How Is Cancer Treated

There are two concepts about secondary cancer. The initial one pertains to another primary cancer discovered in the 's embody. cancer occurred in a specific area without being affected by a previous occurrence of cancer. There are two places or organs where cancer cells independently appeared.

The second one, most likely the popular concept, is that secondary cancer is the kind of cancer where the cells did not grow from the affected area itself. Instead, the cancer was a outcome of the overspread of the cancerous cells from a previously affected region. This is also identified as metastatic cancer.

Secondary cancer should be given utmost attention. If the treatment is for primary cancer, the affected part of the metastatic cancer should also be given attention. The cancer cells present in the region must also be contained, just like the one in the primary cancer region. Otherwise, the spread might repeat again where the affected part or organ affects close areas again.

For example, a patientis diagnosed with primary breast cancer. In such case, if the cancer is left untreated and uncontained, the may suffer secondary lung cancer. This is because the lungs are the part nearest to the breasts. Different areas that can be possibly affected and turn to secondary cancer are the lymph nodes, the bones, the liver and the brain. These pose the possibility of becoming secondary cancer.

Secondary cancer is most likely like a complication of a primary cancer that has advanced its stage. It is necessary to remember that in cancer, early detection is 50% of the fight. The earlie it gets diagnosed, the higher chances for the to recover the cancer. It is also in the initial detection and management that secondary cancer is prevented. In effect, prevents added damage to the patient.

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Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treatment

A nonmelanoma type of skin cancer, squamous cell carcinoma usually occurs on skin frequently exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight or other types of ultraviolet radiation. The skin cancer can occur on any part of the body, but generally affects areas of the face, arms, hands, neck or ears. It usually appears as a bump that is covered in a scaly, red patch of skin. Over time, the bump will enlarge. Squamous cell carcinoma can also present itself as a sore that does not heal.

Squamous cell carcinoma usually affects fair-skinned people with blonde or red hair. Eye color appears to also indicate a propensity for the disorder; blue and green eyed people suffer from the disorder more frequently than other eye colors. The skin cancer generally occurs in people over the age of 40 and peaks in frequency at about 66 years of age. Males tend to suffer from the cancer from more frequently than females. People who have had an excessive number of x-rays or been exposed to certain chemicals can also develop squamous cell carcinoma. Exposure to arsenic from a water source also appears to raise the likelihood of developing the skin cancer.

A physician will usually exam any suspicious areas of the skin that he feels may suffer from squamous cell carcinoma. The physician may take a biopsy of the area to determine if it is malignant. Once a malignancy has been diagnosed, a treatment plan will be outlined.
Several treatment options exist.

Surgical Removal: The physician will cut away the lesion and stitch up the wound.
Scraping: The lesion is scraped away a layer a time. The afflicted area will also undergo electrical therapy to help ensure that the entire malignancy is gone.
Topical: Topical creams that contain imiquimod or fluorouracil are often used to remove superficial lesions.

Mohs Surgery: One of the most effective treatment options is Mohs surgery. It will remove 99 percent of most squamous cell carcinomas. A form of microscopic surgery, the dermatologist will remove all areas of the tumor without damaging healthy tissue. The procedure significantly reduces the incidences of scarring.

Residents of Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills can get squamous cell carcinoma treatment in Los Angeles area. An intricate surgical procedure, the Los Angeles dermatologist must be a competent, highly-skilled surgeon, pathologist and reconstructive surgeon to successfully use Mohs surgery to treat malignancies.

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Cancer Centers Of America

Cancer of the colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in America. There are certain signs and manifestations that most patients feel when they have advanced stage of cancer of the colon such as a substantial change in the bowel activity, regular constipation, flatulence, rectal bleeding, severe stomach pain and lethargy.

Cancer of the colon is believed to be preventable, by specialists, if regular colon cleansing is performed. Development of cancer stimulating polyps is promoted by toxins that are present, and amass within the colon wall, according to experts.

