Menopause At 35

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    Does early onset of menopause run in the family?
    My maternal grandmother had her last child at 28 and went through menopause at 35. My mother had her last child at 32 and went through menopause at 40-45. Im 27 now with no children. My question is, is there a possibility that I will have trouble conceiving if I wait much longer to try? I currently have no symptoms of menopause but I worry that I will wait to long and not be able to have a child when I want.

    • ANSWER:
      Early menopause can be due to several reasons like surgical removal of ovaries,damage to ovaries,radiation therapy,if your mother contracts a viral infection while you are still in her uterus - it can affect your ovarian development or thyroid disease etc.
      Most women go through menopause at about the same age their mothers did --- which means that if there is family history ( your mother,grand mother,sister ) there is a chance that you too will experience it,although it is not a hard and fast rule.

    What is the earliest age that a woman can get menopause?
    I heard that my aunt had menopause at age 35 and was wondering if this could be true.

    • ANSWER:
      You can get artificial menopause if you have both ovaries removed.

    What is the difference between menopause and pragnancy??????
    I have had symptoms of my period since friday today is wednesday I have nothing but still have the symptoms. My kids are 20, 17 I had a tubaligation done 17 yrs ago, but they only guarantee it for 7 years. How long should I wait to take a test ?
    This may help I am crampy, bloated, sick, bitchy, sleeping alot,
    legs ache, back ache. The only thing I am not doing is bleeding and eating chocolate. (that is usual) also I am going to be 37 in OCT. But, I also know you can start menopause at 35. HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds just like regular PMS to me. If you don't get your period at the regular time, take a test.

    Is it possible to begin menopause at 35?
    Is there any lady out there that has went through it or is going through it? What was the first thing that you went through when it started to happen? I just turned 35 and i havent had a period since the first week of april. I am not pregnant. My husband is fixed and besides that, weve had sex 2 times this year. (not a happy marriage)
    anyway, thankyou very much for all answers that i will get.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you under a lot of stress? Have you gained or lost a good amount of weight (20 lbs in either direction in the last 2-4 months?). All of these things can offset your period and make you skip periods. I used to skip periods a lot when my marriage was falling apart and when I was in college. The stress was so much I'd start missing them.

    How can I get a doctor form Mexico to write me a perscription for my male menopause?
    Im 35 and have low energy, low test levels, and just feel my body deterring. Hormones doctors in the US cost thousand and thousands..Any web sits would be greatly appreciated...Thank you for your time

    • ANSWER:
      No worries everything you need is over the counter. There is Low Tyel that is exactly the same as Androgel for 0.00 pesos for a month supply. Cialis and Viagra are also available without a prescription. 20 mil Cialis will get you off your+++ If you run into some Farmacias that say No Tenemos pero tenemos un generico que cuesta menos, take it at about half the cost. No we don`t have but we have a generic that costs less"
      The directions are to apply LowTyel is to rub the contents of one sobre(Sachet) on your upper arms or and abdomen(Nowhere else, if you know what I mean) and get the 50 mil as opposed to 25 mil of Testosterone. Find a Gym and work out a little and buy a Container of whey protein. Spirits are available everywhere. That is my recipe for feeling like you are 18 again lol
      P.S If you smoke, quit, it wreaks havoc on the body.

    When should we start trying for our second child when I have a family history of early menopause?
    Emma is only 6 weeks old at the moment but it took us almost 18 months to conceive her. My fiance and I want another 2 children minimum but with how long it took to conceive Emma I don't think it will happen. It's not like I have years and years to try for our second child as I am 30 but in family there is a long history of women having premature menopause. My mother went through the menopause at 36, my grandmother went through it at 34 and one of my aunts went through it at 38.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm 32 and want 3 kids. My daughter is now 17 months and we've been trying since she was 10 months old. To be honest I was ready when she was 7 month old but didn't say to my husband. Turns out he was ready then too. We've now been trying for nearly 7 months and I only wish we'd never bothered trying to avoid conceiving after she was born as I feel sometimes that I'd rather have struggled with two very young babies than have the second one come along after my first baby's 2nd BIrthday. I wanted to have the 3 kids before turning 35 but I can't see that happening. Now, every day with our daughter gets better and better. SHe's walking and starting to talk and we really have fun with her. She's got a great sense of humour and loves to laugh. I'm now glad that we'll get to enjoy her a bit more before she becomes a big sister. I'm also thinking that it'll be good to get her potty trained before a new baby comes along.

      If I could do things differently, I'd still just not bother avoiding conception and let fate decide. I'm going to do that the next time. I've always been a fatalist and this is making me even more so. I think we'll conceive when the time is right and deal with the hand the we're dealt.

      My advice to you is to not think about conceiving but not try to avoid it. If it happens, it happens. Keep breastfeeding though as I think that if you're going to have your second one close to the first then number one needs the closeness of breastfeeding. I know that it lowers your chances of conceiving but you hear of loads of lucky ladies who fall pregnant whilst breastfeeding. Good Luck!

    Can you use up all your eggs w/out technically going into menopause?
    I'm only 34 but my periods are getting farther and farther apart. I'm not very happy about the thought that I've run out of eggs, as I've not had any children yet. But can you run out of eggs without going through menopause? I'm already at high risk of getting breast cancer. Early menopause would pretty much seal the deal.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, not exactly. That is, the situation is not explicable in the way you have described. What happens is that as you get low in eggs, you start to have some changes in your period--longer, heavier, lighter, shorter, skipping sometimes, having very light periods sometimes, anovulatory cycles, that kind of thing. So those kinds of signs indicate that your "ovarian reserve" is getting lower. Yet that does not mean that you are infertile, and it does not mean that menopause is around the corner. You can have this stuff going on for 10 years before actual menopause (defined as 12 months in a row with no period) happens. The way fertility works is that women are pretty fertile till about age 27, then fertility starts to decline. Then it plummets after age 35, until menopause. Yet during those years it's plummeting, most women are still fertile, just not AS fertile as they used to be. You can tell what your situation is by seeing a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist). They can do tests, like of FSH and a few other things, to see if your ovarian reserve is OK or if it's getting lower.

