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Hormone Replacement Therapy Estrogen

Frequently Asked Questions

    Will taking estrogen pills make me look like a female?
    I'm a transgendered male (17 years old) and I'm considering Hormone Replacement Therapy or taking Estrogen pills (which seems like a simpler process than HRT). What's the difference between them, which is better, and will either of them make me look like a female?

    • ANSWER:
      Diane gave a fine answer, but she didn't address one key point:

      If you want to take estrogen you are probably NOT a transgender male. This is a page with some pictures of trans men:


      If you want to take estrogen, which is hormone replacement therapy, you are a transgender female. because of the many negative side effects you shouldn't take estrogen unless you plan on transitioning. What side effects? Well if you are simply a cross-dresser and not a transsexual woman estrogen can and will do the following:

      Destroys your normal male sexual response.
      Makes erections more difficult or even impossible.
      Shrink your penis and testicles.
      Possibly render you sterile.
      Make you more prone to blood clots and pulmonary embolisms, both of which can kill you.

      If you're fine with that... see a gender therapist and get referred for hormone replacement therapy.

    Does anyone or anyone you know have to be on hormone replacement therapy?
    Because that person is so low on estrogen, petuitary works fine, the doctors have to induce her puberty and she's been on hormone replacement therapy for 5 years to produce estrogen?

    It's that rare huh?

    If you know that person does that person have trouble with getting aroused at all?

    • ANSWER:
      I was on HRT for over 30 years. I felt fine and I had a great life and career. You don't state your age or this person's age. If they are a teen, why are you worried about their sexual arousal? All Estrogen does is make the body function like it should. All organs depend on it. Talk to the OBGYN or doctor that prescribed it if you don't understand the reasoning behind the therapy. This is not a rare condition. Talk your doctor face to face and get the facts.

    Do the hormones estrogen and testosterone have something to do with gayness?
    I have recently heard a lot of commercials for guys with "low T"

    Then I started wondering if gay guys are lacking it or something. Or if this is a completely different issue.

    I mean I was told that is was the balance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone that caused gayness. So now what I really have to ask is if any gay people undergo "hormone replacement therapy". I mean for reasons other than sexual preference.

    And does it change sexual preference. Or is it something deeper.

    Honestly, I don't mean to offend or anything. I am just curious about this whole issue. I am proud of being a lesbian

    • ANSWER:
      No, hormones don't have anything to do with gayness. The generally accepted theory nowadays is that gayness has the same cause as transsexualism - it is a product of developments in the womb, ie the brain is wired that way from birth.

    Do hormones have any effect on the skeleton?
    I read somewhere that the index finger tends to be shorter than the ring finger for guys, and vice versa for girls. Should a guy start hormone replacement therapy and start receiving estrogen, would the index finger grow slightly to be just as long (or longer) than the ring finger?

    If not, than what part of the body determines how the bones should be? If a bone is broken, it'll heal. If whatever causes bones to heal were to change, would the skeletal system try to "correct" itself by removing parts of the bones and growing other parts?

    • ANSWER:
      Bones stop extending in your teens or very early twenties. The Epiphyses unite with the bone and the join ossifies. The mechanism of control is still beinf sorted out in detail.
      Once the bones have finished growing they may become denser or less dense - a woman past the menopause tends to lose bone density - hence littlw old ladies being more fragile.

    Does anyone have any suggestions about treatments for menopause other than hormone replacement therapy?
    My mom is 50yrs old and she has been going through menopause since last Jan. She uses progestercare cream from the health food store but she doesnt want to do hormone replacement therapy or premprose because they increase the risk of breast cancer. Her doctor is telling her that she will develop osteoporosis if she doesnt get on some sort of HRT though. Can anyone give her any advice on what to do? Are there any natural ways that anyone has tried that worked? And does anyone know if not going on HRT can really cause osteoporosis?

    • ANSWER:
      Your mom is on the right track using natural progesterone. It's the ONLY substance that has been shown to REBUILD bone, from the inside out.

      (Natural progesterone does NOT cause cancer like synthetic HRT does. In fact, it helps protect against cancer.)

      Estrogen (in the synthetic HRT) only delays bone breakdown, and it only works for four to five years. The problem is that it actually stops the bone from performing its natural cycle - breaking down old bone and rebuilding new to replace it. If old bone is not being broken down, there is no new bone being rebuilt! After five years on HRT, bone will be brittle.

      Have her read Dr. John Lee's book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause". He explains it very well!
      He also gives guidelines for finding a quality progesterone cream. She may want to compare the one she's using to his recommendations.

      Your mom's doctor is not fully informed. Dr. Lee says, "You can educate your doctor, or find a new one."

    How does hormone replacement therapy work? How do they determine what should have?
    I am a guy having difficulty with my girlfriend. She had to have a hysterectomy and for the past three years I have suffered because she said the first time she had hormone replacement it made her sick. So she gave up. She shut out the world and on Valentines day she couldn't tell me she loved me. I blew up and told her she needed help because she has been ignoring my needs and I have tried everything to get her interested again. And her bad habits have made her physically incompatible to me. I am frustrated beyond belief. She hates herself calling herself ugly and fat. And I told one of her girlfriends and she got mad at me saying her parts are her own business and I told her she needs to get over it. If I can have 100 people looking at mr happy for my kidney stones, ONE of her friends can know about her issues and give her some help because guys don't know what to do. I also told her if she wanted something she could ignore she should have went to the humane society and bought a cat! Can hormone replacement help her with being frigid? Can it help her feel the world is a bit more likable? Can it help her lose weight? How do they figure out what hormone mixture she needs?

    • ANSWER:
      Hormone replacement CAN help with all of those things, if done right, and if her body is responsive. Hormones are the body's fuel. They're supposed to have them, and without them, there are all kinds of problems. The body produces hormones in amounts and types and at times that are very complex. There are hundreds of different hormones. But when you take hormone replacement, you're taking perhaps 2 hormones. Which you take once per day, rather than having it 24/7, in small, highly responsive amounts. Most doctors don't give a shit. That's why taking HRT can often make you sick. Complicating matters is that the most commonly prescribed hormone replacement is Premarin (horse estrogen from the urine of pregnant mares). It's not the same as human estrogen, plus it overloads you with a large dose when you take it orally, then plummets to nothing throughout the day. It's as if you were told you could eat as much as you want, except that you can only have ice cream, and you can only eat on Tuesdays. It's not natural nor is it how the body works. There are ways to work around this: tell your girlfriend to try estrogen patches. It's the closest you can get to the slow, natural, 24/7 administration of small amounts of estrogen that your ovaries produce. Have her at least try that. Then, encourage her to try testosterone. In Europe, it's standard to give hysterectomized women testosterone. In the US, they almost never do it. But without it, it's like you're castrated. Also, FYI: estrogen plays an important role as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Without it, you can become depressed and angry.

