Low Thyroid

Consult with countless people who are studying much regarding their low thyroid level symptoms. They view the symptoms as various illness and afterward "they have it," whether they have been examined or not. This is one of the most difficult effects to master for a new medical doctor.

Please note that the symptoms allocated here are just to awaken interest. They mean nil until they go through the judgment of a qualified medical doctor. So here are some of the greatest common:

1. Chilly hands and feet when they should not be especially in the Summertime You have cool feet & socks just to snooze in.
Fatigued constantly even after Sleeping.
2. Can not lose Body Fat, even after relentless exercise & calorie counting in two to three weeks. It is cheaper for someone to catalog your Calore intake and monitor your weight fluctuation.
3.Constipation, together with substitute of various seeds and fiber to aleviate symptoms.
4. Brain blur, depression, that cutoff you from eating or miniature amounts of healthy exercise. This is common in low thyroid function patients
5. Ahead of time menopause or uncharacteristic menstruation. Difficulty with getting pregnant and loss of libido. Many women have excessive postpartum depression. I want to forewarn that numerous things can attain this. But be sure you have acceptable serum free T3, a convenient 24-hour urine test for T3 and T4. Not just a fair test lab. The urine should be checked by a picture spectrometer .. All alternative tests are very suspicious ..
6. High cholesterol, if the thyroid is low, as calculated by reasonable scrutiny, because the liver does not remove cholesterol from the blood and then you will be labeled as a heart patient, and prescribed lots of of undeserved chemicals that robbed you of your dollar and your vibrancy.
7. Now further symptoms occur, but exceptionally countless & do not suggest strongly enough that poor cellular function is the culprit due to the deprivation of adequate levels of T3 Keep in mind, you want to unearth your level of T3.

This is the essential approach to intercept low thyroid (T3). Examination of the patient. Where else will you discover a low thyroid level? In the beginning textbooks warned doctors with reference to the history and physical appearance a lot about lab tests. History suggests that is very sensible advice. All laboratory tests and X-ray studies with isotopes were investigated in approved low thyroid patients. Do you suspect what the results were? None. But the best of the worst was TSH. You remember the one who will signal the level of T4? The inactive thyroid gland .. T 4 You know, a drug companies sell to you while uneducated doctors Badmouth the natural pork balanced thyroid gland was discovered to be of advanced quality. This was published in the New England Journal February issue of 1999, should be assessed by examination. In general, this piece was on a small collection of thirty-eight patients, but a shocking conclusion from the addition of T3 has many patients feeling improved.

A list of low thyroid symptoms. Frosty extremities, eyebrows are thin or absent at the last 33% of the eyebrow. (Dr Heurtog signs from years before) Overweight (but I have found not far off from 15% of hypothyroidism patients are skinny .. Go figure), a poor pulse of around seventy or lower blood pressure, as have comments from a lot of ignorant doctors as an indicator of acceptable health or even worse, athletic competence. Ignore it, when it's a low thyroid level symptom. Eyes are puffy under the covers, there is a bagginess. Skin is powdery & pale cream color. Nails are broken. The lower limbs have been blown up and do not dent when you push a finger and hold it for 1 minute. Commonly the thyroid gland is swollen and has a thumbnail, intermediate or large sized goiter. The first heart signal is not as prominent as the subsequent, and the person appears in a cloud. The ankle reflexes are almost always a repeated low or missing although the knee and elbow reflexes are ok.

Some doctors possibly will feel the thyroid gland. Anyone can inform you whether it is inflated. The gland will increase in an endeavor to create more TSH more if the body is low thyroid levels. This is not an specific discipline. I've looked & felt thyroid for over eighteen years, and it is even now not easy, the ultimate system to reveal whether the gland is raised, is to have an ultrasound done.

Categorically we're afraid of thyroid cancer. They're relatively atypical nonetheless. Also, there may be nodules on the thyroid gland, that call for a needle biopsy or even surgical requests. This is the realm of a surgeon and an endocrinologist.

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Thyroid Replacement Therapy

Backgroung of Synthroid

Synthroid is a brand of hormone replacement therapy for a hormone normally produced by the thyroid to control your bodys energy and metabolism. Hypothyroidism occurs when you have an underactive thyroid that stops producing hormones needed for stable metabolism. The generic name for Synthroid is levothyroxine sodium. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved levothyroxine sodium for treatment of hypothyroidism. Some other familiar brand names for levothyroxine sodium are Levoxyl, and Levothroid. Synthroid can be prescribed for other purposes, including the treatment or prevention of goiter. Synthroid has been manufactured since 1955.