Body detox and colon cleansing can bring many health advantages. The main benefits are aiding you to shed weight, an increase in your body's energy and the purifying of your whole digestive system. Still, it also breaks up fecal waste accumulated in the colon, reduces bloating, lessens water retention as well as upholding the smooth functioning of your colon, and the rest of your body.

If recognized quickly, colon cancer can be avoided even though it is one of the most familiar forms of cancer in the world. Neverthess, it is normal for a colon cancer patient not to feel manifestations during the early phases. As soon as the fourth stage is attained the patient will feel severe pain and this is when most symptoms are noticed.

With an average diagnosed age of 64, about 90 percent of cancer of the colon examples are from individuals over 50. Scientific research prove that by age fifty or above, the ratio of individuals who get polyps in the colon is 1 in 4.

Most scientific investigation indicates that an active way of life can decrease the risk of cancer of the colon to about 40 percent. The chance of diabetes and obesity are in addition reduced when reasonable exercise is carried out.

Cancer of the colon as well as many other forms of cancer and disease have been linked with smoking as a contributing factor. When you smoke, you can worsen the risk since the inhaled tobacco can transmit cancer-causing agents to the colon and can increase the size of the cancer polyp.

Foodstuffs that are rich in cholesterol and fat are likely to raise the risk of colon cancer. The health hazard is reduced if foodstuffs like vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts and legumes, which contain natural roughage are consumed.

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Treatment For Melanoma

Melanoma is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the skin cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes are found throughout the lower part of the epidermis. They make melanin, the pigment that gives skin its natural color. When skin is exposed to the sun, melanocytes make more pigment, causing the skin to tan, or darken.

The skin is the body s largest organ. It protects against heat, sunlight, injury, and infection. The skin has 2 main layers: the epidermis and the dermis. When melanoma starts in the skin, the disease is called cutaneous melanoma. Melanoma may also occur in the eye and is called intraocular or ocular melanoma. There are 3 types of skin cancer are melanoma, basal cell skin cancer and squamous cell skin cancer.

Melanoma is more aggressive than basal cell skin cancer or squamous cell skin cancer. Melanoma can occur anywhere on the body. In men, melanoma is often found on the trunk or the head and neck. In women, melanoma often develops on the arms and legs. Melanoma usually occurs in adults, but it is sometimes found in children and adolescents.

Unusual moles, exposure to sunlight, and health history can affect the risk of developing melanoma. Anything that increases your risk of getting a disease is called a risk factor. Having a risk factor does not mean that you will get cancer; not having risk factors doesn't mean that you will not get cancer. People who think they may be at risk should discuss this with their doctor.

Risk factors for melanoma include the following: unusual moles, exposure to natural sunlight, exposure to artificial ultraviolet light (tanning booth), family or personal history of melanoma, being white and older than 20 years, red or blond hair, white or light-colored skin and freckles, blue eyes, and so on.

Possible signs of melanoma include a change in the appearance of a mole or pigmented area. These and other symptoms may be caused by melanoma. Other conditions may cause the same symptoms. A doctor should be consulted if a mole changes in size, shape, or color, has irregular edges or borders, change in pigmented skin, and so on.

Tests that examine the skin are used to detect and diagnose melanoma. If a mole or pigmented area of the skin changes or looks abnormal, the following tests and procedures can help detect and diagnose melanoma. Skin examination: A doctor or nurse examines the skin to look for moles, birthmarks, or other pigmented areas that look abnormal in color, size, shape, or texture.

Biopsy: A local excision is done to remove as much of the suspicious mole or lesion as possible. A pathologist then looks at the tissue under a microscope to check for cancer cells. Because melanoma can be hard to diagnose, patients should consider having their biopsy sample checked by a second pathologist. Suspicious areas should not be shaved off or cauterized.

Certain factors affect prognosis (chance of recovery) and treatment options. The prognosis and treatment options depend on the stage of melanoma, whether there was bleeding or ulceration at the primary site, the location and size of the tumor, and the patient s general health. Although many people are successfully treated, melanoma can recur.