    How did the drug Premarin come about ?
    I am doing a research assignment on Premarin and am struggling to find any information on how it came about .

    I have found that scientists first discovered that they could extract estrogens from the urine of pregnant women back in the 1920's (for therapeutics). They then found that women and horse (mare) urine was very similar so started to extract estrogens from mare urine instead .

    Does anybody have any more information about the origins of this drug or any hormone replacement therapy relating to Premarin ?


    • ANSWER:
      Yes, the word Premarin comes from "Pregnant mares urine".
      now it is synthetically made.

    Would being on hormone replacement therapy decrease sexual desire?
    I'm 22 and been on hormone replacement therapy because my body does not produce hormones and estrogen on its own. At first I felt sexual desire and then after that I have no sexual desire whatsoever.

    Is that normal?

    I take premarin and progesterone.
    I've been on the pills for 3-4yrs

    • ANSWER:
      Talk to your doctor. You may need to have one of your pills adjusted.

      I have been on the Pill for thirteen years for my hormonal problem and they have actually made me have sexual desire. Before I started taking them, I had none.

    Can birth control be used for hormone replacement therapy?
    Okay so im a guy and im wanting to be a girl and i was wondering if birth control can do hormone replacement therapy??

    • ANSWER:
      It can have some effect, and so can using lavender soaps, but there are snags you should consider.

      First, it would not make you into a girl, but cause breast development, an awkward condition, as you would still have the broad shoulders of a male, ect.

      The hazard of female sex hormones (estrogens) is that if breast cancer runs in your family, then you have considerably increased your risks.

      Warning: some doctors prescribe spironolactone to promote breast development along with sex change surgery, but spionolactone promotes tumors called lipomas, that can occur anywhere, not just on the breasts, and this to can lead to breast cancer. I saw a man with a lump of fat on his face who was prescribed the drug for high blood pressure.


    Does anyone know the cost for hormone replacement therapy in Japan?
    specifically for the estrogen pills, not for operation, but for the actual hormone replacement.

    • ANSWER:
      Do you have national health insurance? If so, just go to your doctor and inquire.

      Now, you DON'T have national health insurance. Same deal. Go to your doctor and inquire.

      Not a lot of difference in how to find out the answer to your question. There may not even be any difference in the quoted price, depending on whether or not the hormone replacement therapy is covered by insurance. I can tell you that if it is covered by national health insurance, and you do not have said insurance, it will cost you at least three times more.

      My guess though? The Japanese health insurance plan doesn't cover guys who want breasts. I may be wrong, but I don't think it is a happening thing.

    can't start HRT for a while, is there anything that I could take to slow down testosterone?
    If I'm a transsexual and I have to wait a little while before I start any Hormone Replacement Therapy (for cost reasons, among other things) is there anything that I could start taking now that would slow down my production of testosterone?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately, no.

      Prior to puberty, GNRh antagonists are used to halt pubertal changes. After puberty there is nothing that is over-the-counter or natural that is going to affect your testosterone production to any significant degree. Androgen blockers must be prescribed by the same doctor who prescribes your estrogen. Taking androgen blockers at doses required to suppress testosterone without adding estrogen leaves your body devoid of sex hormones, which is unhealthy.

      HRT is very inexpensive, though the doctor visits and blood tests can cost a lot if you don't have insurance. If you are under 18, you need parental permission for any prescription drugs.

    what is the youngest age you can star ftm hrt (hormone replacement therapy)?
    I'm fifteen years old and would like to start hormone replacement therapy from female to male what is the youngest age you can start?

    • ANSWER:
      I believe that would depend on where you live. Some places allow younger ages than others. I have heard of people starting at 12 and 13. Here in the states I believe it used to be 18 but im sure its younger now. If you are seeing a gender therapist and they approve. You should at least be able to start hormone blockers that will prevent any further feminizing from developing. One thing about starting on T it will make you catch up physically male in a hurry so as long as you prevent any estrogen effects in the mean time you will be fine.

    Are any transgendered people physically born that way?
    This question is about transgendered people. For instance are there people born & grow up looking like a woman, with breasts & stereotypical female shape, but with male genitalia? Or is this phenomenon caused by hormone replacement therapy later in life?

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with Trinidad.

      Please do not listen to Snotalia as usual he has no clue about what he is talking about.

      Transsexualism is a congenital birth condition. A transsexual woman is born with a brain (gender identity) that reflects they are female and a body (sex) that reflects they are male. This is called a brain body mismatch. A transsexual woman must receive estrogen to grow breasts and for her body to be feminized she is not born that way. However she does have male genitalia between her legs. until she has Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)

    After a hysterectomy, is it necessary to have hormone replacement therapy? If so how long for?
    Im 46 and have to have a hysterectomy. If the ovaries are taken out, will i still produce any hormones? If not, how will this effect me? If I had to go on hormione replacement therapy how long would I have to do it for?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello,, and generally yes, if you have a complete hysterectomy your doctor will want to put you on hormone treatments. But at your age you shouldn't have to take them for more than a few years. Most women are thru menapause by 55. And yes your body will still put out some estrogen but not enough. If your 46, you've probably already started going thru menapause so you know about hot flashes and night sweats. They may become worse after the operation. But, actually,, no you don't have to have hormone therapy if you don't want it. There are natural ways to get the hormones you need. I have had a heart condition since I was 37 and was advised not to take hormones by my obgyn, as they can cause heart attacks in women who have heart trouble. So I've never taken hormones. I do use natural hormones tho. I take flaxseed oil capsules and eat flaxseed on my cereal,, soy is great for hot flashes,, you can get this in many different forms. I really like Soymilk,, the brand I use is Soy Silk. There are many different brands of natural hormones. I've attached a link that tells you about natural hormones. It also tells you about synthetic hormones. Did you know that one of the hormones doctors give you for estrogen comes from horse urine?? It's something most women don't know and should. Anyway,, hope this link helps. And good luck with your surgery

    What are the emotional effects of estrogen hormones?
    As a transgendered individual, I have yet to start estrogen hormone replacement, but would like to know what the emotional, as well as physical effects have been for other transgendered M to Fs. This information would be very helpful! Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Hormones will hae different effects on everyone. do a search on webmd for estrogen or transsexual and you will get some of the effects listed. Doctors will be able to help you understand more, must start with therapy. Do not medicate oneself with internet or on the street drugs. Must be with doctor care for safety sake. I have gone through emotional roller coaster. I have had some physical changes but it is based on genetics. Yours will be similar to but slightly less then what you see your mom or sister have. I strongly suggest therapy first and let them guide you if it is the right thing for you

    How do I reverse low testosterone/high estrogen naturally?
    Please help me with hormone problems
    I've done a lot of research online regarding testosterone replacement therapy and feel I have a pretty good grasp of knowledge on the subject but there's one thing I can't seem to find any information on.