    What age does menopause start?
    Planning for a child but getting worried that menopause may creep up on us. Gonna be 33 in June.

    • ANSWER:
      i am 34 and planning number 2

      i heard of someone going through menopause at 35 - i am sure its rare but keep in mind that there can be lots of obstacles

      i tried when i was 28 and didnt have my first til i was 32

      good luck

    What are some of the signs of early menopause?
    I had a hysterectomy when I was 22 and I'm 35 now. I've been having hot flashes, moodiness and excess hair on my face....should I see my doctor about this?

    • ANSWER:
      Symptoms include irregular periods, heavy bleeding, hot flashes, disrupted sleep, headaches, dry eyes, vaginal changes (dryness), hair loss, weight gain and a loss of interest in sex. Someone women may also experience extreme emotional distress. Other common physical signs of menopause are infertility, bladder control issues, heart palpitations, increase in facial hair, changes in body odor and dry mouth or other oral symptoms. You should seek the advice and attention of a medical professional if you are experiencing symptoms which are difficult to deal with.

    Is it possible to be pre-menopausal at 35?
    Over the past six months, my perid has been erratic. In the past 2, I have not had a period at all. I have not had any sex in the past 5 months (my husband is deployed out of the country). So, it is not possible for me to be pregnant (I've even gone to the doctor to have the blod test done, just to make sure). Is it possible for me to be going through menopause at 35?

    • ANSWER:
      yes is is ,,, many women have early menopause ,sound like you maybe one of them ,,, talk to your doctor about it,,,,,

    How to reduce risks if first pregnancy at 48 years of age?
    Wondering if a woman gets pregnant at 48, is there a way to reduce risks of birth defects? Is the risk greater because of the condition of her eggs (being an older woman), or genetics?

    If she takes care of herself months before pregnancy can these risks be reduced, or is it just a given that the baby may have birth defects?

    This would be her first pregnancy.

    Second question: If she is perimenopausal (not total menopause, still has periods but they're not as predictable as when in 30's) can she still get pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      Odds of Pregnancy in One Female Fertility Cycle:

      In any given cycle, a younger women is more likely to get pregnant.
      ■At the age of 25, a woman has a 30% –35% chance of getting pregnant during one cycle.
      ■At the age of 35, a woman has a 15% –20% chance of getting pregnant during one cycle.
      ■At the age of 45, a woman has a 3% –5% chance of getting pregnant during one cycle.

      See for more info.
      Very best of luck to her.

    What could a sharp, throbbing pain in the left breast that comes and go possibly mean?
    I am 40 year old lady that have been getting this pain for some time now. I had a mammogram a few months ago which proved to be negative. I had my 1st one at age 35.My period is irregular now. The birth control pills that I was using to regulate my period, i stopped so I have not seen my period for some months now. It is just on 1 breat. What could this be? Could it be just hormonal and not harmless?

    • ANSWER:
      I have had this same problem for a year now and i am only 26...mine is my left breast, and i have asked the dr...they say that it is really nothing to be concerned about that sometimes we just get pains......But being that you are 40 there is one thing that might be an idea to chew on 4 u...could it be due to early menopause?????

    Can normal periods start again after a break of 26 months?
    My periods were regular but every 6 weeks then they stopped and my hormone levels showed me to be post menopause. I have had no bleeding over the last 26 months but started a normal period yesterday.

    • ANSWER:
      yes it can start, but if u r over 35 yrs then please consult a doctor.

    When does fertility start to decrease?
    I'm 28 now and have one beautiful daughter. But, we're not planning to have another child anytime soon for a number of reasons. But, there is a part of me that still wants to have another (biological) child. So, at what age do the chances of getting pregnant start to fall or drop dramatically? What are the chances of getting pregnant past 35 w/o the use of any fertility treatments? Does anyone know where I can find reliable information or statistics??? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer my question!

    • ANSWER:
      More women today find they want to put off pregnancy until their careers are well established, or until they've gotten more life experience. However, research shows that pregnancies in women over the age of 35 suffer from more problems than those in younger women. How great are the risks compared with the benefits, and what do you really need to be concerned about?
      How Old is Too Old to Have a Baby?
      According to the Mayo Clinic, a woman's fertility peaks between the ages of 20 and 24. However, fertility rates remain relatively constant through the early 30s, after which they begin to decline:

      At age 30 to 35, fertility is 15 to 20 percent below maximum. From age 35 to 39, the decrease is 25 to 50 percent. From 40 to 45, the decrease is 50 to 95 percent.

      Technically, any woman who has not gone through menopause, and who does not have other reproductive problems, can become pregnant. Successful pregnancies have been reported in women as old as 59.

      Pregnancy Risks After 35
      The risk of miscarriage increases after age 35; by the early 40s, more than 50 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Many of these occur at an early stage and may not even be detected, or may be mistaken for a late period. The majority of these miscarriages are due to the chromosomal abnormalities in the fetus.

      Other age-related factors affecting fertility include less frequent and/or irregular ovulation, and endometriosis, in which tissue that attaches to the ovaries or fallopian tubes interferes with conception.

      When they do get pregnant, women older than 35 may have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and placenta previa. There is also a potentially higher risk of having a baby with low birth weight, and of chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome.

      Aiming for a Positive Pregnancy
      Although older women may find it somewhat harder to achieve pregnancy, the overall outcomes are excellent. In fact, birth rates for mothers in their 30s and 40s have increased dramatically over the past 25 years. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the birth rate for women age 35 to 39 nearly doubled between 1978 and 1998. Between 1981 and 1997, the birth rate for women in their 40s increased 92 percent.