WARNING: Before taking Synthroid, tell your doctor if you have heart disease, coronary artery disease, anemia, diabetes, adrenal or pituitary gland problems, or a history of blood clots. Tell your dentist if you are taking Synthroid before any other medications are administered to you.

The FDA announced in October 2007, that it was requiring tighter potency specifications for levothyroxine sodium to ensure that the medication retains its effectiveness over the shelf-life of the product. This FDA action came after some endocrinologists expressed concern in 2005 about the performance of the levothyroxine sodium products. Many patients who are prescribed Synthroid must take the medication every day for the rest of their lives. Side effects can occur when a patient suddenly stops taking Synthroid or if the medication has lost its potency over time.

WARNING: Different brands of levothyroxine sodium may not work the same. Do not change brands or use the generic version of Synthroid without consulting your doctor. Stop using Synthroid and seek emergency medical attention if you experience allergic reactions including: hives, rash, difficulty breathing, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

Things You Should Know About Synthroid

I have been taking Synthroid for about five years, as does four other members of my family. One thing is for sure when you are prescribed Synthroid: try very hard not to miss a dose. Make sure you read the two-page Synthroid advisory message that comes with the prescription. There are things you must do and other medications you must avoid so that you dont reduce the bodys ability to absorb Synthroid.

Simple things like taking vitamins, minerals, herbal products, antacids containing aluminum, products like Citracal, iron supplements, and cholesterol-lowering drugs can reduce the effectiveness of Synthroid if taken at the same time. Wait 4 hours after taking Synthroid to take other prescription or over-the-counter products that your doctor has approved.

WARNING: Medical problems can occur if you use Synthroid with lithium amiodarone, or antidepressants. Tell your doctor if you have recently received radiation therapy with iodine, such as I-131. There are many other drugs that interact with Synthroid and levothyroxine. Check with your doctor before taking any new medications. Visit the Synthroid website for more information.

Side Effects of Synthroid

Synthroid requires several weeks to actually take effect. Your doctor will need to constantly monitor your progression while using Synthroid. It is common for your doctor to change the doses of Synthroid until the right hormone level is achieved. Even if you feel well, do not suddenly stop taking the medication. Mild side effects you may experience during the use of Synthroid.

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Thyroid Horomone Replacement Starts To Work When

Imagine one day the station wagon you rely on to get you the office, ferry around the kids, and haul the weekly groceries home suddenly breaks down. You take it to the garage and the mechanic there tells you he doesn't know exactly what's wrong, but he has a quick-fix solution: push the car everywhere you want to go! You can still do all the things you relied on your station wagon for, only now you have to help it along a little. Time to get a new mechanic, right? Yet when you want to treat your thyroid problem, your physician will often recommend you take a course of thyroxin, or other thyroid hormones. This is the job of your thyroid gland! It produces the hormones triiodothyronine (T3), and thyroxin (T4), which control weight, heart rate, skin conditions, and energy levels of body, plus much more. By controlling your thyroid problem with artificial T hormones you're not treating the problem but doing all the work instead, lugging around your thyroid gland like a broken-down Ford Woody.

But is there any alternative? We can't trade in our thyroid gland for a new model, but the treatment of thyroid disease and thyroid problems is possible with the help of B vitamins. The B vitamins are a group of similar, but not identical, nutrients that work together and are vital to every function of your body and especially in providing immune support. Why is providing immune system support relevant to the treatment of thyroid problems? Firstly, we need to look at thyroid disease and related problem in more detail.

Under- and Over-active Thyroid Problems: Why?

Thyroid disease can arise from either an under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) or an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) gland. With hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland makes less thyroid hormone than the body needs. Symptoms of this thyroid problem include:

1Weight gain, constipation, depression,
2Fatigue, weakness, nervousness, insomnia,
3Immune system problems and poor memory.

That's right, hypothyroidism patients often have weak immune systems and are more prone to infections. What's more, the cause of hypothyroidism is often down to a weak immune system. Suddenly, B vitamins used for the treatment of thyroid disease(http://www.mitamins.com/disease/Thyroid-Support.html) is looking interesting.

The symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and over production of thyroid hormones, include:

1Accelerated heart rate, weight loss, diarrhea
2Muscle weakness, sensitivity to heat, and sleeping difficulties
3Irregular menstrual cycles in women, coarse skin, and hair loss

The cause of hyperthyroidism is linked to Graves' disease, an autoimmune disorder, in which antibodies responsible for protecting the body mistakenly attack the thyroid gland, causing over-stimulation and too many T hormones in the body.

B Vitamins and Thyroid Disease

The first step in fixing a problem is knowing the problem. Thyroid disease, be it an over-active or under-active thyroid gland, is closely linked with a healthy immune system. As B vitamins are crucial in the healthy functioning of the immune system, they are also crucial in the healthy function of the thyroid gland. What's more, when thyroid problems occur, extra supplements of B vitamins can be used to treat the disease, and get your thyroid gland firing on all cylinders once again.

How do B vitamins treat thyroid disease and provide immune support? That is the topic for another article(http://blog.mitamins.com/?p=198).

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How To Treat Cancer Patients

Cancer treatments have come as a miracle for patients from across the world. You can find a wide range of cancer research centers that are found in various countries and there are new methods to treat the cancer.

The cancer center hospitals would provide treatment to patients and that too at very less price as compared to the cancer hospitals that perform the surgery abroad. In India itself you can find cancer center treatments in Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The cancer surgeries have produced 85% of the results in India by successfully completing the surgery in India. You can find the Best Hospital for Cancer Treatment India and that too at lower prices.

With the development of cancer surgery is a minimally invasive surgery there has been a higher rate of survival among the patients and it also helps in improving the quality of the patients. The cancer patients after their surgery can efficiently resume their daily activities after the surgery. The cancer treatment that is provided in India is at very low cost as compared to the cancer treatment that is provided in abroad. There are experienced surgeons as well as doctors who very efficiently perform this surgery and they have become quite popular too in their field. Due to the quality life that these patients are offered these hospitals are gaining in popularity and they have become quite experienced too.

Cancer is considered to be an abnormal growth of the cells that are present in different parts of the body and they have to be utilized in the proper manner. All the cancers begin at a stage where the cells begin to stop working.

These cells are considered to be the basic unit of life in a human body and these cells grow and multiply to form new and different cells. So when these cells grow and die new cells are formed. But at times this process breaks and there is a gap and new cells form when the body does not require them.

These new cells that are formed form a mass of the tissue and they are called growth or tumor. So it can be said that cancer is an abnormal growth of the body cells. Different surgeries are available to treat this disease and it should be treated at the right time.

Different types of cancer surgeries are available in India like bladder cancer surgery, liver cancer surgery, lung surgery, salivary gland surgery, pituitary gland surgery etc. There are also various methods to treat this surgery like it can be removed surgically or through radiotherapy. Cancer is a minimally invasive surgery which can be detected at the earlier stages and treated. Best hospital for cancer treatment India can be found easily at affordable rates and the best treatment.

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Injection For Bone Cancer

This is Seth

I'm seth. I have AML. I hate cancer. Im stuck at the Ronald Micdonald House until my cancer goes away. Im 12. I love Avatar. I love my cousins emilee and meghan. I like to wear hats and be a goof ball. I was stuck in a hospital room for three months and two days straight. I was not allowed to leave.. Other then having cancer, life is good.

This is my best friends son, Seth. He's 12 years old. He used to race dirtbikes at the track up the road from his house. He also used to be a darn good football player. But that seems like a lifetime ago.

For the last year and a half, Seth's been a resident of the Ronald McDonald House. Why? Because for the last year and a half, he's has been fighting acute myeloid leukemia..

Seth has had chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant and T-cell transplant. He's been in remission a couple times but the cancer keeps coming back.

Right now, we don't know how his fight will end. But we pray every day for the cancer to leave his body and let him grow to be an old man.

Because of Seth, I registered to be a bone marrow donor. My husband also decided to become a donor. By the end of this article, I hope you will too.

Other then having cancer, life is good.

Why Donate Bone Marrow?

Each year thousand of people get sick with a life-threatening disease that requires a bone marrow transplant in order to even have a chance at surviving. Most don't have a match within their family so their only hope is to find a match in the bone marrow donor registry. Right now, only half of these people get the life saving transplant they need.

The more healthy people that register to donate, the better odds of more dying people finding the exact match they need to survive. You never know. YOU could be the key to saving someones life!