    So my testosterone levels was 199 and my estrogen was 70, so too low and too high, respectfully. My brother went through this but went straight to injections and estrogen blockers bc that made more sense for him. However I'm trying really hard to avoid HRT.

    I've been working out and counting my calories, staying away from foods that I can't measure accurately (with myfitnesspal) and have been under 2k calories a day for 2 weeks. I eat pretty healthy, nothing bad but could stand to eat more fruit and veggies. Yet my weight has not really dropped and I have been working out but my body imposition hasn't changed.

    What I want to know is, does excess estrogen and low testosterone actually prevent weight loss and muscle gain? I should've lost 6-7 lbs by now according to myfitnesspal.

    I really want to get my testosterone and estrogen levels to the normal range naturally but all I can find on the Internet is to "lose weight." Well I'm trying everything I can think of and nothing is happening.

    Any help or advice is appreciated. Also I am 6 ft 241 lbs last I stepped on a scale

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know but see my source, he knows :D

      Good Luck.

    Why (and specifically how) does taking synthetic estrogen raise one's risk of developing blood clots?
    This is assuming that it is done properly and with medical supervision, of course. (Ie: taking either opposed/unopposed hormone replacement therapy, or the birth control pill.)

    • ANSWER:
      I believe it has to do with raising certain clotting factors in the blood or interferring with the normal regulation of the blood clotting cascade. The article below mentions resistance to activated protien C (a major anticoagulant) which would increase the risk of thrombosis.

      It also mentions that some of the women who experience these serious side effects may have an underlying genetic thrombophilia that is undiagnosed. Adding a medication that could possibly cause the blood the clot more would only make the condition worse, hence the increase risk for clotting.

    Can you take hormone replacement if you have chronic kidney disease?
    I'm going through menopause and I'm wondering if I will be able to take estrogen replacement therapy with CKD (nephritis - GFR 50%). Is it too dangerous?
    I'm asking because the symptoms include fatigue & muscle pain, not symptoms to be taken lightly. I can deal with hot flashes. Please give me a straight answer or an alternative answer (like an herbal supplement).

    • ANSWER:
      Why would you want to take hormone replacement in the first place. This is a normal part of aging and taking replacement hormones is dangerous and has many side effects. I am going thru it myself and would never take replacement hormones. No one ever died from going thru menopause and besides that once you go off the hormones, you go thru menopause all over again and get hot flashes.......

    Am I supposed to gain or lose weight when taking hormone replacement therapy?
    My doctor just prescribed me cyclo-progynova (a hormone replacement therapy). I am 18 years old and she prescribed me this medicine to regulate my period. She didn't say much about what problems I have. She just said my ovaries are a little (I don't remember how she described it....sluggish ovaries or something like that?) lol sorry :)
    so my question now, am I supposed to lose or gain weight on this medication?
    most of the time I feel I eat less than anyone in my age and yet I'm chunky and all my friends who eat like me or sometimes even more than me are skinnier.

    • ANSWER:
      The general opinion is that hormone replacement therapy will cause you to gain weight. I'm quite a bit older then you but I've worn the estrogen patch for a long time and have not gained weight. Remember that everyone's metabolism is different. Some people can eat all day and not gain a pound.
      I wish you well.

    Whats the best birth control pill for teenagers?
    Ive tried Yasmin but there was too much estrogen in it. I am 16 and have had my period for over 3 years. I have a history of breast cancer in my family from my grandmother on my moms side who took hormone replacement therapy for thirty years.
    I have very weird periods btw. I just want a suggestion before i see the doctor. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      A birth control pill with a low dose of hormones would be the best choice. Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo is a great starter pill. It has just enough hormones to keep you on a regular cycle, and prevent pregnancy, but not too much to cause extreme mood swings and painful periods. (I've been on 4 different birth control pills, and Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo has been the best one so far)
      Best of Luck, I hope you find the right pill for you.

    Does Estrogen Change Your Sexual Orientation?
    While a transgendered person, male-to-female, undergoes hormone replacement therapy, would the estrogen increase their attraction to males? I've been looking for this answer for days.

    • ANSWER:
      That is a myth!

      The object of affection for the vast majority of transsexual people remains unchanged.

      What about the remaining small minority?

      It's not hormones, it's finally coming to grips with your true sexual orientation. As a friend once said to me:

      You managed to deny your try gender for soooo long. What's to say you didn't do the same with your orientation?

      And my observations of the community bear that out. How? Because if it was the estrogen you would expect a big change shortly after starting, but you don't. What do we see? We see many people start experiencing a shift after they accept themselves but BEFORE they start hormones. Then there are some who notice a shift after starting hormones. And finally there are people who only notice a change much later, sometimes even years after SRS.

      Why does this happen? Because we all all different and come to terms with ourselves on our own time-table. For the record I was one of the ones who started noticing a change after I accepted myself and before hormones.

      Do a small number of transexual people experience an apparent shift in sexual orientation?

      YES. However, that change has much more to do with the process of self-acceptance/ coming out of denial than anything else.

      My 2¢

    How do i stop hot flushes / sweats ?, i am asking this question on behalf of my mother .?
    I often come out in hot flushes/sweats and no i aint smelly lol , i was recommended black cohosh and red clover supplements by my doctor to alleviate this, i have been taking these religiously at some cost to myself for the last 5 months and to be honest they dont seem to be working , these symptons have been occuring since i have been taken off hormone replacement therapy (HRT) i am 55 years old , any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks .

    • ANSWER:
      my mom is 51 and going through menopause, she is going through the hot flashes and sweats and mood swings all of that fun stuff. so im not sure if your going through that also as it is not stated above and i dont want to assume anything, but the best thing that worked for her is the estrogen pills. there are like 20 different ones that are for any of the symptoms you may have. the hot flash one is the one she uses most. there is one for sleep, stress, depression, hot flashes and sweats, and many more. you can get them in the vitamin section at any drug store, walmart is where she get hers. i hoped this helped a little. and im not implying you are going through meno... :)

    Does Spironolactone and estrogen stop male bone growth?
    I'm 15 and I started taking spironolactone in novemeber (my birthdays in august) . I took phytoestrogens when I was 14. Will spironolactone stop my bone growth? and will estrogen help? I'm doing Hormone replacement therapy to become a female. I have a good female face and i dont want it to get any bigger. So will this do the trick? Also I think i might have PMS. does that happen when you start young?

    • ANSWER:
      You sound like you're self-medicating.... always a bad idea. Without monitoring by a doctor you have no idea if you're taking too little or too much. Not to mention possible liver damage.

      Please see a doctor.

      Done correctly HRT will prevent further masculnization. But like I said without a doctor you have no idea if what you're doing is right.

      Do your parents know?

      How will you hide the changes?

      yngblkbe: You may be a critical care nurse, but if you don't know anything about hormone replacement therapy for transsexual people I wish you wouldn't say anything. A lot of what you wrote simply doesn't apply to us.

      Raquel: You might not understand, but we know what we're talking about, we've been through the process already. We have know others who damaged their body with HRT because they thought they knew what they were doing. Both me and Diane are health professionals and we both did things the right way, that is with a doctor, because we know we don't know everything.

      We are on your side. We don't want you to get hurt or possibly kill yourself.

      Please talk with your parents.

      Please see a doctor.

    Transgenders: What happens when you get hormone replacement therapy?
    I think I am transgender so I want to know what happens in the therapy, and also what does the gender indentity person do to you?

    • ANSWER:
      You don't mention what sex you were assigned at birth (male or female) and what gender you identify as, so I don't know if you are a Male to Female transgender, or a female to male. Hormone replacement therapy helps your body to take on the secondary sexual characteristics of your chosen gender. Female to male transgenders (like myself) that take testosterone find that their voice deepens, facial hair thickens, darkens and grows, body hair starts (back hair was a shock lol), muscles get bigger and thicker. Male to female transgenders that take estrogen will experience breast growth, shrinkage of testicles and penis, sometimes to the point of being unable to gain an erection, and more things that I can't think of at the moment because this is not my area of expertise. In both, the fat in your body is redistributed to give the body and face a more masculine or feminine appearance, depending on which hormones you are taking.

      But if you are asking what happens in gender therapy, that depends largely on your therapist. But typically the therapist will ask you about your feelings of identifying outside of your assigned gender, help you with coming out to family and friends if you have not yet done so, and help you cope with the emotional aspect of transitioning. Because, outside of the physical changes that hormone therapy causes, it also causes you to see the world through the eyes of your chosen gender. Female to male transgenders, like myself, begin to see the world from a masculine perspective and do not experience the range of emotions that they did before hormones. For male to female transgenders on estrogen, they find that they experience a much wider range of emotions than they did previously.

    How to get on Hormone Replacement Therapy?
    I'm a 19 year old transgender woman who wants to get started on her hormones. As a college student, I'm not financially well off nor do I want to tell my parents about this until a later time. So I was wondering how I can start hormone therapy without having to pay for doctor visits.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey! Welcome to my world of a decade ago! ;) I started at 19, too, in college, and likewise too afraid to tell my parents yet.

      My solution at the time? DIY. First, you need information. And these people know bloody everything about doing DIY (including all the latest research; I've had three doctors since I did DIY, and not a one of them knew half what the average person on that list did about how to treat transsexuals).


      Want a general guide to get started?


      My recommendations? Get on 200mg/d spironolactone (one pill in the morning, one in the evening), a non-oral estrogen (I currently use climara -- you'd use two patches), and a progestin (such as progesterone) to help with breast duct development. Avoid oral estrogens, as they increase the risk of pulmonary embolism and other clotting disorders (although it's mainly a problem for older TSs). With spiro, the main side effect to be aware of is that you retain potassium and lose sodium, so avoid salt substitutes and potassium supplements (you don't want to OD on potassium... although even on spiro, if you're young and have no kidney disease, that's hard to do)

      The spiro will cost you about 70 cents a day. The cost of the estrogen and progestin depends on what form you choose. If you have to cut one thing out, cut out the progestin. If you have to cut out two things, IMHO, also cut the estrogen. The spiro is the most important thing to stay on, as it blocks all further testosterone damage, buying you time until you can afford the estrogen.

      Email me if you have any Qs; I'd be glad to help you with whatever I can. :) I've been there. You're about to start an amazing journey, so fasten your seatbelt.

    how long does it take for estrogen hormone replacement therapy to shrink the penis?
    Also will the penis shrink if there is still large amounts of testosterone being produced?

    • ANSWER:
      I've heard that the penis doesn't decrease in size but the ability to achieve erection will be decreased. I suggest trying to find some resources through a LGBT hotline/website, or talking to your endocrinologist. Perhaps the source I've provided below will help answer some of your questions?

    What is the average cost of hormone replacement therapy with and without insurance?
    I've fianally decided to begin my transition (male-to-female) and i wanted to know what it would cost to begin HRT. I ask for both with and without insurance because i have a college based insurance plan (SHIP) and i am not sure if it will cover HRT (it covers gender identity counseling so IDK) Thank you all in advance ~<3

    P.S. i live in Moscow, Idaho.

    • ANSWER:
      My total cost per year is around 0.00 I inject my estrogen.

    What exactly will happen when i go in for a hysterectomy inc taking the ovaries away due to endometriosis.?
    need to know what the best hormone therapy will be best? Endometriosis is affecting my quality of life so hysterectomy is only option for me now i've exhausted all other treatments. How will it make me feel once the op is done.

    • ANSWER:
      The trouble is that endometriosis may be deposited in many different areas of the pelvis, thus the last resort plan of hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy ( removal of tubes and ovaries) must be all that is left for you.

      Your gynaecologist must decide on your hormone replacement. He will probably choose oestrogen only, since you have no uterus there is no increase in uterine cancer risk. I quite like premarin, it is a natural oestrogen, the one from pregnant mares urine, but it is sometimes better tolerated than the synthetics.

      It tends to elevate mood and helps prevent osteoporosis. I suspect once things have settles down you will feel better than pre-op.

      Breast cancer risks on hormone replacement don't seem to rise until after 50 years, so you will probably be kept on oestrogen until then.