      If you're over 35 and thinking of getting pregnant, a few simple tips will help minimize the risks:

      Start taking prenatal vitamins
      See your doctor for prepregnancy checkups
      Eat well
      Exercise regularly
      Cut out nicotine, alcohol, and drugs

      Finally, if you don't succeed in getting pregnant within six months, see a reproductive endocrinologist (fertility specialist) to discuss next steps.

      Sources: The Mayo Clinic Complete Book of Pregnancy and Baby's First Year (Morrow, 1994); March of Dimes: 888-MODIMES,,

      The information on this Web site is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child's condition.

      Content courtesy of American Baby.

    How many babies would the average woman have if she never used birth control?
    We all know Michelle Duggar has a brood of 19, but she is sort of a fertile miracle. How many would the average woman who breastfeeds to natural weaning have? Assuming she married at 22, and continued until menopause at age 55.

    • ANSWER:
      It varies a lot.

      The average with today's medicine likely around 10.

      But in the past stillbirths, miscarriages and early deaths were common. So only perhaps 3 or 4 would really survive.

      The Duggars say they are "leaving it up to God". But they are wrong. God didn't put her 24 weeker in an incubator. Modern medicine did that just like it makes birth control.

      They just don't want to take responsibility for the fact that if everyone did what they were doing the Earth would quickly become uninhabitable.

      In many pf the poorest parts of Africa women average 8 births in their lifetimes, but so many of them die that the population stays about constant. That is natural.

      She is higher than most, since she has lots of twins and she gets pregnant while breastfeeding even in the first 6 months. Not a "fertility miracle", but definetely on the higher end of fertility. I think if you disregarded her twins and pregnancies while breastfeeding she would be left with closer to 10 children.

      Women over 40 have a hard time getting pregnant. She does, but most cannot. I think you would have to make an earlier cut off than 55. You are really looking at 25 years of time when a woman can produce offspring regularly, and those years are 15 - 40. Also one in 4 babies miscarry, so that is going to slow things down. It takes awhile to get pregnant after a miscarriage.

      Women aged 50 - 55 are not getting pregnant without in vitro. Not at all. 40-50 is low. 35 - 40 is even pretty darn low.

    How can I lower my elevated testosterone levels?
    I'm a 35 year old female. I have elevated testosterone levels. I was wondering if there is any natural approaches to lowering free androgens. I'd like to try that before taking Spirolactone or Metformin.

    • ANSWER:
      My mom has the same problem. She uses the hand creams made for women in menopause (with estrogen) and she also uses Estrovent. It has been working for her. Ask your health food store what methods will best boost your extrogen and be right for you.

    What could be the cause of 3 missed periods and 3 negative tests?
    I'm 19. My last period was 4 months ago. I keep feeling like it's going to come but it doesn't. I've taken 3 tests so far and they all come back negative. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms. The only other symptoms I can think of is that my bm (bowel movements) have been irregular since my last period and my acne has become really bad. I'm really hoping it's not premature menopause. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, here are some facts about irregular menstrual cycles. I hope this helps you to answer a few of your questions. Take care.
      Cycles between 23–35 days are very common. A woman may get her period only one to four times a year. Or she might have periods that occur two to three times in a month and involve spotting or extremely heavy flow. Alternatively, she may have heavy episodes of bleeding every two to three months. Irregular periods are simply what is irregular for you.

      For the most part, we don’t worry at the clinic about a missed period or two over the course of a year. More variation than that may indicate to us the beginning of perimenopause or a disruption of the natural chain of hormonal events that controls menstruation. A wide variety of factors can be responsible for irregular periods, among them:

      Significant weight gain or loss
      Poor nutrition (or a diet too high in carbohydrates)
      Drug use
      Excessive alcohol use (interfering with how the liver metabolizes estrogen and progesterone)
      Eating disorders
      Increased stress
      Polycystic ovarian syndrome/estrogen dominance
      Uterine abnormalities (fibroids/cysts/polyps/endometriosis)
      Hormonal imbalance related to perimenopause
      Recent childbirth, miscarriage, or D&C

      As you can see, there are many different ways a woman can be irregular for as many different reasons, and it can be very confusing when it happens.…

    At what age females can handle giving birth physically but not socially and what ages it is dangerous?
    I heard that it is dangerous for 11-14 year old or even younger to give birth and risky for women over 35.One person told me that a 15 year old is physically stronger to give birth than a 30 year old.I'm just curious if that is true.

    • ANSWER:
      I was high risk on all of mine and learned a bit on ages as well. Younger girls are high risk because their bodies are not developed completely to handle such labor, this is why in the past they often died in labor. Honestly around 17 (but that varies of the maturity of the physical body) a girl can handle it easier. There does need to be a certain amount of body fat on her though to make it easier along with hip and cervical size. After 35 a woman is considered higher risk not because its hard but because of birth defects. A woman can give birth physically strong as long as her body is in good healthy condition until she's even 50 or starts menopause.

    Now I need to find out numerous symptoms on menopause. So what are 10 symptoms of menopause?
    I need 10 symtoms of menopause and what they do to the body.

