis. There are chemical, synthetic treatments that can be used to restore healthy thyroid functions, such as Synthroid and Levothyroxine. Some doctors and sufferers prefer to use a form of natural thyroid hormone extracted from swine and cows. Yup, pig thyroid! It's the closest to the human thyroid hormone and contains both T4 and T3 thyroid hormones. Naturopaths have long recognized that there are very effective herbs that can help to promote healthy thyroid functioning and restore thyroid health. Armour, a natural thyroid is available by prescription. T-100 is another brand of natural thyroid that can be obtained through holistic processionals. Regular use of natural thyroid can help to restore deficient iodine levels, while also stimulating the thyroid to produce crucial thyroid hormones, thereby treating hypothyroidism. Bladder wrack or kelp, Licorice, Saw Palmetto and Ginger (root) have also been known to stimulate the thyroid to release thyroid hormones and is therefore beneficial in the treatment of hypothyroidism. If you're not comfortable taking synthetic medications, give natural thyroid a chance. It's the closest match to human thyroid and can leave you feeling worlds better. Even natural supplements need to be under the care of your physician. Please do not self medicate.

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Thyroid Deficiency

It has long been known in medical circles that the right amount of selenium is needed for general health as well as preventing thyroid problems. Selenium is an essential (i.e. our body doesn't make it, so we need to eat it) trace mineral that is found in the soil. It is from the soil that selenium finds its way into our food - but it is increasingly becoming clear that modern farmland in the US and Europe simply doesn't have enough. Besides thyroid problems, selenium deficiency can lead to early miscarriage, male infertility, mood problems, cardiovascular disease and arthritis.

What Does Selenium Do?

Selenium is an active part of an enzyme needed for the thyroid gland to effectively produce the T3 and T4 hormones. These hormones help control weight, heart rate, skin condition, and energy levels of the body. It also plays an important role in controlling the body's temperature, other hormone levels, and metabolism. Thyroid hormones help in regulating the metabolic rate within each cell of the body and influence different cellular enzymes. Poor functioning of the thyroid gland give rise to a number of thyroid problems.

Selenium deficiency, therefore, leads to a number of thyroid problems, mainly hypothyroidism, and the associated symptoms of thyroid problems: lethargy and weight gain.

How Much Selenium is Needed to Prevent Thyroid Problems(

The maximum level of selenium recommended for adults is 400 micrograms per day. This is a relatively small amount, and intake over this could be toxic. It is for this reason that up until recently very few doctors have recommended selenium supplements for thyroid problems. It was not considered likely that people would be deficient in this mineral because of its ubiquity in soil. However, a lot of recent research is showing that people who suffer from the symptoms of thyroid problems also have selenium deficiencies. Europe in particular has selenium-poor soil, and it was in the UK that researchers first found the connection between selenium deficiency and thyroid problems. America was thought to have adequate amounts of selenium in its soil until now. However, some studies have shown that is deficient in nearly all US soil east of the Mississippi, and much of the rest of the nation.

In addition to selenium supplements, selenium-rich foods such as kidney, liver, crab, other shellfish, and Brazil nuts can be eaten.

Are You Getting Enough?

One very important thing to note is that thyroid problems, such as hypothyroidism, are difficult to spot and can go undiagnosed for some time. One of the first symptoms of thyroid problems( is usually weight gain, especially if the pounds pile on quickly and are almost impossible to remove. The skin could become dry and rough, the hair dry and coarse, and constant tiredness are also symptoms of thyroid problem, particularly hypothyroidism. There could also be memory loss, cramps and constipation. All of these symptoms or just a few can be present, which means diagnosis of a thyroid problem by your physician is recommended.

The key issue for thyroid patients is making sure you get enough, but not too much, selenium. Talking to a good nutritionist or holistic physician can help you determine if selenium might help your health and thyroid function(

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Thyroid Function

Huge numbers of people all over the world are affected by the medical problem Hypothyroidism and many are not aware they have got the illness and think that how they feel is simply due to growing older.The Thyroid is responsible for the way the body utilizes energy and so when the Thyroid is not working properly symptoms will manifest which affect many areas of the body as the illness Hypothyroidism develops.In the course of this article I'll focus on which foods are most likely to have a negative effect on the Thyroid gland and I'll also discuss which foods you can eat which will help to heal the Thyroid gland and in addition provide essential nutrients for optimum Thyroid function.