    What kind of hormone replacement therapy works best for you?
    I have been taking Premeran for about two years now, and after many level changes, it has been working. But after talking to a few other women, I was wondering if there are better treatments.

    • ANSWER:
      That stuff promotes breast cancer.

      When the population cut down on using HR a few years ago the incidence of breast cancer dropped dramatically. Its the estrogen that is the problem. (Many breast tumors depend on estrogen to grow is the most likely reason for the drop.)

    Is it safe to use nicotine replacement therapy while taking oral estradiol (estrogen) for hormone replacement?
    I am 32 years old and have undergone a total hysterectomy. I was what I consider to be a light smoker for about 10 years (about 6 cigarettes a day.) Since you are not supposed to smoke while taking the hormone therapy because of the increased risk of blood clots, I was wondering if it was safe to use other nicotine replacement items in lieu of actual cigarettes (ie: electronic cigarette, gum, etc..)
    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Nicotine is still a blood coagulant, if you're smoking e-cigs or chewing gum with it in there it may as well be smoking as far as blood clots are concerned... Try e-cigs that don't contain nicotine, or have really low amounts of it, you need to stop taking so much nicotine otherwise you're going to develop a serious complication with the hormone therapy.

      Anyways since I can't force you to stop smoking/chewing to get your nicotine, I'll drop a link below that'll help you prevent your chances of developing a serious blood clot.


      There's no maximum uptake limitation for it, but I'd suggest around half an onion daily should be enough to significantly reduce chances of clotting.. Cooked or uncooked, it doesn't matter... Read the article for more information, and best of wishes.

    What to do when i forget to take my medicine. For hormone replacement Therapy?
    I forget to had my medicine until this morning that i realise. I tok yesterday medicine in the morning. How about today's dosage?

    • ANSWER:
      If you forget a dosage, you should take it as soon as you realize that you forgot it.

      Since you're dealing with hormones (I'm assuming estrogen and progesterone), you shouldn't take two dosages closer together than 8 hours, but otherwise you should be fine.

      I am speaking from personal experience, not from my healthcare teaching background. I have taken HRT myself, and I would forget my morning dose and would end up taking it at 9 pm.

    Can hormone replacement therapy make you gain weight?
    My ovaries were removed in August and my doc prescribed EstraTest, which contains a bit of testosterone (he said it is natural for a 30yr old to have some). In a few weeks I started sprouting hairs on my chin so I asked for something without male hormone. I have been taking straight estrogen since and have been gaining weight like CRAZY! Could it be the hormones, or am I just pulling the wool over my own eyes?

    • ANSWER:
      I've been on premarin for a few years and have no problem with weight gain. I have been on other types of meds that do make me gain weight but not the hormones. You could read your pharmacy packet and see if weight gain is a side effect of your drug or call your pharmacist and ask. Good luck.

    Im a 17 year old guy and thinking of Hormone Replacement therapy, or just start taking estrogen, what do i do?
    Ok so I have been thinking about this for a long time now. I really want to have the curves of a woman, and i want to have a believable appearance of a woman. What should I do?? P.S. My parents are to accepting of this kind of stuff... but i have a lot of friends who are

    • ANSWER:
      You want the curves of a woman OR you are a transsexual woman? Assuming the latter:

      If you're in the USA:

      The first step is seeing a GENDER therapist:


      Since you're under 18 your parents have to give consent.

      After and evaluation and being diagnosed as being transsexual they may write you a letter of referral to an endocrinologist.

      After an evaluation of your health the endo will prescribe your hormone replacement therapy and do some lab work. It is important to get regular lab work so your hormone dosage can be adjusted correctly. Don't even think about self-medicating as it is dangerous and can even be fatal.

      My impression is that you have no idea what's involved with transition. Transition is a long, expensive, medically monitored process. There are a million and one details to attend to and NOBODY transitions overnight. For example my transition took 4.5 years and about ,000. You can learn more about transsexualism here:


      If you are not a transsexual person don't even think about messing with hormones.

    Difference between hormone blocker and hormone replacement therapy?
    I'm an FTM ( female to male) Transgendered teen. I'm pre everything and need help deciding if a hormone blocker is right for me. What would be the side effects? I've heard that if you dont get any hormones, whether it be testosterone or estrogen, you could go into a menopausal state. Keep in mind, I'm only 16 and need help deciding whats best for me.

    • ANSWER:
      These are questions you should be asking your endocrinologist or prescribing Doctor.

      But, in brief;
      'Hormone blockers' (GnRH inhibitors) prevent your body's endogenous hormones from being produced, or from being used. This stops the feminising or masculinising effects that these hormones would otherwise have on your body. They don't, in themselves, have any active feminising or masculinising effect, and they won't reverse any of the effects that have already occurred.

      Hormone replacement therapy replaces your body's own hormones with either oestrogen (for trans women), or testosterone (for trans men), which will actively feminise or masculinise your body, and reverse (to an extent) some of the changes that your body's hormones have already caused.

      As to side effects; any of these medicines can KILL you, or seriously damage your health. This is why they should never be taken without a legally acquired prescription, and proper medical supervision.
      Please, talk to your doctor.

    Transgender: How much did your hormone replacement cost in the end?
    yes, so how much did just your hormone therapy cost in total at the end? Preferably male to female lol

    • ANSWER:
      In the end? Hormone replacement therapy is a lifetime commitment, there is no end.

      How much does HRT cost?

      First, are you seeing a gender therapist? You have to see a gender therapist to be evaluated and diagnosed as being transsexual. If you don't have one a list of some can be found here:


      Next, sometime after you are diagnosed you will be referred to an endocrinologist. The endo will evaluate your health, do some lab work, discuss the options with you, prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and do follow-ups to check your progress and hormone levels. It is important to see an endocrinologist because hormones can be dangerous. Seeing a doctor and doing lab work helps minimize the risks of HRT.

      Next, to your original question. This question is much more complicated than you realize. The costs can vary widely depending on:

      Route of administration: Pills, patches, gels, implants or injectables.
      Country of origin
      Where you buy it (Retail pharmacy vs. compounding pharmacy)
      Whether insurance is involved
      Dose. Obviously the higher the dose, the more hormones you need.

      In general pills and injectables are the cheapest.
      In general injectables, patches and gels are the safest.
      In general injectables and implants are the most convenient.
      In general they put younger people on pills.

      Another factor is whether you are pre-op or post-op. I finished transition several years ago, so my costs are lower because I don't need an anti-androgen and need less estrogen than before. As a result my costs (I use injectables) are only about 5/year.