    Thanks Lori

    • ANSWER:
      There is a site with 35 (!!!) symptoms of menopause:

      1. Hot flashes, flushes, night sweats and/or cold flashes, clammy feeling (see note)
      2. Irregular heart beat
      3. Irritability
      4. Mood swings, sudden tears
      5. Trouble sleeping through the night (with or without night sweats)
      6. Irregular periods; shorter, lighter periods; heavier periods, flooding; phantom periods, shorter cycles, longer cycles
      7. Loss of libido (see note)
      8. Dry vagina (see note)
      9. Crashing fatigue
      10. Anxiety, feeling ill at ease
      11. Feelings of dread, apprehension, doom (see note)
      12. Difficulty concentrating, disorientation, mental confusion
      13. Disturbing memory lapses
      14. Incontinence, especially upon sneezing, laughing; urge incontinence (see note)
      15. Itchy, crawly skin (see note)
      16. Aching, sore joints, muscles and tendons (see note)
      17. Increased tension in muscles
      18. Breast tenderness
      19. Headache change: increase or decrease
      20. Gastrointestinal distress, indigestion, flatulence, gas pain, nausea
      21. Sudden bouts of bloat
      22. Depression (see note)
      23. Exacerbation of existing conditions
      24. Increase in allergies
      25. Weight gain (see note)
      26. Hair loss or thinning, head, pubic, or whole body; increase in facial hair
      27. Dizziness, light-headedness, episodes of loss of balance
      28. Changes in body odor
      29. Electric shock sensation under the skin and in the head (see note)
      30. Tingling in the extremities (see note)
      31. Gum problems, increased bleeding
      32. Burning tongue, burning roof of mouth, bad taste in mouth, change in breath odor
      33. Osteoporosis (after several years)
      34. Changes in fingernails: softer, crack or break easier
      35. Tinnitus: ringing in ears, bells, 'whooshing,' buzzing etc.

      Do I get extra credit LOL?

    Why does the media like to scare women about getting pregnant in their 30s and 40s?
    I have seen many articles saying that fertility starts decreasing in the late 20s causing many women to panic and worry that they will never find Mr. Right. There have been plenty of women who gave birth in their 30s and even 40s. Every woman is different and women continue to menstruate until official menopause, meaning there is always a possibility to get pregnant until then.

    • ANSWER:
      You're wrong. It's not a scare tactic, it's simply the truth. Fertility DOES decline starting age 27, and plummets after age 35. Yes, many women CAN get pregnant afterwards, and most women menstruate after age 35 (average age of menopause is 51), but menstruation does not translate to the ability to become pregnant or to successfully carry a fetus to term--after age 40, a really large percentage of eggs are defective, which is why there is the huge miscarriage risk--25% and growing after age 35, and that's even considering if you can become pregnant at all. Younger women have about a 20% chance with each cycle to become pregnant, while over 35, you have a 10% chance per cycle, which drops to a 5% chance per cycle after age 40, so even if you are able to have one child after age 35, it becomes quite difficult to have a second. And if you want to have more than one, you have to get started since fertility drops so quickly after 35! 17% are infertile by age 35, and almost 23% of women between 35-39 are infertile. Almost 1 in 4 women! Almost 30% are infertile between 40 and 44. And you never know if you're one of those or not. Plus while over the whole population those are the statistics, if you happen to be a woman with a particular problem that causes infertility, then your chances are 0%, and no one knows if she'll be one of those women... unless you happen to have endometriosis or PCOS, in which case you already know that your chances of pregnancy are reduced even at a young age, and become very small after 35. After age 45, even though much more than half of women are still menstruating, there is only a 1% chance per month of being able to get pregnant, with an 8% chance of birth defects and a 50% chance of miscarriage. So certainly there is not "always a possibility to get pregnant". Risk to mother and baby rise greatly the older you are, as well. So pregnancy is not something that can be counted on. I've met far too many women over 35 who feel betrayed because they thought they'd have no problems getting pregnant, but then they find that they can't, and are shocked that no one told them they'd have such a difficult time.

    What Are The Risks In Increasing Estrogen Levels In A Woman?
    I'm curious to know the risks of increasing estrogen levels in women (older than 18, but before menopause). Thanks to all who provide an answer.
    My other question about estrogen:

    • ANSWER:
      Potentially, an increased risk of certain female cancers, and cardiovascular problems (increased blood clots potentially causing strokes or heart attacks). The cardiovascular risk is particularly associated with smoking. The risks are usually more pronounced in those over 35-40, and may be associated either infrequently with hormonal birth control or much more frequently with hormone replacement therapy (peri- and post- menopausal women).

    How can I be an Elementary School teacher and get a Masters or Ph.D degree at the same time?
    I am majoring in Human Development with a K-6 liscensure at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. I am not going to complete my BA for another 3 1/2 years, but upon graduating I want to go to graduate school and work, and with my degree, I could really only be a teacher, which I want to do. The graduate program I am inerested in would require me to move from Denver, CO to Madison, WI. So it would be me, my girlfriend (she wants to move to WI anyway, so it works nicely), and by that time, probally a kid (she wants 4 eventually). So I need to be able to help support us (she is going to be an elementary school teacher too, but doesn't want to go to grad school) and go to graduate school at the same time. So, I need to know how I can work and go to grad school at the same time. Thanks for your help.
    * We do intend on marrying before we have kids, and she has to have kids sooner than most (she has a genetic thing where she hits menopause at like 30-35) so time is an issue.
    my masters (or Ph.D. is really what i want) program that I'm interested in is in learning sciences, which is under the department of Educational Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. No colorado school offers it, and since my girl wants to move to WI anyway, it makes sense. I don't want to be a teacher forever, just until I get my Ph.D. and can begin research on how childern learn, and the effectivness of different methods of teaching to aid in education reform. I would like to be a teacher first, not only because I want to, but it also makes sense. I can't very well go up to a bunch of teachers and say "you need to teach like this" without knowing what the classroom is like. So I have to teach.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey there, sounds pretty ambitious if you ask me. I'm kinda confused at the same time though. You want to have already finished your BA and have a full time teaching job, and go to school in 3 1/2 years. Why do you want to hurry and do your Masters now then if what you want to do is be a teacher? Universities are different in the States as they are here in Canada. I went to school for the same thing (teaching). I think it would be in your best interest, as well as your girlfriend and impending child to just find a job teaching when you're done your BA, and be with your family by then. If you really need to get it going, night courses are a possibility. There are also hybrid courses. Where you can do parts or maybe even the whole thing online. Depending on your University of choice, you could check into that as well. Perhaps you could do it on your own time. Check into them, hopefully you won't be running yourself ragged though. Being an elementary school teacher requires planning and extra curricular activities that may cut into your busy student life as well, not to mention family life. Take it as it goes. More of a personal choice than anything else.