NeviCurative is well-known for its antioxidant properties. It is comprised of certified organic medicinal plant extracts, which have demonstrated their ability to eradicate melanomas and skin tumors in laboratory tests. These extracts have a remarkable array of pharmacological and biochemical properties, which are highly effective in eradicating moles.

The pharmacological strength of NeviCurative provides effective elimination of moles without scarring, tissue damage, or recurrence. The treatment is painless and delivers profound results in the elimination of moles, returning skin tissue back to its original state. Due to its effectiveness in removing moles, NeviCurative has established a reputation as an unmatched mole treatment.

NeviCurative is undiluted and unadulterated. It contains strictly certified organic antimicrobial plant extracts that have the ability to destroy moles and melanomas. NeviCurative is pure and complete, which is critical when treating any infection on the skin. To learn more, please go to

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Alternative Cancer Therapy

If prostate cancer is becoming a concern for men, women are not in peace with breast cancer, which dries up the source of joy of thousands of women every year, rich and poor. In fact, breast cancer is not new, although its incidence seems increasing. In the 5th century BC, Atossa, the queen of Persia, had fought in vain against her breast cancer. Tears in her eyes, in excruciating pain, surrounded by family and friends, she had to say goodbye to power and wealth to an endless journey.

Despite the progress of medical science, the frequency of breast cancer is increasing every day around the world. He is the most common cancer in women. One woman out of twelve will be affected by breast cancer during her lifetime, according to several medical statistics. The disease becomes so popular to the point that a large majority of women are afraid to undergo a mammogram. Women of all classes feel concerned about breast cancer. Billions of dollars are spent in studies, but the causes are still poorly understood, healing is hypothetical.

To increase their chance of being cured of breast cancer, some victims turn to alternative treatments. Either alone or along with the conventional treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonotherapy, surgery, etc.) every day more and more women use natural medicine to fight breast cancer. If you are one of them, this article will be an additional weapon in your war against breast cancer.

Is there an alternative way to eradicate breast cancer besides chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

Immunotherapy- is a type of therapy consists of stimulating the normal defenses (immune reactions) of the body to fight or protect the body against pathogenic attack, including the development of cancer cells. Immunotherapy is not new as many may think; however, in the past, physicians believed that the immune system fought only against bacterial and viral attacks. About 100 years ago, Dr. William Coley has demonstrated that it can cure or control the proliferation of cancer cells by injecting vaccine that strengthens the immune system. However, the theory was not so appreciated by the medical elite.

After years of studies, researchers have found that the immune system plays an essential role in protecting the body against cancer. Studies have also shown that patients who have a strong immune system not only more likely to be cured from breast cancer but also to reverse the effects of chemotherapy and radiation. That is, your chance to be healed depending largely on the health of our immune system.

How can you boost your immune system naturally?

There are many supplements, If taken regularly and as recommended, that can give you the immune system of a child. Some of them include:

Lignans- Lignans are non steroidal compounds of the family of phytoestrogens (also known as dietary estrogens) found in large quantities in fruits and vegetables, soy, flaxseed and grains. They have preventive and curative effects on breast cancer, according to new studies conducted by a group of French and German doctors in premenopausal women with breast cancer and healthy premenopausal women. It seems that lignans affect the breast tissue by blocking the synthesis and movement of female hormones, preventing tumor development. The medical elite do not confirm these studies yet; if you are a cancer victim, however, you can increase your lignans intake.

Ellagic acid- ellagic acid is a polyphenol antioxidant present in many fruits and vegetables such as raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, walnuts, pecans, grenades, etc. Researchers have found that Ellagic acid may inhibit or slow the development of cancer cells. It is also suggested that ellagic acid can help reduce heart disease, liver problems, and birth defects. However, to get satisfying results, this supplement must be taken with a diet rich in fruits and cruciferous vegetables.

Astragalus- Astragalus propinquus (or simply Astragalus) has been used in herbal medicine for centuries to strengthen the body against diseases including but limited to colds, upper respiratory infections, heart disease, lower blood pressure, diabetes, liver problems, and many types of cancer. Astragalus has been shown in medical studies to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, antiviral and diuretic properties. Using it regularly as recommended, Astragalus can not only prevent or eradicate cancer cells, but also a wide range of other ailments.