    Has HGH been shown to induce the testes to produce more testosterone?
    I am currently on testosterone replacement therapy, and concerned that adding this hormone from outside sources will even further decrease my testes own production of T.
    Does anyone know if HGH (human growth hormone) has been shown to induce the testes to produce more of their own testosterone?
    Or has anyone heard of any other legitimate, medical treatment (I'm not into herbs, spices, acupuncture, or other types of voodoo), that would do the same?

    • ANSWER:
      higher testosterone correlates to higher HGH so in fact it is probably the opposite, higher HGH increases Testosterone

      f you want increase testosterone levels start working out doing multi joint excercises it has been proven that testosterone levels plummet when working out

      Long term with breaks increase testosterone levels

      Soy protein decreases testosterone

      Indole 3 Carbinol has been proved to reduce estrogen levels thus increasing testosterone levels ( estrogen is made by breaking down testosterone)
      Indole 3 carbinol is rich in cruciferous veggies such as cabbage

      please see this

    Is it needed to take hormone therapy pills at the age of 64?
    I have been taking hormone replacement pills for 30 years to stop my nightly and daily sweats. Is it about time I stopped

    • ANSWER:
      If you mean hormones such as estrogen or progesterone, then read on. In any case, discuss your important question with your physician.

      Women are receiving estrogen replacement (ERT) alone, which is still commonly given to women who have had a hysterectomy with removal of both ovaries. The effects of ERT on women who no longer have a uterus are being studied.

      In the U.S., 38% of menopausal women take some form of HRT -- for several different reasons. Women find it especially useful to treat hot flashes, sleeplessness, moodiness, and other disruptive symptoms of menopause. It is also useful in preventing osteoporosis. And until now, HRT has been touted as a way to help prevent heart disease well after menopause.

      What Women Should Do Now - Researchers made the following specific recommendations on what to do now:

      "First, the therapy should not be continued or started to prevent heart disease. Women should consult their doctor about other methods of prevention, such as lifestyle changes, and cholesterol- and blood pressure-lowering drugs"

      "Second, for osteoporosis prevention, women should consult their doctor and weigh the benefits against their personal risks for heart attack, stroke, blood clots, and breast cancer."

      "Alternate treatments also are available to prevent osteoporosis and fractures."

      "Third, women should keep up with their regular schedule of mammograms and breast self-examinations."
      "Finally, while short-term use was not studied, women taking the therapy for relief of menopausal symptoms may reap more benefits than risks. Women should talk with their doctor about their personal risks and benefits."

    How much do hormones to transition cost?
    How much do hormones to transition cost? Mtf?..... I've heard it's a long process to get them which is why people self medicate, do u get the same effects self medicating ?

    • ANSWER:
      How much does HRT cost?

      First, are you seeing a gender therapist? You have to see a gender therapist to be evaluated and diagnosed as being transsexual. If you don't have one a list of some can be found here:


      Next, sometime after you are diagnosed you will be referred to an endocrinologist. The endo will evaluate your health, do some lab work, discuss the options with you, prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and do follow-ups to check your progress and hormone levels. It is important to see an endocrinologist because hormones can be dangerous. Seeing a doctor and doing lab work helps minimize the risks of HRT. Without a doctor it is impossible to know if you're taking too much or not enough estrogen.

      Next, to your original question. This question is much more complicated than you realize. The costs can vary widely depending on:

      Route of administration: Pills, patches, gels, implants or injectables.
      Country of origin
      Where you buy it (Retail pharmacy vs. compounding pharmacy)
      Whether insurance is involved
      Dose. Obviously the higher the dose, the more hormones you need.

      In general pills and injectables are the cheapest.
      In general injectables, patches and gels are the safest.
      In general injectables and implants are the most convenient.
      In general they put younger people on pills.

      I would suggest you join an online support group to learn more. A couple such forums are:



      Hope this helps.

    Harmones seem to play a part in heart disease. Estrogen seems to be good and testerone negative. My question?
    has anyone done a study to determine how hormone therapy has affected transgender people? I would like to know if estrogen shots could benefit people with heart disease?

    • ANSWER:
      Interesting question...
      We do know that estrogen has cardioprotective effects (testosterone does not specifically have negative effects on the heart, it just lacks the protective effects.)

      Among young otherwise healthy women who've had radical hysterectomies ("surgical menopause") the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) still provides the cardioprotective effects. After natural menopause, long term estrogen-only HRT is linked with gynecologic cancers. (Note: Including progesterone in HRT for post-menopausal women helps prevent the increased cancer risk.)

      As I'm sure you're aware, the transgendered population is unfortunately under-represented in scientific studies. But we can extrapolate the data above to very reasonably infer that trasgendered individuals who receive HRT also would benefit from the cardiovascular "protection" of estrogen.

      All of that said, while estrogen has cardioprotective effects it is generally not considered any kind of "treatment" for cardiovascular disease. (Not sure if that was what you were asking?) We don't take hormone treatment lightly, because the interplay/feedback mechanisms among hormones are in delicate balance. So any time you include hormone therapy in a protocol, you have to be aware of (and manage) the trickle-down effects you'll have on the multitude of systems throughout the body.

    I have Hypothyroidism what vitamins do I need to take to increase my energy levels?
    I always feel tired and never have any energy. I feel like I have been in a triathlon on no sleep.

    I am on a hormone replacement med which has been adjusted several times but I still feel the same.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Dandy Lyons

      Hypothyroidism can be caused by food allergies, excess stress, environmental toxins, insufficient exercise, B vitamin deficiencies, lack of iron, lack of digestive enzymes, liver disease, hormone imbalances, and/or parasites. All of these factors need to be screened for and addressed before lasting relief can be achieved.

      Sulfa drugs, lithium, synthetic estrogen, and antihistamines can exacerbate hypothyroidism symptoms. In addition, if you are on thyroid medication, increase calcium supplementation to reduce the risk of bone loss.

      Low thyroid function may also be due to Hashimoto`s disease, a condition in which the body becomes allergic to its own thyroid gland and forms antibodies that attack it, thus lowering thyroid hormone output.


      Natural Cures

      Diet: Eat an organic, whole foods diet, emphasizing foods that are naturally high in iodine such as fish, kelp, vegetables, and root vegetables (such as potatoes). Also, increase your daily consumption of foods rich in vitamin B complex, such as whole grains and raw nuts and seeds, and foods rich in vitamin A, such as dark green and yellow vegetables. But avoid foods that slow down production of thyroid hormone, such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens, broccoli, turnips, kale, spinach, peaches, and pears.