    Is there an age for a woman when she can have sex without protection?
    Is there a certain age for a woman when she can have sex without
    protection, and not become pregnant? If so, what is that age?
    I do not mean 60, I mean maybe after 35 or something? Everybody says how difficult it's to conceive after this age, does it mean that if a woman after 35 she can stop bothering with this?

    • ANSWER:
      ok first of all the only way a woman.. can not get pregnant is ,if she has gone through menopause . other wise she can get pregnant. some woman may not be able to have babies @ all ... another way she can't get pregnant with out protection. there has been some woman that have given birth in there 50's .. could be from meds or could not be ..also some women may get pregnant after there tubes have been tied for a certain amount of time . they become i would say u bleed u breed ... theres no really safe way unless you do use protection , man or the woman ...

    I have a 21 day menstruation cycle. Does it mean i will reach menopause early?
    because more eggs end quickli because of the quicky cycle.

    A woman with average 28 day cycle has periods approximately 12 times in a year and i have them around 16 times in a year.
    From my calcualtions, if a 28 day cycle reachs menopause around 48 years, that means i will reach at 40 years.
    Is that true?

    400 eggs after puberty which if takes place at app. 15 years, then 400 divided by 12 is equal to 33 years. 33+15= 48.

    Accordinf to that calculation mine is at 40 years.

    • ANSWER:
      Your reasoning is sound, but based on the wrong assumptions. You don't spend exactly one egg per cycle.

      You know your full reserve of eggs is developed when you're still in the womb yourself, right? Well, that reserve was somewhere between 35,000 to 2.5 million eggs. Obviously no woman has even close to 35,000 cycles in her life, so the reason women run out of eggs cannot be that they lose one egg each cycle. Also if you only ran out of eggs because of ovulation, you could delay menopause indefinitely by just taking birth control (which works because you don't ovulate on it) and that is obviously not the case.

      In fact a few follicles mature each cycle, of which only the biggest ruptures to release an egg. But even that does not account for tens of thousands or even millions of eggs. The bigger factor is simply that the eggs deteriorate with age, leaving fewer still viable for ovulation.

      That means time is the biggest deciding factor here, not number of cycles you go through.

    Why does my period come out in blackish big blobs?
    I am 35 and have had 4 kids and my tubes are tied(1-13-03) and ever since then (03) I will get these black-like clumps more than regular blood during my period and the pain is sometimes so bad that my cramps go down to my thighs.

    • ANSWER:
      Hon, you need to see your doctor and ask about a D & C. You sound just like I did before I had mine. Pain, lots of clumping and heavy flow! Go to your doctor, explain the symptoms and ask if he/she thinks a D & C would help. Man, it sure did me!! No more back cramps or really heavy flows, no more clots and pain. It was heaven!! Then I started going through menopause and if it wasn't for the hot flashes, I would be loving it!~

    Does every woman have to have a 28 menstrual cycle?
    Or is every woman different? I'm kind of worried because most people out there have a 28 day cycle when I have a 35 :( So does that mean I have an irregular period? I've been getting it every month tho.

    • ANSWER:
      It is generally 28 days for normal and healthy women but it differes - becomes less or more - for different women depending upon various health factors ec.

      Menstruation is part of the menstrual cycle, which helps a woman's body prepare for the possibility of pregnancy each month. A cycle begins on the first day of bleeding and continues up to, but not including, the first day of the next period. The average menstrual cycle is around 28 days long. However, a cycle can range anywhere from 21 days to 35 days or more. The length of a woman's cycle may change a little from month to month. Most menstrual periods can last from 1 to 8 days, with the average being 4 to 5 days.

      Periods are a normal part of a woman's life from puberty, around the age of 10-14 (menarche) until its cessation (menopause) about 50. This regular (or not so regular) bleeding is the most noticeable sign of a woman’s menstrual cycle, but it is not the only sign. Getting to know the other, less obvious signs of your cycle can help you become more familiar with your own changing levels of fertility.-

    Is it true that female libido peaks at age 35 and beyond?
    Isn't that the age when their fertility and ability to conceive gradually begins to decline and they slowly begin to approach menopause?

    • ANSWER:
      Typically, libido does peak around age 30. However, fertility peaks LONG before that; essentially, the earlier you get pregnant, the better the physical environment for your baby and the lower the chances of problems during development. The heightened sex drive is actually your body's response to a declining ability to conceive and carry an infant to term (basically, "OH MY GOD MUST GET PREGNANT FAST! HAVE LOTS OF SEX!")

      Think about it: in some less developed nations, women may have children when they're about 14 and die by the time they're 45. Our bodies are still set up for reproduction on that scale.

    I am 35 years old and have had irregular periods lately?
    I have never had irregular periods. Recently, I have been 3 weeks late, one week early and one week late. I have negative preg test. My doctor says I need a ultra sound. Have you experienced this and what things might my doctor be checking for? I was concerned it might be early menopause.