Graviola- also known as sour, Brazilian Paw Paw, Guanbana, Graviola boosts the immune system, reverses some chemotherapy side effects, and enhances the effectiveness of other cancer remedies. Thus, it is recommended to take it with other supplements.
Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6) - Ip6 is another supplement you can take to fight breast, colon, and prostate cancer. For more details on these supplements and other natural remedies, visit breast cancer alternative, or click on the link in Resource/About Author below.

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Prostate Cancer Drugs

Prostate cancer is often devastating to men, not only because of the effect on their health, but also because the treatments can result in sexual dysfunction and bladder control problems. Prostate cancer (an abnormal, uncontrolled growth of cells originating in the prostate gland) is the most common cancer, and the third-leading cause of cancer deaths, among American men.

Prostate cancer prevention is one of the most important health issues facing men today. There are currently no pharmaceutical drugs that have been proven effective in preventing prostate cancer. In contrast, two natural agents, selenium and vitamin E, have been found effective in prostate cancer prevention.


Selenium is an antioxidant that can be found in most plant foods and in some meats and shellfish. Years of nutrition research have suggested that daily doses of the mineral selenium, vitamin E or both may help to prevent prostate cancer. At least five major clinical trials have concluded that higher levels of selenium (in blood or toenail clippings) are associated with a sharply reduced risk of prostate cancer. The researchers also observed a trend for a lower incidence of localized prostate cancer with high selenium levels, but this trend was not statistically significant. For these men a high selenium level corresponded to a 70% decrease in the risk of advanced prostate cancer.


Micronutrients such as selenium and vitamin E may help decrease the risk of prostate cancer by enhancing the immune system and decreasing the production of testosterone. Men with high vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) levels were found to have a lower incidence of aggressive prostate cancer. Vitamin E, which comprises a mixture of tocopherols, is a lipid-soluble antioxidant that is found in vegetable oils, nuts, whole grains, and other foods. Soybean products (soy milk or tofu) have been found to have a preventive effect as has a high intake of tomato products, lycopene, selenium, and vitamin E. Tomatoes contain many bioactive components including vitamins C, K, E, as well as fiber, folate, and polyphenols such as quercetin. Broccoli also contains numerous bioactive components, including folate, potassium, selenium, vitamins A, C, E, carotenoids, and polyphenols.


Cancer is a devastating disease, finding ways to prevent it through healthy eating and exercise will save lives in the future. Thus, the potential public health impact of ongoing efforts to promote dietary improvements and exercise is significant. Healthy diet and regular exercise are important ways to reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. In fact the more aerobic the exercise the better; walking, hiking, swimming and bike riding were some of the examples given in a study by Harvard Medical School. Strive to achieve one hour each day of moderately intense exercise, and one hour each week of vigorous activity.


Men should be wary of quick fixes like lycopene supplements, vegetable-juice powders or other agents promoted for prostate-cancer prevention. Prevention may be as simple as eating better, exercising more and taking a few key supplements. So adopting certain changes of diet, ensuring you take supplements and keeping your emotions positive can all help in the prevention of prostate or indeed any other form of cancer. Vitamin supplements cannot replace the benefits obtained from eating a diet high in fruit and vegetables, nor can they reverse the damage caused by a low-fiber, high-fat diet.

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Alternative Cancer Therapies

The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, both standard and effective treatments for cancer, can be brutal. Side effects include nausea and vomiting, pain, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, elevated stress levels, and anxiety. Many patients have found incorporating alternative therapies, like yoga and meditation, into their cancer treatment plan, is an effective way to manage and alleviate these side effects. Your traditional and standard health insurance will not likely pay for the cost of these treatments, but if you have supplemental cancer insurance, these expenses will be covered.

Aromatherapy: For centuries, the scents of ginger, lavender, and peppermint have been used to reduce nausea and vomiting, pain, and stress levels. These fragrances can be applied directly to the body via oil, infused in bathwater, or diffused throughout the home for a calming effect.