      Herbs: Mild cases of hypothyroidism can be helped by herbal bitters such as gentian or mugwort, while constipation due to low thyroid function can be improved by yellowdock, butternut, or cascara sagrada. St. John`s wort can also be helpful.

      Homeopathy: Calc carb. in a dose of 1M once a day is very useful for treating hypothyroidism and improving overall thyroid function.

      Lifestyle: Regular aerobic exercise can play an important role in helping to regulate thyroid hormone production.

      Nutritional Supplementation: Organic thyroid glandular extracts can help restore normal thyroid function, but should only be used under the supervision of your physician. Other useful nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin B complex, essential fatty acids, iodine, kelp, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

      Alternative Professional Care: If your symptoms persist despite the above measures, seek the help of a qualified health professional. The following professional care therapies have all been shown to be useful for treating hypothyroidism include: Acupuncture, Biofeedback Training, Cell Therapy, Detoxification Therapy, Environmental Medicine, Homeopathy, Magnetic Field Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Osteopathy, Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga.

      Best of health to you

    Which diet is most helpful on increasing estrogen?
    I'm trying to increase the level of estrogen in my body, as well as decrease testosterone without the use of medicine. I know there's a certain diet for this but I know nothing more. Now I've heard about phytoestrogen but I have no idea what to eat or the effects of everything. Any help is appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      It would help to have more background about why you want to increase your estrogen levels. Sadly, for many women, information about the dangers of altering hormone levels and estrogen have not seemed to reach everyone. Hormone replacement therapy has resulted in a significant increase in cancer rates, especially breast and reproductive cancers. That's why this therapy is no longer standard practice. Some women, ill-advisedly, choose to consume diary produce and tofu in an attempt to moderate their hormone levels. This usually does not solve the problem, has side effects, and increases your risks for other diseases.

      The residual hormones in dairy products (rBGH and naturally occurring cow growth hormone) seem especially dangerous because of casein (cow milk protein). Casein allows more than 60% of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor - 1 (IGF-1) to be absorbed by humans. This hormone promotes the growth of tissue, especially cancer tumors. That's why the rates of cancer are higher in countries where dairy consumption is higher. For summaries of epistemological studies, please read the book called "The China Study" written by Professor T. Colin Campbell.

      Many women, including my wife, thought that eating foods like soybean products (tofu) or dairy products (cheese) would help ease the transition from pre-menopausal life to post-menopausal life. What happened instead was that her hot flashes continued for nearly a decade. This merely extended the transition and made it even more unbearable. She since has dropped these foods from her diet and enjoys better health.

      My recommendation to you is that you allow nature to take its course rather than try to intervene with food products that have an adverse effects. A whole plant based diet as recommended by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. and many others can help most people improve their health.

      Consult with a physician or naturopath, but always rely on your own independent research and question everything you hear. There is a lot of misinformation and the standard practices of modern medicine are often misled by study conclusions influenced by the profit motive. Pharmaceutical companies provide most of the information doctors receive after they become full fledged.

    What happens if you give females a female hormone?
    They give transexual men who are becomming women the female hormones by pills or injections. They do this to help the man's body become more women like (deposit fat in the hips butt thighs and make breasts) etc, but what if they give this to a female? Would it cause her breasts to become bigger or her hips or butt to become bigger? what would happen?

    • ANSWER:
      Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for transsexual women essentially starts the onset of female puberty.
      At first puberty brings on body changes due to accumulated hormone exposure, but the body only has so much potential for change. If a cissexual (ie. non-transexual) woman has already gone through puberty she might see very slight puberty changes but nothing significant. Transsexual women also don't see more significant changes after the first few years of hormone treatment.

      That said, many cissexual women do take lower dose HRT during menopause.

      It's also worth noting that if one is already producing estrogens, and takes _more_ estrogens, there is an increased risk of certain cancers by having such a high estrogen count.

    How can I safely and naturally produce female hormones?
    I'm scared of purchasing hormones from a pharmacy and I'm wanting to become more feminine because I don't think i was supposed to be male. Is it possible to do this and what can I do???

    • ANSWER:
      You can't naturally produce more estrogen. If you're a transsexual women this is what you need to do:

      1. See a gender therapist to be evaluated and diagnosed. A list of some can be found here:


      2. When they feel you are ready they will refer you to an endocrinologist for hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

      3. The endo will evaluate your health, discuss options with you, do some lab work, write the prescription and continue to see you on a regular basis to check your progress and do more lab work.

      This is assuming you are 18 or older. If you are under 18 you would need the support and consent of your parents. I would HIGHLY suggest you join an online support forum where you can learn more. One such place is:


      Hope this helps.

    What are the risk and benefits in increasing estrogen levels in teenage girls?
    I don't mean by taking pills or anything but I mean by food. Does eating foods that increase estrogen do any good or bad to your body? Does your chest get bigger or butt get bigger? Do your hips widen? Are there any heath risks? How often should you eat foods that increase estrogen?

    • ANSWER:
      Advantages and Disadvantages of Estrogen Therapy

      In the past years, many women have stopped taking estrogen hormones because of the report that it can cause heart disease. Now, researchers have found out that this hormone is not as terrible as what others thought.

      Estrogen hormones are helpful in avoiding diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Once a woman has an insufficient number of estrogen in her body, she needs to get a solution to this kind of problem. And the only solution for it is an estrogen therapy.

      An estrogen therapy is a therapy for the body, emotional and health-risk factors linked with menopause. It can be in the form of a pill, patch, cream, implant, injection or vaginal ring.

      Who should take the estrogen therapy?

      There is no exact answer for this since every woman has her own medical record and desires. However, the women who can benefit more from estrogen therapy are those:

      • With serious vasomotor symptoms like hot flushes

      • More prone of having bone fracture and osteoporosis

      • Who have experienced early menopause which is resulted from:

      1. Surgery of the ovaries
      2. Chemotherapy
      3. Malfunction of the ovary

      What are the advantages of estrogen therapy?

      1. It lessen the threat of osteoporosis
      2. It lessen the threat of cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease
      3. It reduce hot flushes
      4. It may reduce mood changes and enhance psychological comfort

      Although there are severe threats associated with estrogen therapy, many health practitioner and institutions believe that the helpful result set aside the risk factors. Consider the following statements made by the American Medical Association:

      • Estrogen therapy is the only reliable and adequate therapy to maintain system dependents with the hormones in the ovary and to reduce hot flushes.