Someone that suffers from Hypothyroidism should be aware that some food items which are normally thought of as healthy, could have a detrimental impact on the Thyroid gland.What's regarded as healthy to one person isn't always healthy to a person with an underactive Thyroid gland.Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Mustard Greens and Turnips are among the cruciferous vegetables to avoid as well as fruits like Peaches, Strawberries and Pears.Oftentimes it is difficult to avoid these food types completely and when that's the case attempt to only consume them moderately.

Why then shouldn't these types of food be eaten?The list of food items above are foods which contain goitrogens, a substance that blocks the Thyroid gland's capacity to use Iodine which is required for the production of Thyroid hormones.Fortunately these foods can be consumed safely when they are cooked thoroughly as cooking inactivates the goitrogens but still make an attempt to only eat these types of foods in small amounts.

You will be happy to know there are foods you can eat which will really help give your old Thyroid gland a boost therefore it is a great idea to make a list of foods so that you can customise a diet consisting of foods which will help your condition while staying away from others which may have an adverse effect.The greater number of healthy foods you include in your diet the easier it's going to be to be able to come up with a varied eating plan that won't get boring which means you are less likely to ditch your own diet and good results will be possible much quicker.

The Thyroid gland requires several raw materials to actually create Thyroid hormones therefore it is vital that these nutrients are provided from the meals that we consume.Within a diet regime geared towards proper Thyroid function it is important to have foods which contain the amino acid Tyrosine.Dairy products, chicken, fish,pork as well as fruit such as Avocados and Bananas all contain Tyrosine which will help to stimulate the Thyroid gland.Selenium is yet another essential nutrient needed by your body in the conversion of the less active Thyroid hormone Thyroxine (T4) in to the more active Triiodothyronine (T3).Selenium can be obtained from numerous food items but the highest amount can be found in Brazil nuts.It is better to discuss any change in eating habits with your health care provider or doctor before you start.It is also highly recommended to keep a meal journal since this will help you determine if any other foods you are consuming are making you feel bad.

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Thyroid Medication Side Effects

Hair loss is a common symptom that is associated with thyroid disorder. Thyroid is an important gland of your body that is primarily responsible for the secretion of thyroxine hormone. Hair loss results due to the hormonal imbalance. DHT is mainly responsible for hair loss in both the sexes. Improper production of thyroxin hormone converts testosterone into DHT, which is responsible for the loss of hair.

Hypothyroidism is a common disorder that has affected millions of people throughout the world. However, women are more prone to this abnormality as compared to men. Females also suffer from hormonal imbalance during menstrual cycle and pregnancy thus resulting in hair loss. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism include weight gain, dry skin, mood swing and depression.

It is important to have proper diagnosis before starting the treatment. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is better to consult your doctor and undergo certain blood tests and other medical examination. It helps in determining the concentration of hormone level in your body. If there is decline in the level of thyroid stimulating hormone, it is a clear indication that there is some problem in the functioning of thyroid.

In such cases over the counter medicines are generally prescribed by your doctor. It is advised not to take medicines without the supervision of your doctor as they may have adverse effect on your body. Moreover it is also considered better to take natural thyroid supplements . It contains important nutrients that are missing in your diet and is effective for combating thyroid disorder.

It is important to have proper treatment for thyroid disorder and natural supplements is a better option along with medicines as they do not have any side effects and are effective for the treatment of thyroid disorder.

thyroid medication side effects

Thyroid Test Results

Following paternity testing accreditation guidelines, results are reported with one of three possible statements. For example, if we tested Mr RA, alleged father, and SS (child), our paternity test results report might say one of the following:

Mr RA is excluded as the biological father of SS.

This means that Mr RA cannot be the father of SS because the analysis shows that they do not share a paternity relationship.

Mr RA is not excluded as the biological father of SS.

This means that Mr RA is highly likely to be the father of SS because the analysis shows that they share a paternity relationship.