    • ANSWER:
      could be early menapause

    Can you get a heart attack even if you're not overweight?
    I mean of course not when you are very old either, like maybe around 35-50, and you haven't taken good care of your body -little or no exercise, unhealthy food but still not overweight. Is it possible to get a heart attack this way?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it most certainly is.
      There are other risk factors besides being overweight.
      Early menopause - as estrogen is protective
      Family History - the younger your family members are when they have one the more at risk you are
      Smoking - this is a modifiable risk factor.. stop
      Cholesterol - even skinny people have high cholesterol
      Triglyerides - even skinny people have high triglyerides
      Sleep apnea - even the skinny have this as well

    Had a partial hysterectomy 2 months ago.Now I'm experienceing menopause like symptoms. Any one else have this?
    I am 27 years old. I just have a partial hysterectomy 2 months ago.
    They left my ovaries. For the past several week's I have been on an emotional roller coaster! I have had some pretty bad night sweats and I seem to be alittle more irritable.
    Has anyone every heard of Pre-menopause at my age?

    • ANSWER:
      mcboles - Usually, "a partial hysterectomy" means removal only of the body of the uterus, not the cervix. At your age, below 35, leaving the ovaries is wise. Because the ovaries are (?) still present, they should be producing a normal female hormone cycle of "feelings." The one thin g you will no longer have is a monthly "period" and bleeding. You might call yourgynecologistt to verify that both ovaries were indeed removed. A copy of the pathologist's examination of your "specimen" is the best proof. You are too young to be experiencing and menopausal signs and should return to more normal cycling of emotions soon. Perhaps you gynecologist might aid you with some hormone supplements for a short time till you "normalize?"

    I have been on a 2 month holiday with my sister and she prays all month round. Has she hit menopause?
    Im a bit embaressed to ask her so i didn't ask her.

    But i am 100% sure she prayed every day. Girls are supposed to get period so how is that possible?

    If she did hit menopause then thats very early as she's only 35 and i'm her younger brother who's 25.

    But recently i think she is pretending to pray so i dont know shes on her period?

    • ANSWER:
      why are you curious?
      not your business
      btw didn't you ask this question?

    How old is to old to be pregnant?
    I'm 37 years old married to 48 year old he has a daughter from a previous marriage 26 year old and we have a 13 year old daughter together. I found out I'm 2 months preg. My husband is so happy. But I wonder what are the risks being over 35. I am also diabetic and about 40 pounds overweight.

    • ANSWER:
      When a woman goes through menopause she is now to old to have a baby. Before that she's fine. God gave her the ability and no doctor has the right to put her into a statistic to say otherwise.

    why can men create babies for a much longer time than women?
    Why do men have the ability to impregnate women during most of their lives, while women go through menopause 1/2 way through their lives and no longer have that ability. Why did humans not evolve so that both sexes have the same lifespan for the ability to procreate?

    • ANSWER:
      Evolution is a process that spans millions of years; evolutionary changes happen slowly and for more than 99% of their time on this planet, humans didn't reach the age of their menopauses.
      Humans evolved on Earth about 2 million years ago, but only in the last 5,000 years or so a larger percentage lived longer than 30 or 35 years.

    Do some women in their 60's have one night stands with younger men?
    I have a 64 year old woman who is very attractive flirting with me. I am 35 and to be honest, I want to have sex with her. However, I am not sure if thats what she wants. Her flirting is subtle but I am human and I know why people flirt.

    What are your thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      In the Movie "Some thing's gotta Give" You will see that older women are in their Prime years, especially after Menopause they don't need birth control. Go for it, man!

    How much weight should we reduce?
    Wife 35 yrs, 5'0", weight 61kg(134Pounds). Husband 40, 5'3" 69kg (152 pounds). How much we should be? So far, we were really far off from health concerns and now the ages make us to think. What are the easy (effective) ways to start with?
    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      According to the BMI (body mass index) a 5’0” person is overweight over 130 pounds and a 5’3” person is overweight over 145 pounds so unless you’re both very muscular, you need to lose a few pounds.
      A 5’0” person should be between 100 and 125 pounds and a 5’3” person should be between 105 and 140 pounds.

      The BMI is only good for people who are out of shape and do not have a lot of muscle mass.
      Athletes who have a lot of muscle and almost no fat would be all “obese” according to the BMI so it cannot apply to them.

      Also you being “overweight” (like you’re both are) according to the BMI really means that you can develop health problems because of your weight. The “healthy weight” of 100 to 125 pounds for a 5’0” person would just means you are less likely to develop health problems because of your weight…does not mean you will look good in a mirror or that you will be thin.

      As you age, you lose muscle and your metabolism goes down. If you keep eating the same amount of food, then you will get bigger and bigger. You could eat less and less over the years but it’s not fun. Who really wants to say: “oh! now I can’t have desert because I’m over forty!” ??
      The best way is to start exercising so you do not lose the muscle you have and even built more (or regain the muscle mass you already lost).
      If you’re both in it together, why don’t you join a ballroom dance class? You could learn to dance, it’s great fun, does wonder for the couple involved and you spend a lot of calories and develop muscle doing it.
      Or you could go hiking together or scuba diving….whatever makes you move and keep you active physically.
      Go for a walk, do some aerobics (anything that will make you sweat a little) and start weight training (you don't need to go to a gym...just buy a few dumbbells) to build or maintain your muscle mass.

      The thing is, the older you get, the more you have to move in order to maintain your muscle mass.
      When you’re younger and you’re lazy, all you have to do is not eat too much…but even that is not enough when you get older. Being lazy is not an option anymore (unless you don’t mind getting fat).
      You have to move and spend calories and maintain your muscle mass.
      You’re still young, 35 an 40 but wait till you hit menopause when your metabolism really takes a nose dive…
      If you’re active and in shape, it will be so much easier to go over the bumps.

      Get educated about nutrition and a healthy diet because the older you get, the more it’s about the quality than the quantity. How many calories you need, how many calories you eat, how many calories you spend…Each pound of fat is 3,500 calories of exercising and so forth.