      • Indicative vaginal waste and vaginitis and waste changes of the lower urinary tract with irregular and inconsistent urination are reversible with the estrogen therapy.

      • In order to avoid osteoporosis, it requires estrogen replacement.

      What are the disadvantages of the estrogen therapy?

      1. It increases the threat of uterus cancer

      2. It increases the threat of breast cancer especially when used for over 10

      3. It can be very dangerous for women who are more prone to blood clotting.

      4. It can give headaches or migraines

      5. It increases the threat for endometrial cancer

      6. It can destroy the liver

      With all these advantages and disadvantages presented, it all depends to the person if she wants to have the therapy. However, if you really want to take an estrogen therapy, it would be a nice idea if you discuss the matter carefully with your doctor. Keep in mind that it is your health that will be at stake so, you have to think about it a hundred of times.

    Does having a females womb/uterus taken out decrease a woman's chances of breast cancer?
    I'm just curious cause i was reading that the female womb produces estrogen and I have also been reading that to much estrogen can lead to breast cancer esp artificial estrogen for women who take hormone replacement therapy after having a hysterectomy.

    • ANSWER:
      The uterus only produces estrogen during pregnancy. Otherwise, the majority of your estrogen comes from your ovaries. Getting your ovaries removed greatly reduces odds of breast cancer. But getting your uterus removed does not change risk of breast cancer. However, in the US it is very common that if you remove the uterus, you remove the ovaries too, and vice versa.

    Why do women (under 55) have a lower risk of Coronary Heart Disease? Can men get this..."Immunity"?
    I know it is something to do with oestrogen, but WHAT about it in particular?

    I heard of Hormone Replacement Therapy (for over 75s) has evidence of working (they put oestrogen back into them after menopause). BUT can you use this in men?

    After all, the worst side-effect is...Man-Bewbs. Surely you can use this therapy in men? Right?

    • ANSWER:
      Nope. First of all, you're wrong that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) works to lower risk of coronary issues. That was what they thought in the past, but a very wide-scale, definitive study has show that to be completely not true, unfortunately. In fact, risk of stroke and heart issues goes UP when women take HRT--it is believed this is because once menopause occurs, there is damage that occurs as a result. Then, when hormone therapy is taken, the damage is such that the extra strain put on other systems by the hormones cannot be coped with by the damaged blood vessels and weakened organs. However, if women start hormone replacement immediately when menopause occurs, there MAY be some benefits--studies are proceeding. But no, men do not benefit. The main problem men have is the testosterone--that can cause damage. It's a well-proven fact that men who are castrated in young life (by 20s) have noticeably longer life-spans than men who keep their balls. So that's something that can be done, but I don't think any men would be willing to do it.

      Oh, but wait, there is a way to extend lifespan--lower your weight to about 10% below normal, and keep it that way. And do lots of aerobic activity.

    Estrogen and progesterone signal cell division. Why do women still get breast cancer after the menopause?
    What I mean is that tamoxifen and drugs try to cancel the effects of estrogen and progesterone. That shouldn't even be applicable to women past menopause!

    • ANSWER:
      Scientists have identified two genes which are more likely to be defective in a breast cancer patient than someone without breast cancer.
      These genes are also blamed for some other cancers.
      However, even the two mutated genes are thought only to be responsible for approximately 5% to 10% of breast cancer cases.
      Hormones seem to have an important role in breast cancer. Research has shown a link between levels of the female sex hormone, oestrogen, and the risk of developing breast cancer.
      Women who take certain types of hormone replacement therapy are at higher risk of breast cancer.
      Women who have their first child later in life also appear to be at higher risk of developing breast cancer.
      Tamoxifen blocks the female sex hormone oestrogen. The hormone influences the growth of cells related to female reproduction, such as those in the breast or the uterus. If there is too much oestrogen in the system, cell growth can accelerate to the point where tumours start to develop. Tamoxifen competes with the sex hormone for the same proteins - called receptors - found on the surface of cancer cells. When the drug locks onto the receptors it blocks the way for oestrogen - which would otherwise activate the cancer cell to divide and make the tumour grow.
      Tamoxifen may cause cancer of the uterus (womb), strokes, and blood clots in the lungs. These conditions may be serious or fatal.

    do i go through mood swings during hormone replacement therapy?
    i am a MtF transsexual, and i am about to start my estrogen pills and testosterone blockers. will i go through mood swings as a result, either monthly, weekly, daily, ect?

    • ANSWER:
      I found that people tend to exaggerate the effects of HRT...

      I've been on it for two months and my mood is that of a typical 15 year old I guess. Its not like one second I'm rainbows and bunnies and the next second I want to kill the first person I see.

      I'm an emotional person but thats just how I've always been.

    I am a straight female, however have a very masculine body and deep voice, can estrogen help?
    Does estrogen therapy help to become more feminine?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it doesn't work that way. Your body already has enough estrogen. Taking additional amounts won't change anything and may in fact be harmful. In addition, extra estrogen will eventually be excreted from the body as well. Now you may ask "what about transsexual women?". It works for us because our bodies lack estrogen and never had a chance to go through a female puberty. We take hormone replacement therapy to reverse the hormone balance of our bodies and that precipitates a female puberty. Your problem lies in genetics and no amount of estrogen will help. Estrogen also does not affect your voice. Voices can be lowered with testosterone, but the reverse is not true. Transsexual women spend thousands of hours retraining their voices, it is not from hormones.


    How come doctors are wary of Hillary's health problems, will the Democrats run a sick old Hillary in 2016?
    Docs wary of Hillary Clinton’s health
    Condition could be sign of other woes

    “This is a very unusual vein to form a clot,” Jaff said. “It’s unusual to occur from head trauma, especially minor head trauma of the kind you’d suffer with a concussion.” With football players who suffer serious head injuries, he said, few develop a clot like this.

    Dr. James Holsapple, chief of neurosurgery at Boston Medical Center, said the rare condition suggests “she may be ill with something unknown or unannounced — and we’re seeing bits and pieces of the story.”

    Holsapple said that absent a skull fracture, this kind of clot may be associated with the hormone disruptions of pregnancy, birth control pills, estrogen replacement therapy or cancer.

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    • ANSWER:
      Estrogen replacement therapy is known to cause blood clots. It caused mine 20 years ago and I haven't had any more clots since they took me off it.


hormone replacement therapy estrogen