Why does the report say "not excluded" if the person is the father? With DNA paternity testing it is possible to 100% exclude someone as the biological father. However, the only way to produce a 100% positive result, would be to test the entire genome of an individual - all of their DNA. DNA paternity tests use a standardized sample of DNA - up to 16 DNA markers - to predict the probability of paternity. These probabilities are usually very high - as high as 99.9999%. This means that, for an alleged father who is "not excluded", the paternity report is 99.9999% confident that he is the biological father.

What is Paternity Index
This value equals the odds that the alleged father is the biological father rather than any other man selected at random from the population. The minimum PI issued by us is 100 to 1.

What is Combined Paternity Index
Since the result at each Genetic System is an independent event, this value is the product of the Paternity Indices and indicates the possibility of the alleged father being the biological father relative to any other man selected at random from the population.

What is Probability of Paternity
This value is converted from the "Combined Paternity Index" into the percentage probability.

What is Prior Probability
The prior probability in a paternity test is 0.50 which is 50%. That means that, without testing any of the parties, there is a 50% chance that any untested man is the father and a 50% chance that he is not the father.

What is DNA Profile

A DNA test profile is a set of DNA markers (up to 16) used to determine paternity and identity. Geneticists developed this set of markers for consistency in identifying individuals and named them according to their chromosomal location. Each marker location (or "locus") shows two alleles (or variations values), represented by numbers on the report. In this case the alleles are simply measures of short tandem repeats (STR. One of these STR alleles comes from a person's father, one from their mother.

In a DNA paternity test, the analysis seeks matches of allele number values between the alleged father and child. Because the child must receive one STR allele from his father at all locations (or "loci"), there should be matches for each marker. (In some cases there are natural mutations, where the child has a slightly higher or lower value than the father, but these are somewhat rare. For this tutorial, we'll assume no natural mutations exist.)

An alleged father can be excluded as the biological father with as little as one mismatch between DNA profiles. When a person is excluded as the father, the profiles often reveal several, if not many, mismatches. In the following example, the 3 mismatches would exclude the alleged father (he could not be the biological father). Even though there are also 3 matches, these matches are random and do not indicate a paternity relationship. Almost any two people will have at least some matches, but a father-child relationship will show matches at all locations.


Alleged Father


Parentage Index


12, 13

8, 9



8, 11

13, 14



21.2, 32

19, 21.2



7, 12

15, 18



9, 14

11, 14



15, 18

12, 15


While most DNA paternity tests reflect this "text book" example, there are many other factors to be considered. For example, natural mutations sometimes present more complicated results. Sometimes father and child share many common alleles and though there are many matches, the CPI value is not strong enough for a conclusive result. In most of these cases, including the biological mother significantly strengthens the test results. OTS & Services is a most trusted source of DNA Paternity Test India to offer reliable and most accurate results in India.

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Treatment For Hypothyroidism

Here's what you can do to treat hypothyroidism. Arm yourself with a lot of material. You can not be fooled by "now take these pills." " Check back with me. " "This is a complex problem and not all of it is the low thyroid. Above and beyond all of this, the blood analysis that will be used to your capacity to assess the treatment is very insignificant. Faulty in that it does not tell the whole story. What can it do? Just bear in mind that we are toxic, dehydrated, unacceptably nourished and exercised. As capped, rendering your thyroid gland inoperative when you are under stress when you are starving. (Diet) and when you are on estrogen. I regard you'd better listen in to my warnings when it comes to hypothyroidism treatment.
If you only take pills, they can not counterbalance all of the above. The left over symptoms will find you sent to more specialists who will medicate you more. Of what I especially mean for what? Do you assume the medical profession in its holistic approach to the illness of the patient's precondition actually cares? With all these specialists? Are you kidding? You will agonize. You will be charged. You will be drugged. I've seen it excessively much.
You tumble into this vortex of several complaints and symptoms and you can on no account get out. How does ahead of schedule admission to tending a case of pseudo-noise Alzheimer's? Why don't you scour the internet for the number of writers attempting to get the health profession to awaken to the fundamental epidemic of hypothyroidism? I feel about a third of all admissions to nursing homes are due to unrecognized hypothyroidism. "It is unfortunate that your doctor merely recommends an valuation of TSH.
Then deem you starve a mind long enough and it is irreparable. This is real for the thyroid too. This is actual for B 12, all recall and alertness vitals. Missed is the overlooked dietary holism in the medicinal profession.
I trust you begin to know I will preserve your interests in writing this. You can ask what is in it for me? Become rich with no therapy? I do suspect it. Well heed me before my instruction. Have faith in me I am exceedingly concerned in relation to what's in it for you.
When you see that you're all on Fluoridated water for the most part, I count everything is on the road to hypothyroidism. The toxins of your thyroid, as it accumulates, Dr. Brownstein warns us all that we have bromine in more or less everything and there is no requirement for it in the body. He also holds maintains that it replaces iodine on the thyroid, and that the hormone is castrated because of it. Now we can discuss the remaining halogen, chlorine, lead, cadmium and mercury in our machinery clogging up the thyroid gland . This is alarming to you? This is the precise facts. From it you can decide you are hypothyroid at one point or another. Hypothyroidism treatment will in no way be accomplished providing we go on messing up our bodies. If you've been to therapy and your blood tests are agreeable, how can you be decided, given the above?
When you stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon, one movement back is considered improvement. Take a step rearward and survey your hypothyroidism treatment.