      If you’re overweight now, that means you consumed more than what you needed so your body (bodies) put the unused energy into storage (the fat reserve)…now you first have to concentrate on not consuming more that what you need…(not adding weight for two or three weeks) then on consuming what you need…(maintaining your weight for two or three weeks) and then on consuming less that what you need (losing some extra weight, for as many weeks as you need, if you lose a pound a week) and then on consuming what you need again (once you reached the weight in which you feel comfortable).

      It seems like a long process and it is because it should last the rest of your life. It’s not a diet, it’s a way of living better. A more active life so you can grow old gracefully and full of energy.

    Is there something a woman can do to get menopause, delayed?
    Like so women can get it at around age 50, instead of age 35.

    • ANSWER:
      The average age of menopause for American women is 51. Some a few years before, some a few years after. Menopause can occur earlier due to surgical removal of ovaries, radiation, chemotheraphy, treatment for childhood cancer.

      When early menopause or Premature Ovarian Function occurs there is some kind of anomally. See your GYN as there are hormone replacement options.

      Also visit

    At what age does a woman usually hit menopause? And what are some of the signs of it?
    A co-worker has been complaining about beiong hot all the time lately, and she is usually the type that is cold even in the summer. She is 35, and wondering if she could be having menopause.

    • ANSWER:
      35 is way too early for menopause, but it could be perimenopause (aka pre-menopause). There is helpful info in the link below.

    My period is always irregular, some months its heavy 4-5 days others it light 1-2 days, should i be worried?
    I have been with the same guy for 15 yrs, we have 1 child and i want to have more children, however, I have not been able to get pregnant in the last 10 years. Could I be approaching menopause, I'm only 35 yrs old.

    • ANSWER:
      no, not menopause, but does sound like the hormones are a bit all over the place....the heaviness of periods depends on how thick the womb lining that is being sloughed off, so a veried pattern like this indicates you are not always producing the same thickness of lining.
      This is controlled by hormones; the same fluctuation can also mean you are not ovulating every month, either.
      You'd need see a doctor about how to find this out for sure. Oddly enough sometimes 5 or 6 months on the contraceptive pill will result in the natural hormones being "kicked" back into a more regular pattern.
      you should also be checked for a Fallopian tube blockage, which would prevent any sperm reaching the eggs and/or the eggs reaching the womb. The tubes can be blocked from various causes, most of which have no symptoms.

    If perimenopause starts around age 35, at what age do you start to feel better?
    I'm 36 and feeling worse than I've ever felt with PMS :( I hope it's not another 15 years of this. Please tell me if you've gone through this when it ended! I've tried eating a really healthy diet but so far feel even worse. I can't take Prozac because it gives me stomach pains. Thanks for any hope you have to offer about when this experience ends!

    • ANSWER:
      Peri-menopause usually doesn't start this soon.

      It usually starts at around 45 years, so I doubt that you are starting peri-menopause.
      It is not impossible for you to begin peri-menopause at 35, but it is not likely.

      There may be something else causing your problems and it might be to your best health to check with your gynecologist.

    What age do you consider too old to have children?
    My fiance is 35 and I am 31 were going to start trying for a baby soon, but I am suddenly worried that maybe were are too old, my fiance will be 45 when the child is 10! providing I get pregnant straight away that is, do you think this is ok?,

    • ANSWER:
      You two have to decide when it's too old for you based on exactly what you will you feel about having a young child at home when you are in your 40s. Many people do it.

      Personally, not counting the risks (for a woman) of starting a family past age 40, I'd say in ones 40s starts to get iffy. Think about it...if you had a child at 45 ish you'd be nearly old enough to draw Social Security when the kid was grown. Some people do it, but that wouldn't be my dream way of spending the latter end of my "mid-life".

      Up to you two though...I'm childfree by choice and 44 now (so too old to start having kids...eagerly awaiting menopause so I won't have to worry about getting pregnant).

    what is the oldest a woman can safely have a healthy child these days?
    i know it's also based on the person and when they have menopause, etc.... but i'm looking for a general answer.

    • ANSWER:
      It would depend on who you'd ask medically-Obstetricians would say something like 35-40. Midwives would probably say up to 50 and perhaps even older. It's a matter of health of the woman both physically and mentally. It's a matter of nutritional discipline, because healthy nutrition is everything when it comes to pregnancy. It would also depend on the genetics of both parents. Of course it's physically and mentally EASIER on a woman to have a child in her 20's and 30's. The older we get the older our bodies get. The risks of certain birth defects are much higher in an older woman. That's the majority of the risk right there. I hope this helps.

    What does knuckle and chin hair on a woman mean?
    I read somewhere about stress and facial hair on women. If a woman is between the ages 20-35 and suffers from or is subjected to chronic stress and then suddenly starts growing hair on their knuckles and chin region. Is this change due to changes in the woman's hormone levels and regulation of cortisone levels as a result of stress? What if the woman also suffers from conditions like very dry skin which improves slightly when she is on her menses and weight gain?

    What do these symptoms indicate about what's occurring to the woman's health internally?Is she likely to go into menopause sooner than the age for it?

    • ANSWER:

    Up to what age can women give birth?
    I know women have had babys at very old ages. But when does it become more difficult? Some people have told me that before 35 is really the best age to have it, and after that age the percentage of problems go up drastically?

    • ANSWER:
      Your eggs are best before age 26. This obviously doesn't mean you can't have babies after that, but your eggs aren't as great as they used to be. You can have babies up until menopause if you really want to. Once you hit menopause, then obviously no more babies. It is known that babies do have a bigger risk of having problems after age 35, but most are born just fine. Your Doctor will generally order more tests and have tests done that are elective to younger mothers, just to make sure everything is going as planned. The age when you can't have babies anymore is different for everyone. Some have had them in their 50's!