A Little About Bone Marrow Donation

First of all, just because you register, doesn't mean you'll actually be called to donate. According to the registry, only 1 in 540 members will actually donate. It all depends on your age, race, tissue type, and other factors.
Plus, even if you're called to donate, that doesn't mean you'll have to donate actual bone marrow. Sometimes the doctor decides a PBSC (peripheral blood stem cell) donation is better. This is a much simpler process, similar to donating blood.
Three surprising facts I learned while registering are
  1. If you're asked to donate, you have every right to say no with no questions asked. In fact, you can change your mind at any point during the process.
  2. It doesn't cost you anything to donate. All the costs are covered by the recipients insurance or by the National Marrow Donor Program.
  3. Donating bone marrow doesn't hurt. On tv, they always show the donor awake and grimacing as they feel the worst pain of their lives. But in reality, you'll either be unconscious from general anesthesia or you'll be numb from the neck down thanks to an epidural.

For more information:

Bone Marrow Donation

Bone Marrow Donation

Registering To Be A Bone Marrow Donor

The registration process is quite easy. Once you complete the registration, you never have to do it again. You will automatically be in the bone marrow donor registry until you're 60 (unless you ask to be removed). Here's how easy it is to register.

The first step is to read through the medical guidelines to see if you qualify. If you've had medical problems in the past, don't assume you can't be a donor. You'll be surprised just how many people qualify!

Next you'll be asked to to confirm that you meet all the registry guidelines. This is just 6 easy questions asking your basic information like age, health and where you live.

Now you can agree to their terms of use and then set up your account with your email, password, etc.

Next is the health questionnaire. In addition to your height, weight and sex, you'll also need to answer around 19 yes or no questions about your medical history. These are the same questions you get asked when you get a new doctor.

After reviewing your answers, you're asked to verify that you've told the truth by signing your electronic signature. Then you'll be told whether or not you qualify to be a bone marrow donor. If you qualify, you'll be asked to fill out your contact information and your spouses contact info. Then give the contact info for 2 people that will always be able to reach you.

The last step is to order the registration kit. The registration kit includes the supplies you'll need to send a sample of your dna to be tested and matched. After following the directions for the buccal swabs, send them back in the prepaid envelope. Within 2 months, your kit will be tested and you'll be entered into the bone marrow donor registry. The registration kit can cost up to 0, but that varies. A lot of times it's free because of sponsors and donations. At the time of this writing, it's free to join.

Bone Marrow Donation

My decision to become a bone marrow donor was influenced by knowing someone I love might die without one. Fortunately Seth found his match. Now I'm ready if I ever get the call telling me I have the chance to save a life.

How do you feel about donating bone marrow?

Is it a possibility?

Show the poll results

Registered Bone Marrow Donor T-shirt
Registered Bone Marrow Donor T-shirt
Stem Cell Donor Tshirt

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*except where otherwise noted

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Natural Treatment Cancer

Prostate cancer is a treatable cancer that many men deal with each year. It is a treatable if caught early. For most men, treatments for cancer are usually radiation, medication and surgery; however, with these treatments there may be side effects.

Side effects are one of the reasons why some men want to try an alternative treatment for prostate cancer such as saw palmetto berry. Saw Palmetto Berry is more effective with a condition such as an enlarged prostate. In studies conducted with Saw palmetto berry, men had good results compared to those who took a placebo. The basic side effect of saw palmetto is with the bowels. It is important to note that with dietary supplements and herbsingredients that are not regulated by the FDAthere is no guarantee on the quality and purity of them.

Some doctors feel that diet can be an alternative treatment for prostate cancer. It seems that those who eat a nutritious diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits have a lesser risk of getting prostate cancer. It seems that with a nutritious diet, it is the nutrients in the food that reduce the risk of cancer. Thus, with this kind of diet, it may be looked upon as an alternative measure in treating prostate cancer.

There have been studies conducted on mice and men with pomegranate in lowering the growth of cancer. Research continues on this topic because its results look promising. When consumed in moderate amounts, it can be a nutritious way to blend it in to your daily diet, when taken in moderate amounts. For some, this may be an alternative treatment for prostate cancer.

Antioxidants have been proved to be quite helpful in preventing diseases; especially Lycopene. It is found in tomatoes and some fruits. Studies have shown that those who eat diets that are rich in tomatoes and other kinds of fruits have cancer rates that are lower. Some also think that lycopene may shrink the growth of prostate tumors. This too, may be an alternative treatment for prostate cancer.