~ Howard E. Hagglund MD

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What Does The Thyroid Do

Thyroid is closely connected to your immune system; healthy immune system signifies the healthy thyroid. Thyroid hormones regulate growth as well as a variety of metabolic functions in the body.

Under active thyroid disorder and can occur at all ages. Thyroid deficiency most often affects women over 40, but men and teenagers can also have reduced thyroid function, especially if it runs in the family. Thyroid supplementation is a well recognised, tried and tested way of overcoming the problems associated with a decline in thyroid function.

Thyroid disease can occur in many ways like insufficient or over production of thyroid hormones, thyroid gland removal, iodine deficiency thyroid malfunctioning, congenital anomalies etc. Thyroid problems can be tricky to detect, but if you see your doctor for an annual or biannual physical and have routine blood work done, your doctor will be able to determine if you have an under or overactive thyroid by reading the lab results.

Hypothyroidism, or under-active thyroid, is 10 times more common in women than men. Thyroid deficiency most often affects women over 40, but men and teenagers can also have reduced thyroid function, especially if it runs in the family.

Causes Of Under Active Thyroid

The most common cause of under active thyroid results from an inflammation of the thyroid gland known as thyroiditis or Hashimoto's disease. Other common causes include: thyroid surgery for a complete or partial removal of the thyroid gland treatment with radioactive iodine radiation therapy to treat cancer of the head and neck medications such as lithium or too high a dosage of antithyroid medication used to treat hyperthyroidism.

It is well documented that a diet low in iodine is associated with hypothyroidism or under-active thyroid. When people with under active thyroid glands take 4mg of iodine and 600 units of vitamin E, it has been found that the amount of iodine taken up by the gland increases and the quantity of thyroid hormones in the blood also increase "almost immediately and markedly".

Many patients with under active thyroid have low levels of zinc, and the study demonstrated that over 50 percent of patients given zinc supplementation experienced improved thyroid function which reduced the incidence of clinical hypothyroidism. Under active thyroids are usually caused by Hashimoto's disease or goitre (an enlargement of the thyroid gland) where the body's immune system produces antibodies that attack the thyroid gland, reducing hormone secretion.

Under Active Thyroid Treatments

People in demand of under active thyroid treatment frequently experience pressure by their doctor to use medicine for treatment. For those suffering from an under active thyroid, the doctor will usually prescribe thyroid hormone replacement tablets. The medicine your doctor will prescribe is meant to be used for life and most often times the dosage will increase as time goes past.

Natural treatment for under active thyroid could counterbalance and in a lot of cases, better the functioning of the thyroid itself. Through treating with natural supplements, you're feeding your body what it's been missing in the way of nourishment.

Natural treatments are more economic to use than prescription medicine, without a endless list of side effects. It has become more and more common and for beneficial reason, thousands of users are getting outstanding results.