    How common is a negative pregnancy test?
    My period is pretty late.. it's been 42 days since my last period. The longest amount of time between periods was 35 days. I have taken three pregnancy tests over the past week. All of those tests said that I was not pregnant. I am planning to make an appointment with my gynecologist, but I was wondering if there could be some other factor involved. I'm 19 years old, so it's not menopause.. Any advice would help, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      You might just have irregular periods.

    I am turning 18 soon but my girlfriend is much older than me how do I tell Mom?
    My mom is old fashioned and does not approve of any of my friends and for last year and a half I have been dating an older person. She is perfect for me in every way , the problem is she is 58, but looks only about 35 tops! I do not know what to tell my mom. I have kept this a secret from everyone till I turn 18 on Saturday. The one thing she won't have to worry about is pregnancy as Susan is already in menopause. How do I tell her?

    • ANSWER:
      WHOAAAAA there sucker.
      She's too old for you and shouldn't be dating a 17 year old.
      there's something wrong with the 58 year old if she's dating a 17 year old. She's nearly 60 years old!

    I missed my period last month and this month i have a period lasting 10 days?
    Is this normal? I am still on my period now day 11....I am 35 and am not sexually active.

    • ANSWER:
      i was 39 when mine started to get messed up, it was a early change, its been about 7 years now since i had one at all, so in two years it all stopped, now im not 50 yet and completely through my menopause, heaven, at least i hope that's what it is and nothing else. if you are wanting more children it wouldn't be good but if not its a blessing, well apart from the mood swings and sweats. xxx

    How long does the menopause symptoms last approximately?
    My Mom is in the early stages, right now.

    • ANSWER:
      It varies. Women normally go through menopause between ages 45 and 55. Many women experience menopause around age 51. However, perimenopause can start as early as age 35. It can last a few months to quite a few years. There is no way to tell in advance how long it will last OR how long it will take you to go through it. Every woman is different.

    Are you over 30 and never been married and childless?
    How do you feel about this? I would love to get married and have children but the opportunity just hasn't presented itself and it's got me freaked out. I mean for women don't you past childbearing age after 40? I mean I'm really freaked out. I'm already 35 and time is ticking.

    • ANSWER:
      What's up with these time lines based on age that I keep seeing here? This is a common misconception that many people (mainly women) allow to influence how they see marriage and mother hood. I personally would love for someone to show me where in the hell does it state that a woman must be married with kids at the age of 30. Who sits around and makes up this stuff? The only thing I've ever heard about childbearing ages is that at age 35 to 40 you have a grater risk of complications during birth; no where have I heard that you're past 'childbearing age'; a woman can bear children all the way up to menopause (its not recommended, but it's possible).

      You're life does not stop at 30!! Neither 35, 40, 45, 50 hell make it 60. Not being married with children doesn't mean that your 'clock is ticking'. Hell, I just turned 31 this month, and I've yet to hear this d@m clock everyone keeps talking about. My grandmother had my uncles when she was 32, and he, my mother and her sister came out just fine. No complications and no deformities. And she had them when medical procedures during birth where not as advanced as they are today (NATURALLY) with no epidural or drugs.

      Please, stop worrying yourself over something that you can't force to happen and have no control over. Being mad about not having a man is not going to make one magically appear on your doorstep as you read this posting. Everything in our lives has a time, a place, season and reason for happening. And when the time comes for you to find your husband and start a family it will happen when you least expect it. Its when you're looking for it to happen that it takes its time coming to pass; because you can't rush your destiny. Stop going out with the specific purpose of hunting for a husband/baby-daddy and just go out and have fun. Take trips to overseas destinations with friends or neighboring cities/states; go to concerts and social gatherings within your area. Enjoy your life as you know it now because when you do get married and have kids picking up and going where ever you feel like going is all going to come to an end.

      And make up your mind that you're just going to have a good time; allowing what ever happens while there to simply happen. You'll meet some of the most interesting people when you're your lost in places you don't know well, when you have no specific plans and you're just looking to have fun and new life experience. Be patient! work on you for now (getting over all your insecurities, flaws and imperfections); so when that good man does cross your path, you'll know he's the one and you'll appreciate him and the life you'll live with him even more.

    Is it true after the age 35 its difficult to get pregnant?
    I was wondering is it harder after a certain age. I am not trying to but being with my boyfriend over a 1 1/2 and not having protection (once in awhile) are the chances very low. So far we hadn't had any scares but we all know, taking that chance. He has always done the pull out method. So, I started taking the pill (Sunday- you might seen my question this morning) and not waiting we had unprotected sex. So do you think pushing 38ish, I am at low risk getting pregnant?

    • ANSWER:
      You can't say for sure just because of your age, some women are very fertile right up until menopause. If you wanted to know how fertile you are then you should get a fertility test, or just wait the 14 days for the pill to work so you can rule out unwanted pregnancy. It might not be you who isn't fertile it could be your partner, a lot of things effect fertility and age is only one of them. I understand you don't want to get pregnant, or your not trying to get pregnant so you should stop taking the risk. My mums mum had her when she was 45 anything is possible.

      How ever if you did get pregnant then your child is at greater risks of birth defects like autism because of your age.

    Why did the Framers Choose These particular qualifications of a president?
    1. natural born citizen
    2. at least 35 years old.
    3. lived in the US for at least 14 years

    • ANSWER:
      1. So their an American obviously
      2. So they are hopefully mature enough, and not just running on hormones, though this obviously wasn't counting on a woman who might be in menopause.
      3. To make sure you have some clue of things going on here, the job does have something to do with domestic issues once in a while. and then of course maybe to make sure you like living here, and not that you just hoped off a boat and after 1yr decide your leaving again.

      and this way you must have seen three of these elections, so your not just going for it think it sounds like a cool job to have.
      Cause never know if you apply you find your the only fool in the country who went for it.

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