In addition, the African plum tree may also be another alternative treatment for prostate cancer. It has been proven to help with urinary problems, but it has not been proven yet to help with prostate cancer. Some have found help after finding out that they have been diagnosed with prostate cancer by exercising, art therapy, dance therapy, meditation, music therapy, relaxation techniques and spirituality. Meditation, for some, works well as an alternative treatment for prostate cancer and a way to cope with the disease.

An alternative treatment for prostate cancer is surgery. When considering surgery for this health concern, it is best to talk with your doctor first before making a decision on surgery. However, before making a decision on surgery for prostate cancer, search for an alternative treatment for prostate cancer; a treatment option that makes you feel comfortable and reassured.

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What Is The Best Cancer Treatment

To deal with your breast cancer sensibly, you must learn some basic information. What is cancer? What is the nature of the conventional cancer "system?" What do doctors think about "alternative" cancer treatment? What is a sound strategy for treating the cancer and what specific treatments work the best?

About 20 - 30% of women with breast cancer have a family history of the disease.

Breast cancer is a bunch of cells in the breast that become abnormal for some reason and cause mutation. The mutated cells attack other normal cells and cause them to become mutated. Some cells end up getting destroyed. When enough cells are changed in this manner, cancer develops. Sometimes a small amount of mutated cells end up becoming cancerous. This is why cancer often starts small, in a certain section of the breast and spreads from there.

In stage 1, the tumor becomes cancerous and grows to an inch in diameter, but does not spread beyond the breast.

In stage 2, The cancerous tumor spreads to the lymph.

In stage 3, the cancerous tumor has grown more and has reached and penetrated the lymph nodes of the underarms. In some cases this type of cancer has been known to spread to the lymph nodes near the breastbone, or other tissue near the breast.

In stage 4, this is metastatic cancer. The cancer spreads beyond the breast and lymph nodes to other parts of the body.Symptoms of advancing breast cancer may include: Bone pain, Breast pain, Skin ulcers
Swelling of one arm (next to breast with cancer) and weight loss.

Recurrent cancer usually happens when the treatment (radiation, chemotherapy and surgery) provided earlier did not get rid of the disease. Some cancer remains hidden within cells and is not destroyed. Then it just spreads quickly and shows up.

Besides the conventional method, there are many treatment options available to help avoid or get rid of your cancer. The best method, according to medical specialists and nutritionists, is the food you eat. According to research studies, foods that have healing properties are the best to consume, in order to get rid of this disease. You need to have an adequate supply of antioxidants such as fruits, vegetables, and other foods. The three most powerful antioxidants are beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Beta-carotene is what gives many fruits their appearance. It also stimulates the release of natural killer cells, which hunt down and destroy cancer cells. You can find beta-carotene in cantaloupes, sweet potatoes, spinach, and bok choy

There are substances that are found in plant food known as phytonutrients. They have the ability to stop cancer. A good example of this type of plant food is Broccoli. In lab tests, this chemical actually destroyed cancer tissue. You can find phytonutrients in many other types of foods such as soybeans, tofu, tempeh, and soy milk. Another food that has been known for centuries as a perfect healer for many illnesses is garlic.

And a daily serving of at least 4 ounces of seafood, for the average person, will prevent and get rid of many of these diseases, including many cancers.

While undergoing Nature Cure you follow a simple diet and supplement regimen for 6-8 weeks? That is all that patients have found necessary, to reverse their cancer.

There are certain situations that neither you, nor your doctor can control. These situations include your genes and family history. But if you can learn to eat right and make certain lifestyle changes, you may just find your chances of getting cancer reduced or eliminated and placing yourself in the position where you can lower, greatly, the chance of you getting breast cancer.

Most experts recommend women aged 20 and older, should undergo a routine check once a month during the week following their menstrual period. After 40, a thorough examination of the breasts must be conducted at least once every 2- 3 years since the key to eliminating this disease is by catching it early.

Women who had breast cancer and took the right steps found their cancer disappear, never to return?