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Desiccated Thyroid

Porcine thyroid glands that are made of mixed pork and beef are dried and then turned into powder so that they can serve therapeutic purpose. This is what is known as Thyroid extract or desiccated thyroid. Since desiccated thyroid is a type of animal product, vegetarians stay away from using it. There are also a few religions which forbid the use of desiccated thyroid as it is made from pork. But in some instances, exceptions are made as it pertains to a medicine and has therapeutic value.It was the later years of the 19th century which witnessed the origin or genesis of desiccated thyroid or thyroid preparations made of mixed pork and beef or only pork. In many places, this stuff is still in use for treating under active thyroid glands or hypothyroidism. The other name for desiccated thyroid is thyroid BP, thyroid USP, pork thyroid; natural thyroid hormones, natural thyroid and sometimes some people refer to desiccated thyroid by the name of Armour Thyroid which is a commercial brand.The US Pharmacopoeia describes desiccated thyroid as a type of powdered, dried and cleaned thyroid gland derived from domesticated animals which are normally used by men for food. The connective tissues and layers of fat are at first removed from these animal derived thyroid glands and then they are processed. However, the last few decades have seen the use of pork only in the preparation of desiccated thyroid. Nowadays the efficacy or potency of this type of thyroid is judged through hormonal activity or content. Historically, the potency was measured through iodine content which had to vary between 0.17% and 0.23%.There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of natural desiccated thyroid supplement or pill. Research has shown that there is hardly any advantage to intaking natural desiccated thyroid supplement. In some countries like Canada and UK, the natural version is regarded as evil! Its shelf life is also pretty short compared to the synthetic version. There is hardly any precise assay on it and its effectiveness is a matter of huge debate for its efficacy is hugely variable. Synthetic thyroid such as thyroxine is perhaps one of the safest medications one can take. The hormone manufactured by the thyroid gland inside your body is completely identical to synthetic thyroid like thyroxine or synthroid etc.Side effects of synthetic thyroid hormoneSome of the common side effects reported from the intake of synthetic thyroids are unusual swelling in the ankles or in the legs or in both places, palpitations, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, loss of weight and other such problems. Those who are allergic to synthetic thyroid hormones can suffer from grave allergic symptoms such as tongue swelling, facial swelling and difficulty in breathing and other types of emergencies.Author ResourceFinding quality desiccated thyroid can be difficult. It is important to get quality dessicated thyroid to support your system and maintain proper thyroid health.

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Thyroid Replacement Hormones

Hypothyroidism is a health condition that can develop when your thyroid either stops producing hormones altogether or does not produce enough hormones for your body to continue operating in peak condition. Hormones are necessary for growing tissues, processing vitamins and regulating the body's energy levels. Those hormones are responsible for maintaining so much of our bodies that the sudden lack or lessening can have a huge impact on our overall health.

When it occurs, it is most often because of two conditions affecting the thyroid. The first condition is because of a prior inflammation of the gland itself or because it is currently inflamed, leaving most of the cells within it dead or barely functioning. The second cause is known as autoimmune thyroiditis or Hashimoto's thyroiditis. When this happens, it is because your immune system has for some unknown reason decided that the hormones that are normally produced for the body's health are now a threat, and it will attack them.

This kind of thyroid problems occurs primarily in middle-aged women more than any other age or gender group. It may be because our bodies are transitioning into menopause, or perhaps our immune systems are more fragile at that stage. For whatever the reason, all women should be aware of this condition if they experience any of the following symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, weight gain, dry hair and hair loss, cold intolerance and memory loss.

Those hormones play a huge role in maintaining the health of our brains, when they are no longer available in the proper levels, we will lose concentration and cognitive function. Moreover without hormones, your menstrual cycle will lessen or disappear, along with your libido.

However, with the availability of thyroid supplement you can now easily cure your underactive thyroid. Armour supplement is one such supplement to cure underactive thyroid gland. Armour thyroid naturally assists the thyroid gland in the production of all the natural hormones such as T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin in the gland.

The medicine is completely natural and is made from the pigs thyroid gland. However in order for the medicine to be effective you have to take it in small doses spread throughout the day so as to follow the exact pattern of our own thyroid gland functioning.

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