Acupuncture: Another traditional combination of art and science, acupuncture, has been proven effective at relieving nausea and pain. A trained acupuncturist inserts tiny needles into specific and precise points along the body, relieving pressure and creating a flow of endorphins and serotonin. Please note that acupuncture is not safe for patients on blood thinners, so check with your doctor first.

Biofeedback: During biofeedback, a therapist uses electronic devices to monitor a specific bodily function, like your heartbeat. Your bio-therapist will then help you recognize your bodys cues regarding pain, anxiety, stress, fatigue and nausea, and create a plan to manage those symptoms before they become overwhelming.

Exercise: After a round of chemotherapy or radiation, getting up and moving around may be the last thing on your priority list. Studies indicate that moderate exercise (about 30 minutes a day of low impact fitness training), has a positive effect on fatigue and sleeplessness.

Hypnosis: This deep state of concentration and relaxation allows a patient to focus on goals like reducing pain, stress, or anxiety.

Massage: While massage may conjure up images of a relaxing day at the spa, there is medical evidence suggesting that massage plays an important role in relieving stress, pain and anxiety. Massage is also used to promote relaxation and is often used in combination with aromatherapy.

Meditation: Its not just for hippies anymore. Meditation and the corresponding deep breathing is a proven stress reliever, anxiety buster, and relaxation tool.

Music Therapy: Go ahead and download that new playlist. Whether you need some Madonna to keep your spirits lifted or some Enya to help you relax, music therapy increases relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety.

Relaxation Techniques: Like meditation, relaxation techniques teach you to visualize your muscle relaxation. Deep, centered breathing is a proven solution for anxiety, nausea and fatigue.

Yoga and Tai Chi: These ancient exercises combine deep breathing, gentle movements, bending and stretching to fight fatigue, stress and pain. You can do these gentle exercises from the privacy of your own home, or head to a class or group for added support.

These therapies are not intended as a substitution for conventional cancer care, but rather as a supplement to your treatment plan. With supplemental cancer insurance, these additional therapies are not an additional expense. provides patients and their families with as much financial stress relief as a lavender candle at a yoga study.

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

It is estimated that more than 10 million people in United States of America alone are addicted to at least one drug. This is not something that the authorities and health officials should overlook. If left unattended, the problem will aggravate further. It is time that people took the increasing incidence of addiction seriously, especially if they are themselves suffering from it or their special friend or family member has been diagnosed with it. It is not easy to get over drug abuse but with special treatment and support from the loved ones, it can be accomplished.

The first and foremost step for a person to follow in fighting the drug addiction is to actually admit the fact that he or she is actually addicted to a drug. A lot of such cases go untreated because the host isn t ready to come to terms with his own addiction and accept the fact that he needs help. Therefore, acknowledging the existence of substance abuse is the primary step in combating it. Once the existence of abuse has been established and the drug has been identified, then rehabilitation process can be started. It is important that one take a lot of precaution while choosing the drug rehab program for himself or a fried or a family member, supposedly suffering from heroin addiction, opiate addiction or any other drug.

Agreed, that the best place to look for a rehab centre is the World Wide Web, still one needs special counseling even before selecting a particular treatment center. When you look for a center online through a search engine, you surely get a lot of centers located within the state and even outside, but you have no way to decide which is the best for treating the addiction in question. To help solve this dilemma, there are special counselors who review the condition, the state of addiction, circumstances leading to the development of addiction and on the basis of their analysis, they suggest the most suitable rehab program.

It is universally accepted that drug addiction does not happen randomly. In more than 90 percent cases, the addiction is of the form of prescription addiction whereby the host starts taking a particular drug in order to allay some or the other kind of pain but ultimately gets addicted to the numbing sensation provided by the prescribed drug. There are so many drugs that have been banned from circulation because of their addictive nature. Still, there are chemists who sell them illegally to their customers. The narcotics department can take care of busting the illegal drug racket, but the most pressing concern is to prevent people from falling prey to substance abuse and facilitate rehabilitation of those that are already addicted.