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Bone Cancer Hormone Treatment

What is bone cancer?Bone cancer is understood as malignant tumors, which are located in bony tissue and have the inclination have to act destructively. Apart from these malignant tumors there are also some benign tumors. In addition to these two types of cancers, tumors are known to be described as semi-malignant and the other two groups cannot be directly assigned. Furthermore, there are types of disease that mimic tumors only (tumor-like Lessions).The malignant forms of the disease can be distinguished into primary and secondary tumors, wherein the primary tumors develop in the bones cell first and then spread to the other parts of the body. The secondary tumors migrate from other parts of the body and then attack the bone to form the bone cancer, since it does not come from the bone tissue it is called as secondary. They are formed as a metastasis of other cancerous tumors (often lungs, bladder or breast cancer) and should therefore be carefully distinguished from bone cancer.The malignant tumors are classified according to whether they come from the bone or bone marrow. The cancers are divided into osteolytic or osteoblastic. Bone cancer in children is the most common type of cancer (60 percent). Cancer of the bone marrow is the second most common disease with malignant bone tumors (25 percent). Its peak incidence of both types of cancer achieved in children and adolescents between the tenth and 20th of age. Bone Cancer Symptoms.The individually perceived pain of the patients depends on the tumor type or location of the tumor. The characteristic symptoms of the disease include swelling, pain and restricted movement in the cancerous area.The bone cancer (osteosarcoma) usually begins in the growth zone of long bones of a man (arms or legs). Here are the tumors preferably in the range of the knee (about 40 percent of them above the knee and 20 percent in the upper third of the tibia). In some cases the tumor affects the face and skull of the patient.Both types of tumors metastasize primarily via the blood and preferably in the lungs. In cancer of the bone marrow can also be found in the lymph node metastases. Bone Cancer CausesThe exact reasons for the formation of bone and bone marrow cancer are not known in detail. Generally, these types of cancer occur more common in children and adolescents, suggesting a genetic cause.A significant increase of both diseases was noted in patients who had the experience of childhood radiotherapy or chemotherapy, because these are necessary under any other cancer was. Bone Cancer DiagnosisThe symptoms of the patient provides, in most cases, information on possible disease caused by malignant bone tumors. It came within a short time to a painful swelling of the arms, legs or pelvis, confirmed the suspicions.It is important to confirm the diagnosis as quickly as possible to ensure an early start with the treatment of disease.The clear signs of bone cancer can detect the doctor already the basis of the X-ray image on which a marked destruction as well as a fuzzy edge boundary are to recognize the bone. In addition to a radial thickening of the periosteum at the edge of the bone, new bone formation (known as Codman's triangle) can be seen. The last notes describe the current lines parallel to the bone.Bone Cancer TreatmentThe treatment of this cancer depends on the type of tumor, the size of the tumor and whether metastases are present. Affected, suffering from malignant tumors should go for treatment in special centers ever. A treatment of these diseases is divided into a rule in a combination treatment, which could consist of a chemotherapy, surgery or radiation therapy.The person is suffering from bone cancer, is an operation that is performed in conjunction with chemotherapy, is of great importance. Unfortunately, the osteosarcoma hardly responds to ionizing radiation, thus necessitating high doses of radiation needed. For this reason, the radiotherapy is not suitable for every patient.The doctor will adjust the treatment according to whether there are already metastases in the patient or not. With bone cancer patients who have no metastasis, the same preoperative chemotherapy is initiated; the goal is to shrink the tumor. This is followed by a complete surgical removal of the cancer, which nowadays is trying to avoid the possibility of amputation. After the successful surgery, the chemotherapy is continued.The applicant already have metastases, the treatment takes place also initially by chemotherapy. The other mode of treatment, however, depends on the results. Shows the therapy does not succeed, the tumor and the metastases are removed surgically.The treatment of bone marrow cancer differs from the therapy of bone cancer, by the choice between radiation treatments or surgery is guided by the consequential damage. The treatment is usually similar to bone cancer: chemotherapy followed by surgery, after which the chemotherapy is discontinued.

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What Is A Hormone Shot

When Kelsey invited me to attend the 2006 Shot Show a dream had finally come true. Nobody had to ask me a second time. I had always heard about this gigantic event and wanted to see it for myself. Friends told me You will not believe how big it is so I visited the official wed site to find statistics like Over 1,700 exhibitors, 1,300,000 square feet or the size of 15 football field, and 13 miles of carpeted aisles. I must admit, however, in spite of all the coaching and advice given to me, nothing could prepare me for the first glimpse of this show. Wow!

I approached this show from a slightly different view. Although I'm a hunter and I can appreciate all types of firearms, I had a particular interest in the black, not so politically correct, firearms. Everything from handguns to long range precision rifles were found on my list.


In the area of 1911's, there was a huge selection to choose from, you mane it, Kimber, Les Bear, Springfield Armory, and a host of others. I was most impressed with the Springfield Armory 1911's. Not because they are top end handguns but because of what you get for the price. The fit and finish is good and the trigger pull is very acceptable. These handguns come with an Integral Locking System for safety, loaded chamber indicator (I guess that's for those that don't know how to do a chamber check) and they are blended and smoothed for snag free carry. These are nice handguns at a very affordable price. A Micro Compact is on my Want List.

Springfield Armory has two other firearms that caught my attention:

New for 06 was the XD .45 ACP. This handgun seems to be a blend of a 1911 and a Glock. It has a polymer frame equipped with a grip safety, a true ambidextrous mag release and an Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) trigger system. The trigger did feel heavy however, as it is set at 5.5 to 7.7 pounds. It holds a whopping 14 rounds and every XD .45 ACP comes with a belt slide holster, belt slide double mag pouch and mag loader.
The SOCOM II although it's not a handgun. An urban camo version is new for 06 however; my preferences lie towards a black finish. This rifle is chambered in 7.62 NATO. It has a 16 inch barrel and a Cluster Rail System to hold all those Do-dads we like to use such as tactical flashlights, lasers and what have you. At nearly 11 pounds, it's a little on the heavy side but still manageable. This one goes on my Want List just because it looks tough.


In the AR-15 arena there were an inexhaustible number of rifle manufactures and accessory suppliers. A couple did stand out however. The Bushmaster Carbon 15 was very impressive due to its light weight. Weighing in at around 4 pounds without a magazine, it seems to be a go anywhere type of rifle. I would really like to try one out at the range or on an unsuspecting coyote.

The new Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifles looked great. I especially like the M&P15T. It has an A3 flat top upper with a collapsible stock, a very clean quad rail forearm and folding sights. Top this Bad Boy with your favorite optic sight and you are good to go.

The premier AR-15 rifles had to be those rifles manufactured by JP Enterprises. They are smooth as silk and tunable! The crisp clean lines and attention to details really makes these rifles Art that shoots. The triggers are very crisp and the cryogenically treated barrels are capable of shooting groups well under a half minute of angle.

One unique feature of the JP rifles is a free float tube that is designed to accept picatinny rails at various locations other than the standard 90, 180, and 270 degree locations. This allows a second set of sights to be installed on the forearm for close range applications. Sights such as the JPoint Micro-Electronic Reflex or the JP Short Range Tactical Sight can be attached at the 1:30 position (about 40 degree) to engage targets from point blank to about 40 yards. Just cant the rifle and scope over and pick up the second set of sights to engage the close targets.

If you want top of the line, you need to look at JP Enterprises.

When it comes to AR-15 parts, everything under the sun was available. There were a couple of items that did stand out however:

The Chip McCormick Super Match Trigger is one slick innovation. These are one piece assemblies. Just push your existing pins out of your lower receiver, dump the trigger group out, slide the new assembly in, slide the pins back and you are done! Available in one or two stage with straight or curved triggers, these units are factory set at approximately 3.5 pounds and work great. I have already asked Kelsey to order mine.
Many quad rail systems are big, bulky and just plain ugly. The Modular Weapons System by Troy Industries does not fit that mold. Fit to the upper receiver is unsurpassed. Locking lug prevent the forearm from rotating and the rail caps provide a very comfortable grip.

Precision Rifles

When it came to precision rifles, two manufactures really stood out. These were H-S Precision and the Remington Custom Shop.

H-S Precision's FBI Model and Deployment Kit was fantastic! The rifles are guaranteed to shoot half minute groups at 100 yards for 30 caliber and smaller cartridges. The targets supplied with the rifles show that they will do a heck of a lot better job than that. The rifle target we looked at had one ragged hole. The Deployment kit includes a storm case, scope with rings and base, Harris bipod, sling, torque wrench and more. I must admit that they are expensive but if you want a real shooter, check these out.

The Remington Custom Shop had three rifles that I liked.