Addiction cannot be cured overnight and even with the best of treatments, it takes at least 30 days to get over any drug abuse entirely.

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Prostate Cancer Therapy

Before opting for any type of treatment, a patient diagnosed with prostate cancer should know his options. Although doctors may recommend expensive conventional forms of treatment such as radiation therapy for prostate cancer, such treatments usually carry many negative side effects. Patients need to know all of the options available and should read different opinions online about conventional vs. alternative treatments for prostate cancer. Alternative treatments carry fewer side effects and are relatively inexpensive. However, if the cancer has progressed to a certain level, conventional treatments such as prostate cancer radiation treatment may be the better option. As far as radiation goes, the patient can opt for external or internal radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

External Radiation Therapy: External therapy is a form of prostate cancer radiation therapy that utilizes machines that target the prostate from outside the body and shoot radioactive beams to destroy cancerous cells. This is also known as radiation beam therapy. The most popular types of radioactive beam therapy include proton beam therapy, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), and 3D conformational therapy. Until recently, IMRT has been the most popular and effective form of external beam therapy. Proton therapy is a newer and more expensive form of treatment that has been able to achieve higher results than IMRT according to certain studies. External radiation therapy is usually administered 5 days per week for a period of about 8 or 9 weeks. Thus, the patient will constantly be in and out of the hospital throughout treatment.

Internal Radiation Therapy: Internal radiation is a form of prostate cancer radiation therapy that has some advantages over external beam therapy. This prostate cancer radiation treatment involves the internal placement of radioactive materials sealed in needles, seeds, wires, or catheters directly into the prostate. One popular form or internal radiation therapy is called brachytherapy, in which doctors implant tiny radioactive seeds directly into the prostate. These seeds can be placed in for a few minutes and then promptly removed or can be left in the prostate permanently and pose no threat to the patient as their radioactivity slowly wears off. A few advantages of internal radiation therapy include targeting and time commitment. By placing radioactive materials directly in the prostate, radioactive waves are less likely to damage other organs. Also, permanent seed implants can be placed in one time and thats the end of the treatment. Using this form of brachytherapy would save the patient a lot of time compared to 5 hospital visits per week for external beam therapy.

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Prostate Cancer Cure

Prostate cancer indeed is a serious condition that kills more males than any form of cancer other than lung. While its discovery is relatively recent and may affect what we know in terms of demographic risk, it is clear that males with African heritage have the highest chance of developing prostate cancer at some point in their lives; and Asian males have the lowest chance of developing prostate cancer. This rule has held true in countries that have testing available with Southeast Asia having the lowest rate of incidence in men.

Some drug manufacturers say they have the solution to this widespread problem among males. their point of view is if you regularly take prostate supplements, you may be able to reduce your chances of developing the condition. While it may be wise to take prostate supplements as a precaution, their history of success has been limited. Their actual physiological affects and intended benefits have been challenged.

Many experts assert that these prostate supplements are more of a multi-vitamin than anything else. They contain a number of ingredients which could help you remain in better health (which is also crucial to prevention), but wont necessarily prevent prostate cancer, nor will they do anything that will specifically help the prostate.

While it is still too early to judge whether or not prostate supplements have merit, it is clear that they are not a definite cure or preventative. Given that males have a 50% chance of developing prostate cancer by the age of 50, you may not want to base your entire prevention regimen on the dubious prostate supplements.

You may also want to integrate other lifestyle changes. For instance, you may want to cut down on red meat and animal products, which have been linked to an increased incidence in prostate cancer. You may also want to cut down on over-consumption of alcoholic beverages and of cigarettes, both of which have also been linked to yield a higher chance of getting this disease.

The best preventative steps you can take do not include prostate supplements, such as the ones I mentioned above (as well as regular exercise), but this does not mean you shouldn't take them. If prostate supplements contain ingredients that are not detrimental to your health and may provide some sort of prostate health booster, you may want to stay on the safe side and take them anyway.

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