The M-24 SWS army sniper rifle was great. The rifle is chambered in 7.62 NATO or 300 Winchester Magnum and can be purchased with a Deployment Kit consisting of a case, Leupold Mark IV M3-10X 40mm scope, bipod, cleaning kit, torque wrench, sling and much more. The trigger and fit are everything you would expect to find on a sniper rifle like this. As I said before, this is a great rifle but frankly it was the most expensive rifle and a little out of my league. While talking to the factory rep about accuracy, he pointed me to the 40-XS below which he felt was just as accurate but substantially lower priced.
The 40-XS comes chambered in .308 Winchester and the factory rep indicated that a .338 Lapua Magnum version is available. It is equipped with a McMillan synthetic stock, Leupold Vari-X III 3.5 X 10 scope, Harris bipod, tactical sling and a Pelican hard case as a complete system. The 24 inch 416 stainless steel barrel is coated with a black polymer finish which looks great. The trigger felt fantastic as did the feel of the rifle when shouldered.

The factory rep told me that this rifle was as accurate as the M-24 SWS but costs much less.

The 40-XB Tactical does not have the features of the M-24 SWS or the 40-XS but it is a very nice rifle. This rifle is produced with an H-S Precision stock. The barrel is longer than that of the 40-XS version coming in at 27.250 inches. The trigger is crisp as you would expect and a real pleasure to feel. Remington guarantees the performance of this rifle to be one half inch or less at 100 yards with the proper ammo.

When the dust finally settles, it will be interesting to see which rifle goes on my Want List my guess is that it will be the H-S Precision or the Remington 40-XS.

I hope this gave you a different view of some items seen at the 2006 Shot Show. I know it's not complete. There was so much to see and it's not possible to see it all in any detail. I can only encourage you to attend a future show if the opportunity presents itself.

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Cancer Herbal Tea

Tea has become the most common beverage for almost everyone to begin the day with a refreshing start. It gives them the boost to explore the day in more energetic way. It could add more energy, if one switches to Ayurvedic tea. Ayurvedic tea is a unique blend of natural plants and herbs that has aromatic essence and great healing power to many health ailments. It has the power to build your body mechanism by enhancing the organs of the body. They are available in various compositions that help in removing and controlling unhealthy functioning of the body. Ayurveda Tea is very useful for enhancing the overall health of the body.

Ayurveda Tea helps in maintaining flawless skin and lustrous hair. It also helps in removing toxins from body that cause stomach related diseases like indigestion, reduces sleeplessness, controlling cholesterol levels, weight loss and also treatment of cancer to some extent.

The most natural way to maintain good health is using Ayurveda tea as regular beverage. Some of Ayurveda tea recipes are in different compositions for specific benefits.

Ayurveda tea for digestion: Boil 3 cups of water and add 1 tsp each of cumin, coriander seeds and fennel seeds. Let it soak for five minutes and then strain it into a bowl. Now add honey to liquid to make it sweet.

Ayurveda (Banafsha) Tea for Cold and Cough: Make a mixture of 60 gm Banafsha, 15 gm Kulanjan & 20 gm Mulethi and boil the mixture in water. Now add a drop of eucalyptus oil or peppermint.

Ayurveda (Jushanda) Tea for Relief in Asthma: Make a mixture of Mulethi, 15 gm Somavali, 25 gm Vasaka, and 2 gm Naushadar and boil the mixture in water.

Ayurveda Tulsi Tea for Soothing Feel: Make mixture of 50 gm Tulsi, 7.5 gm Dalchini, 5 gm Brahmi, 15 gm Banafsha, 25 gm Saunf, 15 gm Iliachi Dana, 25 gm each of Lalchandan and Kali Mirch.

Herbal Laxative Tea: Make a mixture of 90 gm Senna and 10 gm Dhania and boil the mixture in water. It helps in removing constipation.

Teas of all kinds have unique ingredients that help to control and improve the health of the human body and reduce many ailments. These teas also support to remove some types of Dosha. Each tea composition and type has different effects and healing powers. The major types of tea available in Ayurveda category are stimulating tea, the balancing tea and the anti-strain tea. Using the right ingredients in perfect combination of preparing tea for specific purpose will naturally help to overcome health problems.

These teas addresses to physical and psychological problems by balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and soul. People who want to make a healthy life style and enhance their body functioning can always consume Ayurveda tea, herbal teas and green teas. There are many online portals that are supplying teas of various mixtures that include Herbal tea, Green tea, White tea, Ayurveda tea and many more varieties of teas. They are all natural, organic and safe for health.

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